The Good, The Bad, and The Strange 9.1

Hello there!  This post is spectacularly long, over 160 shots.  Interesting things just kept happening, so I had to keep playing… and I had a wonderful time!  Sometimes you just have to love this game.  Last time Ike took over, used a restroom, traveled to Egypt, married Tahiya – a merchant and had TWINS!  Girls nonetheless, which we need for the next TH!  I’m thrilled to announce there will be an Heir Poll for the J Generation.  Let’s get to it!

We begin with a Zale Check!
Here we have Ramon standing in Ikiya’s bedroom.  He needs to go to the bathroom, so as we’ve previously discovered, he’ll only do this in their en suite.
Hi Ramon!  ❤

We interrupt Helen in the shower.
Sorry dear.

Ike is standing outside the hospital with his newborn daughter Jenny in his arms.

Tahiya is holding their other newborn daughter, Jillian.
She looks alarmed by the fact that there are two of them!

And lastly we have Iris distracting new maid Willie.
Hi back of Iris.

It was dark outside the hospital, so now that they’re home we can get a better look at the new family.
Aren’t they the best?  I think so.

Iris:  Hey sister-in-law, how was your day?
Tahiya:  Good, good. Gave birth to twins… just another day as a Sim.

She just looks shell-shocked!
I think so, anyway.  Poor little thing.

Oh right, Iris is evil… I keep forgetting.
She’s usually so lovely to have around.

Enjoy the diaper candy, Iris.
I’m sure it’s real sanitary.

As expected, the newest additions are very popular.
Helen has wished for five grandchildren.  We’ll see if we can comply.

Oops!  A broken thing!  Good luck, Ike!
He was fine.  Now that he’s fixed so many things, he’s pretty safe, I think.

The next generation of Zale Brand Parenting (TM) continues.
Love it… ha ha ha!

The ongoing battle for the remaining rocking chair resumes.
I’d buy another one, but they make everyone so worthless!  (And boring)

After getting in a couple good naps, Ike continues to work on his guitar skill.
But still in the nursery so he’s close to his daughters if they need anything.

I use Tahiya’s YA action to get a job in law enforcement.  It IS her LTW.
Good luck!  The last spouse in this career track mastered it (Leif) so hopefully she does just as well!

Except she’s a baby factory, so there won’t be a lot of work for her in the immediate future.
Ike and Tahiya work quickly!

Tada!  Another J is on the way!

Oh this family.  How I love them.  Ike is snoozing away, Iris is waiting to steal more poop candy, and Tahiya is being ADORABLE with one of the girls, the other asleep behind her.
I love Iris’ face up there.  She’s rad.

Having spent so many chapters with Helen, I find myself missing her.
I also took this opportunity to recolor the walls in Ike’s favorite color.  Hi Helen *waves*

You are so cute, Ike.
I’m very happy with him.

Because Ikiya is so cute, I have Ike learn the other Egyptian song, “Where Oh Where is my Mummy?”
Tahiya is are terrible singer, but Ike is very good.  I love listening to him sing.

Then Ike rolled a wish to serenade his wife with the piano.
While waiting for her to arrive, he tuned it, which I thought was adorable.  ❤
Tahiya swooned frequently and was very touched by his music.

Inspired by Sammy’s adventures in The Miller house, I decide to make use of the photo booth.

Well, Ike, lemme see!
Are they cute?

Yes they are:

Then my game crashed, but I had just saved, but Ike and Tahiya needed to take pictures again.
This was the second set.  So adorable.

Ramon!  What are you doing!  What is happening!
He was in the middle of a chat with his wife and…
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up… 😦
I’m sorry Helen!  I’ll miss him too!!!
Goodbye Ramon Zale!  You were very loved!

Ike was busy reading a book for an opportunity regarding his career, so he didn’t even notice.
That makes me very sad.

But Ramon greets death like an old friend…
And happily flies away into his medium urn.
I was SO glad he didn’t get some little tin!  I was not expecting Ramon’s death, but I should have been.  I forgot how long before Helen he’d aged into elder.  I hadn’t checked his age in quite awhile, but I’m sure he was pretty old.  I miss him.

The women of the house mourn the great loss.
😦 😦 😦

At this inappropriate time, Ike shows off his horny side.  He rolls more woohoo with his wife wishes than everyone in this legacy combined.
horn dog
Knowing he’s not going to be able to have fun woohoo times with everyone standing around crying, he gets to work.
His momma first.

Then his wife.

Then back to his mother because he sucks.

Then he zaps Iris as she’s heading off to school.
Thankfully he was successful this time.

Then I realized there was no one mourning Ramon, and I was sad.  Then I got way to into it and thought that Ramon wouldn’t WANT them to be sad.  He was about toys, and video games, and he gracefully went with death.  I’m okay with everyone moving on.  But I still miss Ramon.

I knew it was a birthday, and I was just about to have Ike throw a party, but then he had to head off to work.
So as soon as he stops being an Air DJ, he leaves.  So no party, dang!

I would have had him skip work, but it’s his LTW, so have fun Ike!
(I STILL love this house and yard)

She’s painting!  I hope she finishes it!
She’s level 5 or something, so it shouldn’t be terrible either!

I miss Ramon.  Even if in that picture Helen is kind of absorbing his face.

She DID finish it!
And it’s okay I guess?  Oh well, I hung it on one of the many still empty walls.

Oop, its 8:00pm, so floor birthday number one!
Jenny!  Her favorite color is Lime.  I’d say she definitely looks like her mother!
No matter what eyebrows I put on her, they arched like that, so… oh well, she’s still adorable!

Second floor birthday is Jillian!
Jillian likes hot pink and also has a lot of Tahiya in her face.  Check out that hair though!  It’s Ramon’s shade, but with peculiar streaks that I cannot place to anyone in the family tree!
They’re almost spiceberry?  Oh well, love it.

Get to skilling Tiny Zale!
You too, sister!
Her face! ❤

Aw man, I was just sending Ike to move Jenny from the playpen, and he froze… I was all, what the…then this…
Mysterious Anomaly.

Ike is drawn to the pretty lights like a moth to a flame.
See his little head looking up?  I liked this picture.

Come back soon Ike!

With her husband off exploring the galaxy, Tahiya paints some more.
I approve of this activity.

Yeah Ike, I don’t like that alien either.
He started crying when he returned home, I felt bad for him.  I bet it was terrifying!

Back to standard parenting business.
Ike’s a busy guy!

Oh Tahiya, I adore you, I do… but you’re NOT a very good artist.

Ramon!  What are you doing here honey!?!
Oh right, your urn is still on the lot…  I’ll have to take care of that soon.  In the meantime, visit with Helen will ya?

Potty time!
Gotta get skilled.

Hopefully there is only one pregnant Zale in this picture.
Baby bump!

Holy. Freakin’. Cute!
I adore these two little girls.

Where’s Jillian?  Where’s Jillian? THERE SHE IS!
Dies from the cute.

Hi Jenny!
And a horse’s butt.

Jillian *might* be my favorite.
Because seriously.  Look at her.

These two are busy doing what they do ALL THE TIME.
Yes, it’s a VERY nice chair.

We're having an alien!
I cannot freakin’ believe it!  I have never, ever, ever had this happen to me.  There is going to be an alien.  A Zalien.  Holy crap.

He doesn’t look like he’s put on weight?
*wishful thinking*

Jeez Iris, give her some personal space.
So Ike is at work, so I just watched these two for a bit.  It was fun!  Iris autonomously did some tummy actions, which you don’t see very often.
And the hilariously enough, AFTER Iris has rubbed and listened to Tahiya’s stomach, Tahiya decides to announce her pregnancy… Iris fakes great surprise…
But I’m afraid Tahiya must not be very bright.  😐

Meanwhile Helen isn’t coping so well after Ramon’s death.
This is all she does.  I don’t think she wants to sleep in their bed without him.  </3 (it gets worse too…)

Well, Hi Jenny!
Enjoying the walker?  Please be careful!

Because this is incredibly unsafe.
She’s like, a few seconds away from tumbling walker and all down either one of those gaping staircases.

Aw Jillian, don’t be so mad at the little green peg.
You’re really close, you’ll get it.

I spy Iris just walking around, and I was struck by how lovely she really is.
No wonder Sammy wanted her 🙂

She’s also very helpful with her nieces!
Even if she finds it ever-so-slightly disgusting.

Another bathroom birth begins!
Ike is at work, so he can’t help.

Where’s Helen while her daughter-in-law is having her third grandchild?
Floating in the pool, where else?  At least she looks happy here…

Iris and the babies amuse me.
Ha ha ha!

Speaking of babies, you still doin’ okay, Tahiya?
Ike will be home in three more hours, so you hang in there.

But before Ike can get home, under the full moon glow, and in Irene’s old Lime Green bathroom, a BOY IS BORN!
Mini challenge of at least one of each gender per generation complete!  Meet James!  He got to roll both his traits, and is clumsy and insane.  Welcome!

Although Ike missed the birth, he is a very doting father and rolls wishes frequently for all of his children.
And he does all the work, cuz ya know, ISBI.

Oh!  He IS looking chubby!
Ike, Ike, Ike… what are we going to do?

It was so nice to see Helen doing this…
…she had rolled a wish to “Talk to Someone” I locked it in, since I knew it was something she could accomplish on her own – and it took her four days to fulfill it.  </3

She loves her new grandson too!

I miss thin Ike…
We’ll see an alien soon…

The girls are fully skilled, so I just had Ike plop them in the playpen together, so hopefully they could build a bit of a relationship.

Tahiya:  Hey Ike, honey?  Maybe lay off the cookies?  You’re looking a little – round.
Poor Ike.

Helen found someone to rock with.
I’m glad she’s not alone, and she looks serene and happy.

Ike:  Wifey said no cookies, but she didn’t say ANYTHING about cake!
Ha ha ha!

I finally remembered to lay Ramon to rest.
Liz was out to welcome him.  Ramon is the only headstone in the front row.  </3

I also bought some playthings for the ghosties.
There’s a hopscotch board, a sprinkler, a trampoline, and a swing-set.  I think they’ll have fun now!

Holy Cow!  Ike, Comin’ THROUGH!

My poor abused flamingo.
Thank you WhaleIke.

Ike:  Man, this is getting ridiculous.  I’m only going to eat fresh veggies from now on.


That salad has a LOT of work to do.
(I cannot stop laughing at Ike)

This is ridiculous, by the way.
She’s a GIRL!  Eligible for heir poll, I’ve decided.  I name her Juniper.  She rolls genius and disciplined.

Hello Little Zalien.

Tahiya:  What the?
Where’d this green one come from?

Iris was out after curfew out a friend’s house.  She got arrested…
…And then grounded.

I have Ike remedy the situation.
Such a good brother undermining his mother like that.  😐

The my game crashed *sigh* which didn’t bother me TOO much, because I had saved pretty recently.  I reload and realize that Juniper hadn’t been born yet, I’d lost about 24 Sim Hours.  I then make the note: “Let’s hope it’s still a girl!”  And I think I cursed myself because…
It's a boy this time...
Damn.  I thought about trying again, and reloading from the past save and blah blah work loading screens blah.  Instead I decided to name him Juniper, and then I’ll change him to female on his toddler birthday.  I want the original Juniper back we lost to a crash who was eligible for heir poll.  Let’s just try not to think TOO much into the fact that this infant will be changing genders on his toddler birthday.

One GOOD thing about this version of events after the crash is THIS finally happened:
Look what finally happened
She was Giles’ lover.  Giles.  Doesn’t that seem like ages ago?  Because it WAS.

I’m not sure if I used Helen’s elder action or not, but she needs to retire because I said so.  You can’t have a geriatric secret agent.
Wee! Confetti!
*polite clapping*

There is an event coming
A massive, epic event.

Ivy is here!

And Imogene!
She brought deep fried maple bacon ice cream.  Well alright!

And Julia!
Nice sweater!  And you’re old!

David also arrives, I hope he’s doing okay after the recent loss of his mother.
And thanks for the curry, looks yummy!

Ivanna brings deep fried cheese sticks with dipping sauce!
Nice to see her too!

Sammy?  Where are you going?
I think she got stuck at the door and is heading home.  I send Ike to go greet her really quick so she sticks around.  Nice outfit.

Irene, hello dear… that is not your hair.
And we couldn’t leave her in those overalls.

It’s FIVE Birthdays!  It is actually Iris’ birthday today, Jenny, Jillian and James tomorrow, and Juniper is still two days away, but I decide to raise James and Juniper like twins, so I just went for all five birthdays.

Iris is first!
She’s finally going to be a YA

They family and friends care.  Except Julia.  She’s off in the corner in the rocking chair.
WAY in the back, see her?  Ha ha ha.

James and Juniper are next!
Just ignore that blue blanket around Juniper.  She’ll be the girl she’s supposed to be soon.  I also don’t know why Ike looks so worried thinking about Ivanna.

Iris has “Irresistible” locked in due to indifferent study habits.  She is STUNNING:

Having added irresistible to her already art hating, disciplined, evil, grumpy personality – a new look was required.  I had to get rid of the “no nonsense” approach we had before, and add some appeal.  Here’s where I ended with her:
After a LONG time in CAS.  I like it.

The lure of cake rouses Julia and the blue burritos on the floor get read to sparkle.
Ain’t no party like a Zale party.

Here is baby James before a quick trip through CAS.

And baby Juniper (who I almost named Jupiter, which I keep almost typing – but I genuinely prefer Juniper to Jupiter for her name) who is still male.
But not for long!

James!  His favorite color is violet.

And Juniper!
Her favorite color is lilac.  Note:  Alien babies have freaky, freaky voices.

It’s Jenny’s birthday too!


Back to Jenny!  She rolls Loves the Cold joining clumsy and neurotic.  Before CAS:
I LOVE her eye color!  Her favorite color is Lime, so I don’t have to redecorate!  I give her Irene’s old room.

Jillian’s turn!
She rolls cat person, which adds to grumpy and heavy sleeper.  Funny!
Before CAS:
(Yes, the twins grew up in the same hair)  Ike is getting James started on his skills in the background.
She’s pretty cute.

After everyone has had a million slices of cake, it’s time to say goodbye to Iris!
See you at parties!

Aw, Jillian, having fun?
My kids so rarely use these things, it’s nice.

Jenny is off in the pool.
Why do Sims always look sad when they swim?

Juniper and James are sleeping:
Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140
Oops, I forgot to changes James’ pajamas.  Oh well, I think they’re kind of cute.

Speaking of things I forgot, I finally remembered!

Gnome o’ da wrist!
Tada!  Not that you haven’t seen it nine other times, but look!  this time there’s SOCKS.  (no idea why)

Ike’s been busy!
And looking at Tahiya’s sudden change in fashion, they’re only going to get busier!
But mom and daughters are getting along wonderfully.

Hello little Zalien.  You are so green!
I don’t know.  I think I really like her.  I’m not sure, though.  It’s complicated.

Jillian, inspired by her little sister, is an astronaut!
so cute!

Jenny is out sitting on the seesaw all by herself in her pajamas.
I thought this was terribly sad and sent Ike out to join her, but then the school bus came.

And here’s my game being a little strange.  Tahiya is very obviously pregnant and heading to work.
Oh well, fine with me.  She hasn’t made it once due to maternity leave, and the one day she was supposed to go was the huge party, and we played hooky.  She’s at risk of getting fired, so I’m happy she’s going in.

Back in the house, Grandma Helen has an obvious favorite.
Juniper is stinky, starving and lonely – James is only a wee bit peckish.  Poor Juniper.

Baby Time!
Not in a bathroom, but near the rocking chair, the next best place!

Helen is here to show her support.
Helen, having birthed the most children since co-founder Angelica, should have more sense than this, but hey.

Ike is sleeping through this birth, but at least his dreams are in the right place.

It’s a GIRL!!!!!!  Excellent!
Meet July! (What?) Wee!  Friendly is locked in, and she rolled disciplined.  Lot of disciplined Zales lately.  We have SO MANY options for TH!  I’m so excited!  The poll is going to be great!

And aw, look at these two:
Are they not adorable?

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  7 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  31 (-155)
Self-Wetting -5:  27 (-135)
Accidental Deaths -10:  0 (YAY!)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  25 (+125)
Twin Births + 10:  7 (+70)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 5 (+200)
Honor Roll +5:  5 (+25)
Randomize Traits for an
Entire Generation +10:  8 (+80)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +210

Phew!  That was a doozy!  I know so much happened!  So many babies and birthdays, and poor Ramon.  I just couldn’t stop playing!  Come see us again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

20 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Strange 9.1

  1. zefiewings

    Ooooh! I kind of want to vote for Jupiner out of ‘mixing it up principle’ seeing as…well we are on gen J. Might be fun to spice it up, and see how long it takes to breed out. But not sure yet, lots of girls to choose from!

    Also….NOOOOOO Ramon! </3

    1. Heather Post author

      Losing Ramon sucked 😦 I hadn’t even checked on him recently, and my only photo of him before he died was him about to go to the bathroom… he deserved better.

  2. Sammy-Sama

    So many kids to choose from! 😀
    I can’t believe Ike had a butt-baby! He got soooo big during his pregnancy. I couldn’t help but laugh with you whenever you posted a picture of him haha. I got super sad about Ramon 😦 Who are Julia and I going to heart-fart over now? Maybe it’s Ike’s turn? Haha.
    I love that we’re these old bitties coming to celebrate a girlfriend’s grandchildren’s birthday. Old besties stick together haha.
    I’m liking Jillian so far but I can’t wait to see how Juniper turns out ^_^

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh my gosh, I know. I can’t believe it either! He was ENORMOUS during his pregnancy. Since I’d never seen it before, I was like, obsessed with following him around. You and Julia have met Ike several times, but you are not attracted to him. I also love that you come to support your friend’s family birthdays. I played last night, so I’m ready to get a post up tonight – and I REALLY like July. I’m excited for you to see her.

  3. gryffindork7

    ZALIEN!! Wow, such an exciting post. I love Juniper. I got strangely upset when your game crashed and she was born a boy, because I had already picked her as my favourite, and then I practically squealed when you changed her back. See how invested I am in this? 😛 Jenny and Jillian are cute too – as for Jenny’s archy eyebrows, I actually kinda like them. It’s funny how all the kids (minus Juniper) look so much like Tahiya! Aww WhaleIke ❤

    I'll miss Ramon. Who will drop bricks in Ikiya's ensuite now? 😦
    Also, I REALLY want deep-fried maple bacon ice cream. Ughhh it sounds so good (and Canadian!).

      1. Heather Post author

        I always eat my bacon like that! Even if I don’t have a reason for syrup (ie pancakes, waffles) I will still eat my bacon with syrup!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m glad you were okay with me changing Juniper’s gender after the crash! I really wanted a female alien so she could be eligible for poll, and we DID have one – the girls and James really DO look like Tahiya. I’ve played ahead a TINY bit (for the post I plan on getting up tonight) and July is the only one who doesn’t look nearly exactly like her mother. I’m excited for you guys to see her.

  4. Caroline

    ZALIEN! Best term EVER! You were meant to have aliens for that pun alone therefore Juniper may have to win! It does depend on traits as well and alien genetics are difficult to breed out. Hmmmmm.
    So sad about Ramon. 😦

    1. Heather Post author

      I thought “Zalien” was pretty clever, if I do say so myself *pats self on back for own genius* I’m still not sure how I feel about Juniper, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I was pretty bummed about Ramon too, I didn’t give him the final attention he deserved…

  5. pinkfiend1

    Yay an alien! So excited! Juniper is adorable. Well all the Zalelet’s are.
    So sad about Ramon.
    Have none of the I spare’s procreated to help Helen with her five grandkids wish?

    1. Heather Post author

      Nope, none of the spares ever procreate since I don’t have any story progression mods. But she did have five! Jenny, Jillian, James, Juniper, and July!

  6. plumbawesim

    Aw, I’m so sad about Ramon. 😦 I know he was really old but still, I wish he didn’t have to die.
    All of the kids are so cute! And we have so many to choose from for the heir poll! I really like Juniper, and the term Zalien was AWESOME. I’ve yet to have an alien baby in my game yet so I’m really happy for you! They do look a bit scary though..

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you! She does look a bit scary, and oh my llama, you should HEAR HER VOICE. It’s like tinny and echo-y. A slight bit robotic? It is alarming! Part of me hopes she doesn’t win the heir poll, because then I’ll have to listen to that forever. Also, I think she’s “human” as in, doesn’t have the alien brain power that they’re supposed to have? Just like vampire/human babies aren’t always a vampire? It might take until a later stage to be able to tell, but – yeah, I think she might just LOOK like an alien… but she’s definitely a Zalien!

  7. Echo Weaver

    Haha. You already decided on Ikiya in the comments of the last post, and I missed it.

    Alien baby! I have never had this happen to me either! Jupiter is a great name for a boy, but I already love Juniper. And she has pretty interesting traits already. Though really I couldn’t guess who I would choose as an heir at this point. You really didn’t waste any time.!

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! Ike’s generation is going to FLY by, after Helen’s incredibly long one! I have a play session completed and ready for post tonight, and you won’t believe how far we’ve gotten… It’s crazy! Juniper is – different. We’ll just have to see what happens when it’s heir poll time.

  8. somebodysangel13

    I love Iris’ raised eyebrow in that family nursery picture (19th, yes I counted). She’s the evil that Giles was way too cute to be. Nice enough that you forget, only for her to do something evil…like pulling out diaper candy. Oh sims.

    Nooo, Ramon! We will miss you 😦 His ghost looks awesome, though, rocking the fro and the glasses.

    Jenny has Helen’s eyes! Yay, they look so beautiful on her. Jillian is pretty too, Ramon’s hair colour and…do Tayhia and Ike have the same pink eyes, or are Tayhia’s light brown? I think Jillian’s are brown? Oh wait, they’re pink (yes, this is me writing comments as I read, not after the whole thing). So Jillian has Ramon’s hair and eye colour, yay grandparent genes!

    Whee, Zalien! I really hope Juniper wins heir, would be fun to add some green to the family genetics. I continued green hair for 3 gens, was awesome. And she’s an actual alien, more fun! They are so easy, no sleeping!

    1. Heather Post author

      I also absolutely LOVED Iris’ face in that shot, I’m so glad you did too. Losing Ramon SUCKED. But I do like his ghost, too, so that’s good.

      I loved the color of Jenny’s eyes, and yeah, Ike and Tahiya have very similarly colored eyes. Weird because I made Ramon’s eyes that color, which he passed on to Ike, but Tahiya’s just came nearly that exact color too? It was weird. If I had noticed in Egypt, I might not have selected her. Maybe. I really liked them together.

      I’m just so terrified of her nose! And I mean SO TERRIFIED. It’s going to look SO BAD on a non-alien. We’ll have to see how she breeds! o.o I’m nearly certain she’ll win.

      1. somebodysangel13

        I have had that nose on a non-alien, it doesn’t look too bad, actually. And it didn’t pass down more than one generation (at least in my family), so hopefully you can breed it out quickly. The green hair looks gorgeous on non-green sim, though.

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