Helen’s Last Hurrah 8.13

Hi!  Let’s just get right to another Zale Adventure!  And holy cow, it’s quite the long one.  Over 130 pictures!  So dig in!

As always, ZALE CHECK time!  Ramon:
He’s old.  I had forgotten actually.  Oops.  He’s heading to the kitchen for a snack.

Helen is also very hungry, and off to grab a bite.
Showing off the koi tattoo.

Imogene joins her parents in near starvation.
Zales don’t eat often, apparently.

Ike looks very sad… I wasn’t sure why at first…
…but then I checked his queue, and he has “Listen to Request” from Iris waiting.  No wonder he’s sad, stupid bedtime stories.

Darling Ivanna has something other than food on her mind and is off to play with the laptop.

And here’s little Iris, going to ask her brother for a story.
Little, evil, disciplined Iris.  With smiling sunflower jammies.  She is not hungry, that’s Imogene’s thought bubble, it just lined up nicely.

Iris is about to pass out, since the bedtime story didn’t do the trick.  Shocking.
Here she is looking very sleepy heading off to school.

Winter has past, and now it’s spring time!
I really like Lucky Palms.  Pretty town.

Nice outfit Helen.
She is level 8, which is “Special Agent”.  Go Helen go! Only two more!

While hanging out in the front yard, this mail lady did NOT walk up to their mailbox, but materialized in front of it.
What is up with her face?  She’s like three mail people in one…

And now the pond has turned blood red.
Is this the apocalypse?  Mail lady looks frightened.

I was having so much fun outside, watching the kids get on the bus and the confusing graphics, and then this happened.
Yup.  That’s fire inside.  How nice.

Ramon is the only one left at home… which is both good, and not good.
Good because the children are safe, but terrible because RAMON IS IN DANGER.

Oh, I also sold my smoke detectors to make things more interesting…
…I regret that decision.

It’s SPREADING!  I was just sitting here watching this unfold in a state of terror.

Please don’t die, please don’t die!
Why yes, I do have epic SimPhotography skills, thank you.

Oh Ramon, the fire isn’t even where you’re looking you idiot!
I’m pretty tired of your shenanigans too!

It’s REALLY spreading now… he’s going to die, isn’t he?
This is not good.

OH RIGHT, then I remembered I could send Helen home to rescue her husband!
I don’t care if you’re hungry, get that siren going and go save Ramon!

YAY!  Save your idiot husband!
You go girl!

And yes, please, put that out posthaste!

Quick hug to make sure he’s okay…
Silly old man.  ❤

Now get back to work!
Back to the station you go!  And seriously, that outfit.  😐

Ramon, you’re an idiot and we almost lost you.
You need to work on your survival skills… If Helen hadn’t been around, you’d be crispy by now!

With all the kids at school, Helen back on the job, and Ramon no longer in mortal peril, there’s not much to do around the house, but I spotted a naughty stray dog!
And the flamingo!  I love the flamingo.  It is constantly being kicked and picked back up again.  It entertains me greatly.

Look what I bought!
Need a hint?  It beeps and summons professionals if something catches on fire.  I also sold those ceiling lamps I hate so much.

Then, Iris glitched.  I was trying to ask Helen to send her straight to bed, since she could pass out at any second.  But the only option for her was “Wake Up”  (well, and heckle, but who ever uses that useless interaction?)
Glitchy Iris
She is obviously NOT asleep.  I tried other Sims to see if they could do any other actions with her, but nope, all anyone could do with Iris was wake her up…

So I reset her, and Helen, it didn’t work.  So I tried something else that involved a tiny bit of cheating.
I had her go to bed, then I asked Helen to wake her up.  Since she was actually sleeping, it worked!

See?  Here Helen is asking her about her day.
Okay, back to ISBI business.

Look!  It’s Leslie Tanner, the forever teen.  He was Ivy’s RI when she went to prom.
Still a teen.  Still stalking the Zale girls.  I do not blame, they’re beautiful!

ANNNDDD I was JUST about to click save, and my game crashed.  All of the above never happened.  I sat back, put the speed on three and just let er rip.  But FIRST…
Helen put out the fire before heading to work.  This time dressed as a doctor.  That soot stain is from a previous fire, the one where I mentioned we couldn’t clean it up because of air?  Yeah…  AND the stupid lamps I hated were back.  *sigh*

But!  Since there was no fire this time, and Helen didn’t have to leave work to rescue Ramon, she gets promoted!
That’s level nine!  Only one more!

Meanwhile, Ike keeps being amazing and skilling all the time.
You keep strumming!  And feel free to play some of that chess there right behind you.

Um… Ike?  See all those flies?
That’s bad.  That means the food is bad.

Yeah, don’t eat that…
It’s not only rotten, it’s burnt too!  Ugh, can you imagine?


Yes, I’m sure it’s quite foul.  Glad you noticed.
And alarmed that you didn’t care.  I told you not to eat it.

Oh nasty.  It looks like he left maggots in the bottom of the bowl.
😐  Yes, I’m sure your tummy is very upset.  You’re disgusting.

Nice puddle. -5

While roaming the house, I spotted Sammy and Julia outside one of the windows.  They’re paying respects to the Zales of save files past.
Interesting place to enjoy an afternoon book club.

Julia, don’t hate on the cactus.
I’m pretty sure it thinks you’re swell.

Sammy is reading smut.
“WooHoo in the Wasteland”  Have you guys been traveling to the future?

Ike vomits up his nutritious breakfast.
But at least he’s in his own bathroom.

Later on, I have no idea where the kids are, but these two have a date!

To the gym!
Because it’s so romantic Helen needs to work out to top her career and complete her LTW!

Ramon tries his hand at weights again.

Poor baby.
Physical fitness is not his strong suit.

Or bladder control, it would seem.

While her parents are pumping iron, Imogene is off doing homework at the Tanner house.
Good girl.

Ike is playing his keyboard.
Good boy!

Ivanna and Iris are standing around in the dark on the front lawn.
Okay… you girls have fun.

I followed Ivanna inside, and she decided to practice her trick shot!
Cool picture…

Ralen are home from their workout date!
Like I needed to document that… Man.  No wonder this post has a zillion pictures.

Iris.  Go to sleep.
Imogene.  No failing.

This is Helen’s outfit for today’s work as a Triple Agent.
And look.  Floor booze.

Again I find myself alone with Ramon in the house.  Let’s see what he’s up to!
Oh.  Shocking.  He’s Rocking.

But he’s still incredibly adorable.
See?  Yes.  Adorable.

A new maid shows up, and Ramon goes from idle old man, to distinguished chess playing gentleman to impress the pretty lady.
I’m watching you, mister.

I then got a pop up that Iris skipped school on a field trip day.  Except no she didn’t.  She went to school.  So I go to find her and…
…here she is.  Walking all over tarnation.  She has “field trip” in her queue.  So I don’t think she skipped school, but missed the school bus.  I blame a door somewhere.  A very tricky door.

Eons later, she gave up walking for the bus, sat down in the sand and did her homework.
Well okay then.  Weirdo.

Ike is again playing the grand piano!
We’re going to have a great head-start on that LTW!  I think he’s level SIX or something!

Ivanna hasn’t had a lot of screen time, so here she is playing video games.
She should be doing lots of other things, like feeding herself, showering, or doing her homework, but sure… play video games… I mean who ignores their responsibilities and plays video games all the time?  *cough*

Ramon supports his son’s musical talents.
Look at his lips, ha ha ha!  Groovy.

I followed Ivanna for a while, and she went around cleaning things.
I wonder why?  She doesn’t have any traits that would make that make sense… no “neat” or “perfectionist”… Oh well.  Thanks!

IKE!  @((#*$!  Next time you sit down to play the piano, if you start feeling the need to “go”, then PLEASE, stop playing and GO!

Hey look!  One exhausted Ike has made honor roll!
Ike's on Honor Roll!

So is Iris!
Iris too!

So.  This is the front of the police station.
Isn’t it pretty?

This is Helen leaving work and earning her pay.
(I saw the floating numbers and got trigger happy)

This is Helen standing in the flower beds.
And it’s starting to rain…

Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70
This is a great day – and it’s not over yet!

Then she got this warrant to go search the criminal hideout!  Let’s DO IT!

You raid those criminals, Helen!
I can’t wait to see what happens!

So while she was raiding and being awesome, I got another interesting pop-up!
plus five!
+5 MOAR!  I really should have been paying closer attention to this.  I bet I’d have way more than I’ve noticed.  Oh well, lesson learned!

Then this pop-up…
Well, that was anticlimactic.  Way to be Helen.  😐

Now hurry home because there’s MORE to do today!
Iris is becoming a teenager!  This party is just a family affair.  There’s another birthday on the horizon that will be a proper party.

Imogene is also celebrating her birth today!  Young Adult time for her!
That dress… I’m so sick of it.

My Zales are adorable.

Iris went first and rolls grumpy to add to can’t stand art, disciplined, and evil.  She’s a real peach.
But like all the I-children, she’s beautiful.  With her traits, I figured she’d have no nonsense hair, no make up (too artsy) and a simple wardrobe with clean lines.

Isn’t she lovely?
I think so too.

Imogene is next, dripping wet and being elbowed in the head by her mother.

Interlude: Iris shows us that her traits ring true, and she abandons her family to eat her slice of cake alone
It just seems like something she’d do.
But did I mention how pretty she is?  😀

Back upstairs with the family, Imogene completes her transformation into adulthood.
Holy cow, her eyes are enormous.  I see a lot of Ramon in that face.  Charismatic joins her other traits of insane, perceptive, light sleeper and friendly.

But I think she’s lovely, and I’ll miss watching her roam around in that ridiculous formal gown.

I let her have one lat slice of cake with her family, and then it’s skedaddle time!
Must have been disgusting cake.

Imogene exits the house in a blaze of insane glory.
Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86
And grabs a fly and eats it.  I think she might give Dahlia a run for her money for “craziest Zale”.

And then there were five.
And then there were five
It was a good day.

I seriously have nothing to do with Helen now that she’s completed her LTW, so I wrote in my notes that I was going to go full on ISBI mode and just let the household run itself until the next TH is ready to take over.
Wow, she looks haggard… so this picture was me setting her free, but then I noticed that her relationship with Ramon needed a little rekindling…
So I had to do that…

Then the computer broke…
So I had to fix that…  And we head to the festival in a few screenshots, so I really didn’t go full on ISBI at all…

So anyway, Ike keeps skilling and being awesome.
I can’t wait until you have your stupid birthday so we can MOVE the *#$ ON!

Ivanna is still around.
And an expert at door use.  You just have to get really close and STARE REALLY HARD, and tada!  HOW TO DOOR.

But she’s still very pretty.
🙂  I’m looking forward to her YA birthday too.  And even though Ivanna and Ike are supposedly twins, they’re ages are all jacked up.  She’s like, four days younger…

Ike.  Ike Ike Ike.  You always pick the WORST food choices…
Yummy.  Briquets.

Iris has some sense and is making something fresh.
AND raw so it can’t be burnt.
Again, this is why I have too many danged pictures… like you needed to see another angle of AUTUMN SALAD… I apologize for this.  But I took a note on it, I captured it, and I uploaded it, so you’re going to LOOK at it dangnabit!

Childish Ramon has played with far more of the household toys far more often than all of the children put together.
But he’s kinda adorable, so it’s okay.  I hope he lives a very long time!

But then, tragedy strikes, and Ramon suffers a stroke and dies in the rocking chair.
Just kidding.  He’s taking a nap.

Helen, whilst her old man naps like old men do, was sitting on the couch thinking.
No way!
Thinking a little too much I’d say?  She needs to find something else to do.  Immediately.

So!  We’re off to the festival!
Lucky Palms festival grounds are purdy.

Hey, there’s this cool statue thing…
I tried to read the plaque like an idiot… it’s in Simlish.

Recognize this Sim?
It’s IVY!  She’s a food merchant here.  Hi Ivy!

This guy, with the lavender eyes and Alejandro hair was manning the kissing booth.
And well, Helen rolled a wish for a kissing booth kiss!
Well, how could we resist?
OOOH!  I’m telling Ramon!  Just kidding, it’s all in good fun.

Besides, he’s busy collecting festival eggs being all adorable and stuff.
But it started to rain!  So it’s time to head home.

It’s also PROM NIGHT.
Which I had no idea was coming.  All three teens headed off for an evening of frivolity.

Ivanna was prom queen and started a relationship with a boy named Dylan Fair.  Ike was, of course, prom king.  While this was happening, Meredith “Won’t Die” Brunson had showed up on the lawn.
And is playing with full moon zombies.
Seriously, look at this face.
Reminds me that I loved her dearly, once!  She. is. so. old.

Nothing else noteworthy happened at prom, Ike was rejected by his crush and came home to sleep in his boat.
Next to his king’s crown.

Sleep well, dear Ike… You have a big day tomorrow!
He’s having that dream again.  Faceless men at children’s desks.

While the house sleeps, I dug out someone’s picture from the festival.
I love it.

And I heard lots of haunting from the neighboring Zale Resting Place.
ERIK!  You diva bastard!  I’ve missed you!  And Abraham, always a pleasure.  And Hi Flora!

The next morning, I get the house ready for a party!
It’s a fine Spring day, so we’re going to have an outside event!

Before the guests arrive, Helen tests out the sno-cone machine.  You know, for quality control purposes.
I picked rainbow!

Why so sad honey, I’m sure it’ll be delicious!
Poor thing!

Oh hey, it’s Dylan, Ivanna’s boyfriend.
That must be what is disturbing Helen so… HA HA HA, her FACE! >.<

Ivy is here!
Plinking away on Ike’s keyboard.

Julia found the Zale’s music box, and is never seen again.
For this party, that is…

Sammy has shown up with invisible food.
Um.  Thanks?

And then.  It is.  Ike’s. YOUNG ADULT. BIRTHDAY!
FINALLY!  14 Chapters of HELEN!  I’m ready for something NEW!

Aren’t they?  Yes.

Ike, due to his issues with food, and his likelihood to pick the worst possible thing to eat, vows off meat forever.  He is now a good, excitable, hopeless romantic, virtuoso, vegetarian.
And hew grew up in his dad’s hair!  HA HA HA!  I loved it… but no, that’s Ramon’s hair.  You cannot wear it.


Surrounded by family and friends – and cake Helen Zale passes the torch to her only son.
It’s about time!

So that’s it!  That’s all!  Generation H has come to a close, and Ike of the I’s is taking over!  Come back soon, there’s a weekend brewing – that usually means updates!  (I was out of town last weekend, so forgive me.)  I plan on getting one more Zale and a Lightning post done this weekend, so do come see us again soon!  Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  7 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  30 (-150)
Self-Wetting -5:  27 (-135)
Accidental Deaths -10:  0 (YAY!)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Single Births +5:  20 (+100)
Twin Births + 10:  6 (+60)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW +40: 5 (+200)
Honor Roll +5:  5 (+25)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  7 (+70)
Every $100,000 +20:  3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +145

18 thoughts on “Helen’s Last Hurrah 8.13

  1. Sammy-Sama

    Oh I’m so glad Helen finished her LTW. I’m also glad Ramon didn’t die in that fire, even if it wouldn’t have mattered since the game crashed(it would have been the only instance of a happy crash haha).
    All of the I kids are so gorgeous. Please let me know if you plan on uploading Iris. She’s just so gorgeous haha. I wanna pop her in a legacy >_<

  2. plumbawesim

    Oh no I was so worried that Ramon was going to die! Glad he didn’t though 🙂 and also, congratz to Helen for finishing her LTW 😀
    Also FINALLY A NEW TH. Not that I don’t love Helen (because I do) but I’m so excited for the Is and for Ike!
    All of the H Zale girls grew up so lovely! They have really nice genes.
    Ahh okay. can’t wait to go on Ike’s adventure!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      I thought Ramon was going to die too! I’m glad I remembered I could bring Helen home… And thank you! I’m very happy Helen completed her LTW. AND OMG I KNOW RIGHT? I’m so ready to have a new TH to take control of. I’m ready for Ike’s new adventure too!

  3. pinkfiend1

    Heather you make sure no items paintings, rugs etc are in the squares around the fireplace the chance of fire is far less. Plus you can upgrade the fire so it won’t catch fire.
    So will we have to wait long for a spouse?

    1. Heather Post author

      I know I can upgrade them, and keeping things away from them prevents fires… but fires are INTERESTING… and after 14 chapters of Helen, I needed some excitement! I suspect it will not be long for a spouse. Ike will be travelling to meet his! I’m not sure where yet. Maybe Egypt.

  4. laserkatt

    Yaaaay, update ❤
    Aaaah Ramon! You silly old fart D: What is it with sims and NOT running away from a fire ,_, There's so much to comment on, and so little time (not really, just my terrible memory) but I'm really impressed that you managed to get three kids on the honour roll o_o Because wow, when seasons came along (with snow day…) it's soooo hard for the kids to progress in school at all :c Bah.
    And Helen and her snow cone. I've never seen anyone so sad with a snow cone before ^^ She knows she won't get any more attention after her son's all grown up.
    Anyway, DO YER THING, IKE o/

    1. Heather Post author

      I see you have an update too! I haven’t made it over to read it yet, but I will! Soon! Since Lucky Palms is so desert-like, I turned winter down to just a few days, and it’s a REALLY long summer and spring. So that helps with the school thing. Helen and her sad little rainbow cone were pretty heartbreaking. It MUST be because she’s no longer going to be the center of attention! I’m SO ready for IKE!

  5. ozziedoggirl

    Hooray for Zales! Ike looks absolutely darling. : ) I can’t wait to see the J kids and what kinds of names they have. Births and naming babies is like one of my favorite parts of sims. That and when the kids turn to teenagers and you can really see what they look like.
    Just wondering, how large are you planning to make the header? It’s getting quite large. 😉

    1. Heather Post author

      You know, you’re right! I plan on using it forever, so I’ve scaled it down a notch! Ike’s been a busy bee! New post coming!

  6. Echo Weaver

    When I saw this title, I thought Helen was going to die. Aaaaugh!

    Ike was unimpressive as a child, but he kicks butt as an adult. Imogene’s eyes are mesmerizing, but I think Ivanna is the prettiest.

    1. Heather Post author

      I think Ivanna was the prettiest as a teen, but I think I’d have to say that when it came time for Young Adulthood, Irene won the pretty game. I still love all of them, however!

  7. zefiewings

    Ah sims…running into fire and trying to live of flavored shaved ice. And eating eating food covered in flies. Gross.
    Yay Helen finished her LTW just in time!
    I’m pretty exited for the next gen…I am having a REALLY hard time with the transition myself. @.@ (you might have noticed its taking me forever and a day to get it out).
    But I’m going to sit down and finish the rest today. *determent look*

    1. Heather Post author

      Aren’t the Zales just so smart? Ha ha ha. I know! I was so happy the Helen completed her LTW in the nick o’ time! I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your generation transition 😦 I’m really looking forward to it, if that helps! ❤

  8. somebodysangel13

    I’m almost caught up! Equal parts happy and sad – means I can take part in future polls (because you can’t keep going with the one-child-of-correct-gender curse) but also means I can’t spam the reading (and comments).

    Was that a lighting trick, with the mailwoman and the blood red pond at the beginning? Creepy!

    Fires are definitely interesting. Almost makes me want to remove that Fireproof Homestead LTW I bought for Jonq-oh wait, she’s gone now. Hey, maybe the new pyromaniac heir can burn something. That should be fun.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ll respond to all your lovely comments properly soon, but I wanted to encourage you to catch up, since I have an active heir poll right now! You’re so close!

    2. Heather Post author

      Ha ha ha! I love the little hidden traits. I have no idea what was up with the mailwoman and the pond. It was SO weird. I haven’t seen it since.


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