Body Found in Public Restroom 9.2

Hi Kids!  Last time, oh man, last time!  Amirite?  SO MUCH HAPPENED.  The specific things I remember involve births, the arrival of a Zalien, and the death of Ramon.  Oh, and lots of birthdays!  Let’s see what happens this time!  If the title is any indication – well, it’s going to be a little weird at some point…

Anyhoo!  ONWARDS!  Zale Check!
Here we have Helen carrying her plate into the kitchen.  That lovely sketch Bettina stole from the consignment shop decorates the walls nicely.  I love the few artifacts that have made it from the beginning.  ❤

Tahiya is grabbing some cake!
Still in that ugly maternity nightie.  It’s funny, whenever I see it in the options for sleepwear clothes, I’m all “NOPE NOPE NOPE”

Ike is catching some Z’s.
Where the heck did I get that egg?

Jillian is about to wake up and get ready for school.

Jenny is too.
❤ Love the girls.

Juniper and James are playing with blocks together.
Adorbs.  The voice on that alien though – I’m telling you.  OOH OOH OOH, and before I forget to mention it, I think she might be “human”.  She doesn’t have alien brain powers… at least not yet?  Oh well, we’ll see I guess!

And lastly, here we have little July
What?  Did you expect her NOT to be in the swing?

Then I got a pop up that Jillian and Jenny’s birthdays were just around the corner!  But didn’t they just have one?
I double checked my lifespan settings, and they’re “Normal” at 91 days.  I guess just so much has happened that it’s going REALLY fast!

Aw Helen!  I was just sending Ike to get July so he could grant a couple wishes he’s had for her…
…But you can hold her.  ❤

Mom and Grandma are pretty good at taking care of James, Juniper and July while Ike is at work.
Thanks ladies! ❤

Jillian and Jenny just got home from a field trip…
…unfortunately field trip days don’t get lunch!  Poor little hungry girls.

Thankfully Ike had rolled a “prepare a meal” wish, so he made PB& J before heading off for work.

Jenny wants cake instead, but hey, at least she’s eating.
I’m frequently alarmed by how much cake a Sim will eat in their lifetime.

I can hear this creature scream from every nook and cranny of the lot.  I wear headphones when I play, so it’s even more alarming than you’d imagine.
In stereo.

Thank you Grandma Helen, maybe you don’t have such a clear favorite.

Homework is NOT Rubbish, Jillian.
And it’s adorable that they’re doing it together!  The girls are just wonderful.

So I watched them do their homework for ages…
Jenny had a much harder time with it than her sister.

Ike has rolled more woohoo with wife wishes.
Horn dog!  I’m telling you guys, Ike has rolled more woohoo wishes than every single other Zale combined!  It’s kind of funny really.  I always grant it as soon as possible.  I’ll even wake Tahiya up. HA!

Ike tries his hardest to parent away the bedtime story addiction.
He sent the girls to bed several times, Jenny went after two instructions, but Jillian up there NEVER went.  I had Ike tell her to go to bed about five times, then I gave up and made her.  It’ll be her child action.

Looks like I shouldn’t go around waking up Tahiya to meet Ike’s woohoo needs…

Then it was the eldest twins’ birthday time!
Aren’t they adorable?

Ike likes the sight of his wife at parties…
…and at this very moment rolls another woohoo with her wish.  At least he’s looking at her.  Otherwise it might be a little creepy.  He’s the horniest Sim I’ve ever had.

Jillian went first, and rolls good to join heavy sleeper, grumpy, and cat person.
Her traits please me.  Above photo is before makeover.  She looks a lot like Tahiya.

Jenny goes next, but it’s too much for Tahiya.
She does pass out again -5 FAIL

Jenny had “indifferent” study habits, so she had frugal locked in.
Making her a frugal, neurotic, clumsy and cold loving Sim.  Very different form her sister.  I like her eye color.

Makeover shots:

So much of their mother in both girls.

After the party, Ike throws darts at the floor with Jillian…

…And Helen and Jenny play ping pong!

Tahiya has decided she’s well-rested enough to play some chess downstairs.
So, I approve of the skilling, especially logic which you need for your LTW of forensic science police thing, but I do not approve of the fact that you couldn’t possibly have had enough sleep since your fails…

Dang.  Ike has work again, but there’s birthdays tonight.  I wanted everyone to be home, so I waited, but now they’re going to have to floor birthday.
He plays them a birthday song before he goes.

Oh, and he puts them on the floor to speed things up when the time comes.  So the idiots don’t cluster around the swings to try to get them out.
And look!  Juniper’s IF has gone invisible, YAY!

Oh wait, never mind.
It coordinates with her skin tone though, so that’s okay I guess.

Juniper birthdays first.

She rolls clumsy to add to disciplined and genius.

And there we have the first little Zalien child!
I’m still not sure how I feel about her…

James goes next.

He rolls loves the outdoors to join insane and clumsy.
Tahiya actually has similarly colored eyes to Ike… so the violet look isn’t surprising.

I like how James doesn’t look exactly like his mother.
He’s pretty cute.  ❤

Tahiya’s first action with her more grown up son is to share a secret.
I thought it was pretty cute.

Immediately after their little chat, July floor birthdays.

After makeover:
Her favorite color is grey, and I’m very happy that she is different in appearance than Jillian and Jenny.  She got those giant eyes that entered the gene pool with Ramon.  I love her.

James enjoys his new-found size increase, and rules over the minions of the Land of Chess.

Juniper enjoys the new food options, and helps herself to some cake.

And now that July has arms and legs, she is enjoying the toys!

Helen is 92 days old, and could go at any time.
😦  She’s such a fixture of this Legacy, it’s going to be kind of sad.

These two start bickering like siblings are prone to do.

Look at their faces!  That’s some “dislike” right there.
James contemplates a prom pic… based of the pink and the blonde, I’d say it’s probably Flora’s… or maybe it’s just a generic thought bubble, and it isn’t a Zale at all.

Ike gets straight to work on the youngest Zale.
They’re adorable.

Then the married couple enjoy some chess together.
Good for both their LTWs!

Helen loves having a pool, I’m super bummed that she’s going to die soon.
I frequently find her floating on a little raft and relaxing out here too.

Juniper plays video games!  When Giles was in charge in Monte Vista, the family was addicted to this thing, but in this house, they don’t use it much.
I still don’t know how I feel about her.

These two seem to have made up after their little spat.  Aw.
This reminds me, I don’t have a bedroom prepped for James.

Here, he can have this one since he seems to like it.
I also prep it with grey for July too.  This is that very large main floor bedroom that Iris and Ivanna shared.

I also took the black out of Imogene’s old room, and hot pink-ed it up for Jillian.

Jenny likes lime, so no changes were needed for her to take over Irene’s old room.

Ivy’s old room gets a lilac makeover to be a space for Juniper.
There – fully adapted to Generation J. 😀

This family is very sweet and peaceful.  Everyone gets along so nicely!
Whoops, spoke too soon.
I guess Tahiya has a favorite daughter?

Here’s Tahiya, about to birthday herself into full on adulthood.
Ike’s at work again.  His night shift is making it very difficult to plan birthdays.  Well, no… I’m just not paying close enough attention to get them done EARLIER.  But I don’t want all the kids at school and stuff… oh well.

Tahiya was helping herself to some pre-birthday cake when the urge to age struck.
She’s also slicing her leg off with the table, but she suffered no lasting injuries.

Jillian managed to care, so that’s nice.
Definitely favorites, these two.

She’s still as cute as ever…
…Even if she’s having a midlife crisis.  She is also suddenly a two star celebrity.  I opted the household back in, it can be fun – I had forgotten.

I noticed some ghosts out the window in the early morning sun, so I went to investigate!
It’s Leif, Shelley and Daisy!  HAI GUYZ!

Daisy, although plenty ghastly herself, still faints at the sight of ghosts.

The teens try to be helpful with baby July.
Try is the operative word.

I went to check on Ike and…
…he was in the shower… but I was checking on his lifebar.  He is suddenly 11 days younger than Tahiya.  *sigh*

It was fine, sunny Sunday, so The Zales headed off to the Summer Festival.
Well, three of them did (Jenny is hiding in the plants)  I hope the rest make it!

Aha!  Jillian and July arrive!

And then they’re all here!
They live RIGHT next to this place, so they just walked.

They take a greeting card picture, then I have Ike just take care of July while the others go have fun.
I would’ve left her at home, but then they’d need a sitter.  Costing me points!

I love her little face in the Summer sunset light.
❤ July ❤

At this moment, Ike rolled a woohoo with Tahiya wish, AND a light a firework wish!
Only one of those actions was appropriate at the festival.

That was surprisingly pretty.

Then it got late, so I had Ike take July home, but left the others to enjoy themselves.

Check out this epic family portrait?
I absolutely love it.  Jenny, July, Helen, Tahiya, Ike, Jillian, James and Juniper.

So… I was watching Ike play the guitar while July was using the potty…
…and my camera panned back over to the festival…
…In the dark of the public restroom, Helen passes away.  😦

All alone.
In a public bathroom!

Death comes to take her away…
Screenshot-82…but then the festival closed.

The festival closed and death stopped, mid-reap, left the restroom, hopped in his car and drove away.  Heaven forbid he stay on the lot after the festival has closed… 😐

No one has a mourning moodlet…
She’s just stuck… floating in the bathroom…
I’m so sorry Helen.  I can just picture your little undiscovered body on the bathroom floor of some park.  No one even noticed you didn’t come home?!?

I wait for the festival to open, and I send Ike over to see if maybe he can trigger her reaping again.  Like maybe if he sees her it’ll call death again.
Hmm.  He cannot door.  This is a gender specific door.  *sigh*  I do a quick remodel and put in less discriminating doors, and make Ike enter.

Ike: Hmm, I feel like there’s something I should be noticing *Scratches Head*

I was able to click on her and trigger “mourn” so at least Ike has discovered her body now.
And as a last resort, I reset her…
…And she vanished.

And showed up at home, freakishly ALIVE!
HELEN!  I was happy to see her at first, kind of…
But then I discovered she is only 73 days old.
Tricky Helen

So as much as it pained me to do this… I felt it was right.
Bye Again
Farewell, again, dear Helen.

Hey Grimm, good job.  Way to actually complete the job this time.
Everyone was at school or work except Ike – no one witnessed Helen’s final passing.

I immediately laid her to rest next to Ramon.
❤ ❤ ❤

Then Ike whipped out his guitar and played a pretty sad song.
Screenshot-92It was touching.

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  7 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  33 (-165)
Self-Wetting -5:  27 (-135)
Accidental Deaths -10:  0 (YAY!)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  25 (+125)
Twin Births + 10:  7 (+70)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 5 (+200)
Honor Roll +5:  5 (+25)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  8 (+80)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +200

That’s all for this post!  Ike’s reign is going VERY quickly!  It was sad to lose Helen, but at least she went in an interesting way! It’s hard to believe the first born J children are teenagers, and that an heir poll is probably only one or two chapters away (depending on length)!  I thought I’d point out that Sam aka SomebodysAngel has started documenting a WYDC, and she’s off to a lovely start!  I suggest you stop by and enjoy.  Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

18 thoughts on “Body Found in Public Restroom 9.2

  1. Echo Weaver

    Well, THAT was an impressive death.

    I had to do something similar when a 110 (!) day old sim of mine suddenly drowned because she route-failed in a death trap of a swimming pool. Then Grim NEVER CAME. The entire family stood around her while she waited for Grim for about 12 sim hours or something stupid like that. So I had to reset her to life and then re-kill her like that.

    I bet Juniper gets alien powerz when she’s a teen or adult.

    1. Heather Post author

      I had never had Grim be so inefficient. I mean, he’s reaped from the wrong room, or from outside while the dead Sim was inside, but to just be all “whoops! Closing time, gotta run!” was pretty awful! Maybe your Grimmy route-failed on the way to the route-fail drown victim.

      I hope she gets her alien powers! I’ve never seen them before! Otherwise she’s just a funky green Sim with crazy black eyes.

  2. gryffindork7

    Jeez, what an incompetent Grim Reaper. He should be fired just for causing that emotional rollercoaster. And since when does he have a car? Shouldn’t he be riding some giant, black destrier with holes for eyes? (I think I watch too many fantasy movies…)

    Hahaha, I love that you used “go to bed” as Jillian’s child action. How monumental. 😛

    I still ADORE Juniper (and wish I could hear her voice! I’ve never had an alien child) but July is growing on me as well. It’s those big puppy-dog eyes. ❤ I can't wait to vote on an heiress, and with the rate this is going, it looks like I won't be waiting long! I'm still amazed at how fast you can legacy, man!

    1. Heather Post author

      He had a car, and it was the good ol’ Big Lemon that everyone has in their pockets when they move out. I agree, he should have some sort of beast, but nope. Big Lemon.

      I’ll take video of Juniper talking so you can hear her. It’s freakish, I’m telling you. I really like all the girls, but July is probably my favorite… we’ll have to see what happens as she ages!

      I legacy fast because I’m all about quantity over quality – and I do little else in my free time!

      1. ozziedoggirl

        So unprofessional. He should at LEAST drive, like, a hearse or something, if he insists on driving a mere CAR. Or perhaps something flashy with one of the skull or Grim-themed tattoo designs from CAS painted on the hood. : P

  3. pinkfiend1

    Mine did that after a Sim chair failed out of playing chess with the reaper for his life. But he turned up in town later perfectly happy.
    I’m torn for a vote too. Juniper because she’s an alien, and that would be cool, or July because her eyes are just amazing.

    1. Heather Post author

      Sounds like it’ll be a toss up between Juniper and July. I love Jenny and Jillian too, but they’re way too much like Tahiya…

  4. plumbawesim

    Noooo Helen 😦 it’s too bad she reset with so many days left, otherwise I would say to keep her! But no, her time was up. Her death was tragic…but also hilarious. Grim can take away souls from anywhere, is one of the most powerful beings in game, but god forbid the festival close during a reaping. Sheesh.

    You could always age Ike up early so he’ll be the age he’s supposed to be as well 🙂

    Juniper is so cute! Well, as cute as an alien can be. I want to hear her voice! I’ve only ever seen adult aliens in game.

    July is also a cutie pie ❤ I like her a lot so far too. Definitely going to be between those two for the heir vote 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! I was totally going to keep her if she was still the same age she had been before she died. But starting all the way over at 73? I couldn’t do that. EXACTLY! God forbid the festival close mid-reap. UGH.

      I promise I’ll take Zalien video, with audio and upload it so you guys can hear her. I hate it, personally… but if she wins the Heir Poll, I’ll adjust. I love July. Love love love. At least so far, we’ll have to see her.

  5. Sammy-Sama

    Oh man, I’m gonna miss Helen. It sucks that her death glitched. It’s tragic to have to trigger a death like that 😦
    I just love July, those eyes are to die for.
    The alien powers do come in as a teenager, so Juniper might have some fun with that after another birthday. I agree alien voices are super weird, and they’ll always be like that haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      Aha! Thanks for the info about our Zalien. I thought maybe she was human? And yes, triggering a death like that totally sucks, but I couldn’t handle having Helen around for another 20 days… It was her time, she just borked.

  6. zefiewings

    I loved the chapter and that was a crazy death! 0_o

    About your Zalien; she defiantly has alien powers. Abduction alien are considered ‘pure-blood’ alien, the birth parent is really just a host and I don’t think they get ANY of they DNA. They have a change of being human, or even alien looking without powers, if they breed via ‘try for baby’ but not from abduction birth.

  7. somebodysangel13

    Aw, thanks for the plug!

    I love love Juniper. She looks so different from the other kids (duh, she’s an alien). But I know what you mean about being torn, she’s not technically Ike and Tahyia’s child, and she doesn’t seem to have any of Ike’s genetics…

    Jenny is thus far my favourite, I have such a weakness for the dark hair/green eyed combo. And her traits are fun, neurotic and frugal would make the best eco-friendly sim ever. Always turning off lights and checking that sinks/ovens are not on. Hope she rolls Eco-Friendly!

    Ohno, Helen! So soon after Ramon, too (or so it seems). But had to lol at Grim’s epic fail. You’re only allowed to reap during festival open hours now? Maybe you should have let her go home, then reap at home. He never has trouble there.

    1. Heather Post author

      Ramon and Helen passed a long time apart. The generation is going so quickly because my play sessions are VERY long, and so are the blog posts… so we’re covering a lot of ground with each post… You’re welcome for the plug, btw. It’s really going well so far! Yeah, Juniper isn’t even Ike’s child. She’s just an alien. But it looks like that’s the future for the Zales! I like Jenny, I just feel like she’s a smidge too much like her mom. I think Jillian’s hair is the coolest I’ve seen in a LONG time. I wonder where it came from? I wish I had captured Helen’s death better. I was just so surprised I didn’t do as well as I should. So like, Helen died right? Death comes up from the ground, Helen is floating there, then I get the pop up that the festival is closed, come back again tomorrow, and Grimmy is all, “okay”. Turns on his heel, clicks his car key fob, and drives away. It was pretty hilarious. Part of me thought he’d come back tomorrow to finish, but he didn’t…

      1. somebodysangel13

        Geez, Helen, die at the right time, won’t you? Poor Grim has a schedule, you know! I’m waiting to get these kind of hilarious issues/glitches in my game. So far it’s just the usual sticking body parts through solid objects, or morphing two people into one.

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