Birthdays and Bedrooms and Very Cute Sims 8.10

Hello!  Long time no see!  I know I haven’t updated in FOREVER (for me anyway!)  Last time Ralen headed out on a free vacation and the kids were left to their own devices, causing many a fail.  Which I now document because I keep score!  Wahoo!  Let’s see what those Zany Zales get up to next!

We begin with a Zale Check!  OH YEAH – I had forgotten that Helen and Ramon were away on vacation… here’s Irene who has been passing out left, right and center walking around in the desert.
It’s a long walk from here… I hope she does okay.

Ivy is on the school bus, like a sane person.
Thank you Ivy.  ❤

Imogene and Ike have just gotten out of school.
Ike looks sleepy, but they’re so cute.

Speaking of cute, here’s our little Iris!
Ha ha, love it.  Friendly reminder, Ivanna is away at military school.

Hey, Irene had a moment of clarity and called a cab.
She looks very annoyed about it, but hey, at least she’ll get home before she fails again.

MAN, everyone in this house is exhausted.
Please no failing…

Irene!  Hey, you’re in your outerwear, which is obviously your favorite, but you’re in a bed!
Your OWN bed!  Thank you!

Imogene!  You too!
Oh my sweet Ralen Spawn.  Well done!

FAIL!  Dangit!  -5
Thanks IKE. 😐

Ike!  That’s not your…
…bed…wait a minute… Did I even make you a bedroom?  (Scans house) nope, no Ike bedroom.  I failed to make my own future TH a bedroom!!!

Here we go sweetie.
I converted the room that had nothing but a bed in it for Flora while we waited for her to die.  He also has a nice bathroom.

There.  All better.  ❤  Ike likes Western music and the color turquoise, and I had to use the boat bed.  Because it’s a BOAT BED.  Nuff said.
Yes.  I made him do it… Doesn’t count.  I couldn’t have him sleeping in David’s old dungeon bed.

Ivy here has kept the entire house running while Ramon and Helen were away.
She even kept up on her homework.  Ivy is pretty great!  That’s Irene’s desk, but hey – can’t be picky.

Except poor Iris, who has been in this thing for the last 12 hours.
Maybe Ivy will rescue you!

She does!
But doesn’t…
And just picks her up and puts her back about six times.  😐

Eventually Ivy figured out that maybe she needed something to eat… so she put her in here!

And then went to bed.
UGH, Riley!

Sorry honey… I’m not sure how this is going to go for you.  But I’m going to assume not well.

Three hours later her incessant screaming managed to wake up some Zales.
Some very annoyed Zales.

Iris’ POV.

Please come home soon, Helen.  Iris needs you.

Irene!  Bless!
Your coat looks ripped and your butt is sticking out, but that’s okay.  Iris really needed this.

This is STILL so weird for me to see.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an IF in this state in any of my save files.
And hi Celine’s kitty painting!

The Zales were incredibly good children while their parents were away…
…they didn’t break things, and they kept up on their studies.  Iris suffered a little, and there were some fails, but overall, I’m very pleased with them.

Waitaminute… Helen?  Why are you in your underwear and thinking about handcuffs?  looks like you had a nice time… Anyway, welcome back!

Momma’s home, little Iris… You’ll be okay now.

And look what I got!
I think I had it all along… I just didn’t recognize it for what it was…

We quickly get Iris all taken care of and back in the green.
And it was adorable.

Hi Ramon!  I missed you!
You handsome Sim you.

WARNING:  Cute Overload
Both Imogene and Ike are playing in the treehouse.  I couldn’t get a decent picture of them together, so…Screenshot-32
I loved it!  So adorable!

It’s then time to do something important.
Bring UIG Home
Come back home, UIG.  You’ve been missed.

Well Hi!  That was fast!  Welcome home!
It’s very nice to see her little face again.  She gained a homework skill.  Very cool.

I’d say Ivanna is very happy to be home.

And it just might be possible that I missed her too.
Such a cute little family.  ❤ Zales

Insane Irene paints on her sister’s easel in her outerwear.  Always in her outerwear.
She completed this blue masterpiece and I sold it for 3 dollars.

Ivy is napping in her swimsuit.

And our future TH Ike is being adorable.
I’m sorry you haven’t seen enough of him to grow attached.  I promise to focus on him a little bit more so you can all fall in love with him, and not wish a girl was taking over.  I love each and every Ralen child, they’re my favorites to date in this legacy.  I know the girls are spectacular, but Ike’s good too.  🙂  I cannot possible go back on B/G/B/G after making it this far.

Imogene and Ramon, adorable.
All my Sims are too adorable in this post.

Helen is on a mission for interviews so she can write up her reports, get promoted and top her LTW!  She’s had so many babies that she’s going very slowly.  I really want her to be successful!  Thinking of no better Sims to interview, I look for the SimSelves!  I mouse over their house, and it tells me that “Sammy is at the Beach”  I was unbelievably lucky to find her on the first try!
Julia is here too!
Aww, you two are so cute, I’m so glad you’re friends!

Well, Helen is going to interrupt your mid evening sun bathing (genius) for some important questioning!
Helen:  Wouldn’t it be best if you sunbathed in the SUN?
Sammy:  I’m cold.

Careful what you say Sammy!
This is going straight to the police!

I couldn’t find Julia anywhere… but then I did.  She was “sunbathing” in the dense shrubbery.  Thankfully when I had Helen “Call her over” she came!  Our next victim.

So… then this happened…

Julia?  Are you okay?
You’re FREEZING!  Helen!  Do something!

Helen:  First, answer these questions!
Cold Julia happily complied with Officer Zale.

Then froze and fell to the ground.
Her poor little face! HELEN!  DO SOMETHING!
Helen whips into her own outerwear upon realizing it was chilly.  TAKE NOTES, JULIA.
And then thaws her out with her handy dandy pocket size travel battery powered blow dryer.

I couldn’t find Sammy, so I’m assuming she had the sense to get out of the cold, but I was very worried about Julia, so we invited her home for a hot meal.
Please stop being blue soon.  Please.  The Zale house is very warm.  I promise.

While Helen was preparing a nice wood-fired meal, Julia found the rocking chair.
I’m just glad she’s inside and safe and warm.  We’ll save you, Julia!

Helen made this wonderful Meat Mania Calzone.
And by the time Julia made it down for a piece…
She was back to her normal hue!  Thank heavens!  Julia! :@  you stop sunbathing on cold nights, you hear me?

Hmm, while Julia eats (?), I spot a mysterious puddle.  A puddle of shame.

Thanks Irene -5
Thanks Irene...
Way to go.

Apparently Julia was not eating… Jules… you were supposed to eat that not put it on the pee covered floor.
Go home now please.  (She did)

Here’s Helen and Imogene watching TV… because transition.
And they’re adorable.  (See?  Very Cute Sims)

Helen threw a party!  This guy?  Was not invited.
Hey.  Leave.

Party Crasher:  BEST PARTY EVAR!

Hi Sammy!
Yes yes, Ramon is sexy.  The dude with the Cheesesteaks near Ivy?  That’s Ivy’s Romantic Interest from her prom.  His name is Ethan, AND he’s cute, AND he brought food.  But he wasn’t invited.  I let him stay.

I then discovered Julia heart-farting Ramon on the lawn, I was messing with my camera angle, some jackass with an umbrella was in the way… and the GAME CRASHED (SIGH)  If I hadn’t actually kind of needed a new computer, I would have returned this… game still crashes.

SO, after a quick reboot to see how bad the damage is… we’re back here with blue Julia.
I go ahead and question her again, since I really DO need Helen to complete the reports…  And since I know it’s coming, I film it.

I’m sorry for the pauses and the lightning quick accidental tab zoom on Julia’s boob… but there you have it.  Helen unthaws Laserkatt.  So much fun.  We also didn’t bother to take her home and feed her.  Good luck Julia!  (She was fine)

On the plus side, Irene has wet herself yet… Does her original one still count?  I say yes.

I then realize that I hadn’t made Ivanna a bedroom either.  I’m actually almost out of bedrooms in this giant house, there’s only one left… but it’s very large.
It’s the one David and Meredith shared.  It will house Ivanna and Iris.  I promise I’ll make it.

Then I get a bunch of birthday notifications.  I got so many I had to check to make sure I wasn’t still on The Lightning’s lifespans.  I wasn’t.
Imogene Iris Ike Helen
Before my game crashed, I was just going to have Imogene’s birthday, then do the “almosts” in a couple days.  But AFTER the crash, I said screw it, let’s do it.  I know it makes Imogene and Ike exactly the same age, but hey – what’s two days?  So we’re going to have a party!

But first, this is Irene NOT wetting herself this time.
And playing in gloves must be kind of impossible.  (Note:  Not Angelica’s guitar… )

Also, just before the party, Ivy broke the stereo.
And she stinks.

Then Ike broke this shower.
Helen’s already exhausted… how’s she gonna fix things before guests arrive?

Oh.  She won’t.

HI SAMMY!  Yes… I know it’s broken.  Thank you.
She waived immediately after this picture, and it was adorable.  I forgive her for judging the Zales on their broken stereo the second she walks in.

Helen DOES fix the stereo, and then it’s birthday time!  Imogene goes first, because if I don’t get her “caked” she’s gonna do it herself at 8:00.

Then Iris!

Then Ike!

We do have party guests… but only the Zales, and David Brunson the 1/2 Zale care.
Such fun!

Imogene rolls insane.  She is now a perceptive, light sleeper, friendly and insane Sim.
Her favorite color is black.  She’s incredibly unique, and I think she’s spectacular.

Ike had “indifferent study habits” so he gets hopeless romantic locked in.
I think he looks wonderful.  He likes turquoise and is now a hopeless romantic, good, virtuoso Sim.  I’m very fond of him.

With her kids having all blown out their candles Helen takes a moment to blow out hers.
And look!  Julia and Sammy care about Helen!
Do you have to have a good relationship to show up at the cake?  Helen is “good friends” with both ladies, and as soon as she went to blow out her candles, they came!  They don’t even know the rest of the clan… I wonder if that’s why Julia always plays with their musical instruments and Sammy throws darts?  Oh well, they came this time!
And I love it.  *wipes tear*

Before Helen goes and sparkles, Iris finally turns into a child.
She’s now an evil, disciplined Sim who cannot stand art.  She’s very sweet looking… for being evil.  No braids for her.  She is one of the few Ralen children to NOT inherit Ramon’s eye color.  It isn’t Helen’s either, and I actually think it’s Alejandro’s.  That evil bastard has sure lingered.  Almost everyone has his nose.  Actually, I think they ALL might have his nose.

Here’s Helen’s greenish blue eyes.
Having an excellent party!
From Helen’s POV, it’s so sweet.  All her children (well, Imogene and Ike just left with cake slices) her husband, her half brother David, her friend and old butler Meredith, and her new friends Sammy and Juila… *sniff* tis beautiful, it tis.

She has a few new distinguished lines, but I think she looks amazing.
She also is having a midlife crisis… oh well, don’t care.  She needs a new look, so I give her one.
And I LOVE it.  Helen was an only girl in a sea of brothers, and has led the Zales to another fine generation.  Ike, her only son, will do just as well, I’m certain!

Just like I promised, Iris and Ivanna get they’re room renovated.
No art on Iris’ walls.  Ivanna’s bed is the mostly white (her favorite color) and Iris’ is mostly green (her favorite color).  I just discovered that lamp, that’s why they each got one.  TOO CUTE.  The easel is probably a LITTLE too close to Iris’ bed, but whatever.  She doesn’t have to use it.
That means ALL of the rooms in the Zale house have finally been decorated.  Oops, except Ralen’s…  I’ll have to take care of that.

Now that Imogene is also insane, we’re going to have to get used to her outfit changes.
Her favorite color is black, and that’s her formal attire.  And hmm, I used similar carpet in Irene’s room, but it’s lime and cream striped in her room. It’s Irish green and white in Ivanna and Iris’… Oh well.

And lastly, we end with…
Fail.  Thanks Ivy.  Don’t try to blame Riley – he didn’t do it.  And Julia looks really impressed. 5

And that’s all for this post!  I had a ton of fun playing with my adorable Zales again.  Maybe I’ll get another post up this weekend.  Come see us again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  7 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  30 (-150)
Self-Wetting -5:  25 (-105)
Accidental Deaths -10:  0 (YAY!)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Single Births +5:  20 (+100)
Twin Births + 10:  6 (+60)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40:  4 (+160)
Honor Roll +5:  2 (+10)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  7 (+70)
Every $100,000 +20:  3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +160

11 thoughts on “Birthdays and Bedrooms and Very Cute Sims 8.10

  1. plumbawesim

    So many birthdays! Everyone aged beautifully.
    Helen must’ve been a really young mom if she’s only just aging up into an adult now. I do like her makeover though 🙂 very cute
    Imogene is adorable. And Ike is very handsome 🙂 he also has really nice traits. I can’t wait until he’s a YA 😀
    And I’m glad you brought UIG home. The Zale household just isn’t the same without Ivanna.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! Yeah, something happened with Helen’s age bar… I think. She and Ramon were much closer in age when they met at Uni. In fact, Helen might have been *older* than Ramon, since I waited so long to even send Helen. Ramon has been a full fledged adult for quite some time now… Oh well, I’m happy since Helen’s LTW is career based, and the five pregnancies have really kept her from going to work. I thought they all aged quite nicely too, thank you! And I agree. Ivanna was missed for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

  2. Sammy-Sama

    Oh poor Julia! I actually exclaimed out loud watching the video of her freezing. I’ve never had it happen in my game(knock on wood with my ISBI haha) so it’s so startling to see a sim just fall over like that. I thought it was super cute when we cheered for Helen’s birthday. Yay for friends haha.
    Ike is quite handsome, I can’t wait to see him as a young adult. Imogen’s face is so unique and I’m curious about Iris’s looks. I can never tell when sims are children(unless it’s an uglacy haha). Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha ha! I know right? It was the first time I’d seem them actually fall over myself. I know Gustave was frozen at the beach when Erik and Liz got married, but I didn’t see him tip over. I saw Julia do it both times! I also laughed out loud when she unthawed and fell limp to the ground. Oh man. Gold. I think Imogene is spectacular, a very cool Sim. I’m going to save a copy of her. I’m also curious to see how Iris and Ivanna age into teens. I’ve never been so excited about the genetics before the Ralen Children.

  3. laserkatt

    HAHAHA SimJulia you massive idiot ❤ I was drinking tea whilst reading that part and I laughed out loud and actually spilled it. All over my face. Oh well 8D

    I have to say the kids look great, but I especially like the Ike. He's awesome 😀 He might be the only boy, but it was obviously meant to be 😉

    Also. BOAT BED \o/

    1. Heather Post author

      Sorry about the tea accident! I also laughed when you turned blue and fell over. HA!

      I’m so glad you’re on board with Ike. I wish I’d named him better. I wanted to name him Isaiah, but I didn’t know how to spell it, and I was too lazy to look it up. Then I thought Isaac, but I wasn’t 100% sure on the spelling of that one either (but I would’ve been correct), so I just named him Ike, which I could spell. HA. And this is what continues the Zales, HA HA HA!

  4. zefiewings

    Here is my for actual comment on this chapter because I suck lol.
    I love how good the kiddies were when Ralen was on vacation! Even it took the girls a while to figure out the whole feeding the toddler and putting her to bed thing. And I loled at Helen’s undies and handcuffs. Who knew they were so…fun in bed? And, for another thing, did we really NEED to know? Answer: probably not but hilarious none the less.
    Poor Julie! I was scared for her when she froze but I have to say it was funny when Helen decided to question her before allowing her to freeze completely then unthawing her.
    Birthdays! You kids are so cute! ❤
    I have no idea about the friends thing, but it WOULD explain a lot. Remember Tony's first birthday, and Vanna didn't even come cheer? The first and only time she wasn't fawning over the Cultric babies so we know it wasn't just her personality.
    It's sad and hilarious that you forgot Ike's bedroom. And yay boatbed! Tony's child bed! (I miss my babies…)

    1. Heather Post author

      You don’t suck! I was just afraid you’d missed it! I thought Ralen’s bedroom activities were quite hilarious too! And even in the cab no less? HA! After the shock of Julia falling over frozen, I found it SO FUNNY! I was almost happy when my game crashed and I got to film it the second time!

      So about the friend thing, it DOES explain it, kind of? But what about when the maid joins in? You know, I kind of miss your babies too, but then again, THERE WILL BE NEW BABIES! You know what I’m dreading? Karla and/or Vinny’s deaths! You had me heartbroken over Giovanna’s death! What in the world will we do for Karla or Vinny!?!?!


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