And the Generation J Heir is…

…the damn Zalien.

Juniper WINS!
Juniper Zale

Final Results (including the BoolProp Poll):
Juniper 16
July 14 (so close)
Jillian 7
Jenny 3

Great voting turn out!  Thank you, all readers and voters!  Wee!

Now, I know I haven’t posted in a fair bit, I was camping.  Now that I’m all sunburned and cleansed by actual plumbing, I’m off to play with the Lightnings, who are averaging about one post a month (no bueno).  So until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

19 thoughts on “And the Generation J Heir is…

  1. plumbawesim

    Aw, I was really rooting for July! But, Juniper will be fun and interesting to play too I’m sure. The genetics will be really interesting to see 🙂

  2. Susan

    Aww. That’s what happens when I put my polls on boolprop. Too many votes from folks who don’t read the blog. Still, hard to complain about folks taking the time to vote, eh? I think Juniper will be fun, not just because she’s an alien, but because her traits are entertaining.

  3. Sammy-Sama

    Aw man, July was so close! >_<
    I'm interested in seeing how the legacy goes with an alien heir, I haven't had the guts to have an alien be heir so it should be fun to watch :D.

  4. Caroline

    The one good thing about the alien heir is that the really don’t need sleep! Great for an isbi! The moodlet manager never works for me for some reason so anything that helps with motives is a-ok in my book!

  5. gryffindork7

    Admittedly, it does seem like July would have won based on the voices of the loyal Zale readers alone. But I, a loyal Zale reader, did vote for Juniper and I think she will make a wonderful heiress! She may not be Ike’s blood truly, but she is his child and besides, her traits are legendary. I also think her nose is kinda cute, but that’s coming from a regrettably large-nosed person. 😛 I’m excited for more! I may have to start reading the Lightnings in the interim. 😉

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, Juniper got loyal Zale reader votes too. I know it’s hard to vote against my wishes, and I know I wasn’t exactly subtle with my July preference over even her human sisters. But I know Juniper will at least be interesting. Even if she bugs me and I hate all over her for her entire generation. Could be funny? We’ll see. You’ll have no problem reading the Lightnings, I think there’s maybe… 7 posts? ha ha, I suck at that one. I shouldn’t have started it, but I think I can finish it… It’ll go fast. It was crashing on me Monday night, so I haven’t even made any progress… I think I’m going to move them to Moonlight Falls when I get home.

  6. zefiewings

    Well it will be fun to see the alien in action and you said adopted kids count so YAY!

    The only think regrettable is her tiny nose but we love her anyway.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m rather interested to see what breeding her with regular Sims will be like. I might send her to the future for a spouse hunt. Unknown, however. Maybe we’ll marry the mailman.

  7. somebodysangel13

    Zalien, yay! Caroline is right, not needing sleep is going to help a *lot* in the ISBI. And her traits are just hilarious. A Daredevil who trips over her own feet while being a Genius at Martial Arts.

  8. pinkfiend1

    No! I didn’t want her to win.
    Although if you have a downloadable version of her I have a house of selves including you and Iris and Juniper would fit right in, and seeing as Sim u turns out to prefer the company of women every time I played her maybe you’ll have little half aliens.

      1. pinkfiend1

        The problem is you keep wishing to marry Sim me who wants 5 kids and then your life becomes hell anyway. Although our babies are gorgeous. As your daughter with Juniper Valkyrie. If only the version of you I’m on now would wish for anything more romantic than knowing someone’s sign. Promiscuous you was so much more fun.

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