Sim!Selves Have Landed on Planet Zale 8.6.5

Oh hi!  Nice to see you!  Last time, I got caught in a cheat (proof cheaters never win) and I will be renaming the currently christened “Uhh…I Girl” … drum roll please … Ivanna!  But I can’t rename her until she’s a toddler, so…  I get fun actions like “Put Uhh…I Girl in the swing” and other equally ridiculous options…  For this post, well, I opened the Zale file and thought, I need SimSelves!  I only had access to Julia and Sammy, but I believe Sammy and Julia will be enough.  I began with a Zale Check, but quickly changed the tune.  So let’s get to it!

Oh Look!  The floor is mopping itself!
Thank you IF!  Helen is back to potty training Imogene, as she was so rudely interrupted during her previous attempt in order to give birth to Uhh…I Girl and Ike!

Let’s check on the rest of those Zales!  Speaking of Uhh…I Girl…
Screenshot-3Here she is, asleep in Ike’s swing!

And Ike, asleep in UIG’s swing.
Oh wait, I guess he’s not asleep.  Anyway, WRONG SWINGS.

Giles and Irene are enjoying snack time.
Giles just finished, and Irene is just starting, but whatever.  Note:  Giles is STILL running absolutely everywhere all of the time.  It’s disturbing to imagine a 105 year old man running around and eating 5 decade old birthday cake.  But SIMS.

Ivy is being read a bedtime story!  Which is GREAT, because she’s EXHAUSTED…
…Except that’s David’s old bed in the punishment cave…

So, it was no surprise when…
FAIL!  Just outside her room.  Excellent.

Still wearing her lovely maternity attire, Helen heads out!
HI KOI!  *waves*

Where’s Helen running off to?
Why the docks!  If you look closely, you might be able to spy a couple familiar figures.

Hi Sammy and Julia!

Helen: Yo, Sammy, can I come in?

Once we gain entrance, well… This is Sammy and Julia’s *cough* nice new place.
MY EYES!  It needs something.  Besides a remodel!  Just behind that fancy wall, we find…
…Equally fancy kitchen.  And then behind THIS wall…
Retro TV Room, which I actually like!

Upstairs, there’s this cool loft space.
But that’s the only bed in this place, so Sammy and Julia will have to sleep in shifts.

Here you two, you can benefit from the Zale Family Wealth.
Yay!  A Murphy Bed!  Oh.  Were you expecting something nicer?  But this thing takes up less space!  You’re welcome.  😀

Yes, Julia, that’s a very nice bathroom.
Come out and be social.  Thanks.

Oh good!  You guys are getting along!

Don’t give me that look, Julia.  You know you love it here.

Yo, Sammy, Your CC ain’t workin.

Here’s a makeover, I hope you don’t hate it!

Helen:  So, nice house…it…floats?

Sammy:  Yup!  🙂

Laserkitteh: Yup!  🙂

Well, it might not be much, but Helen thinks it’s swell.
And melds house with body and stays forever.

I mean, likes the water and goes a-floatin’

Just then I spotted Julia on the move!
Helen:  Where are you going?

Commence Stalking:
Helen: Wait for me!!  I had to change into my jogging clothes before I could try to catch up!

Oh!  Sammy had exited too!
Where are you fine ladies off to?

Helen:  *HUFF* *PUFF*
Sammy and Julia:  *wait*

Just kidding, they got in this WONDERFUL automobile that Julia had in her pocket.
Helen in background:  *thinks* kicky bag.

Immediately plays kicky bag.
Kinda like a boss.

So while Helen plays, I stalked the car.  Julia!  Don’t leave Sammy just sitting in the car!
Okay, that’s better.  Sammy and Julia have arrived at “Drinks at Diamond Backs”
It’s an interesting place (not at all.)

Oh look!  SimSelves are no better at doors than anyone else.
I had higher expectations.

Helen then shows up to recommence stalking.
Not that I saw a kitchen here, but don’t get the food.  Chef dude just sneezed into his hand and didn’t bother to wash.

Sammy went straight for the juice.

Julia… well… she thinks wall music is magical.

NOTE:  The REST of this post takes place here.  I was kind of obsessed with my first ever SimSelves, and knowing the real world basis of them, well… I was beyond entertained.  So let’s just say… it’s well documented.

After establishing that the magic wall music boxes would still play if she wasn’t watching, Julia also goes for the juice.

Helen: Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, hey Sammy, greet me.  Greet me.  I’m a cop, do what I say, greet me.  Sammy, Sammy, Sammy…
Sammy: *Stares off in space*

Helen couldn’t wait any longer for Sammy to acknowledge her existence, so she gives Julia a try.
Helen:  Julia, hey Julia, Julia, Julia, I could press charges!  Julia, Julia, GREET ME!

Julia and Sammy:  *IGNORE*
That’s not very nice ladies.  Helen is a very nice Sim.

Helen decides that if she can’t beat ’em, she’ll join ’em.

Sammy & Julia:  SLURRRP

See what Julia’s thinking about?  A new friend!  Is it Sammy?  Cuz if it’s Sammy, AWW!

Going back for another one Jules?
Julia: Yup.

Sammy!  I caught you thinking!  YAY!  You guys became friends!  That’s so stinkin’ cute.
Hopefully you guys won’t be miserable on your retro houseboat.

Oh Sammy, You’re a riot!
Helen thinks so anyway!

Hey, you have a houseboat, do you do much fishing?
Sammy looks VERY annoyed that this overweight old man would even consider using the bar she is standing near.

Helen and Julia chit chat.
Sammy:  BOOOZE  O.O

Julia: Who’s this llama?
Sammy: Bling!

Helen and Julia begin grooving groove McGroove style.
Nice moves.

Oh okay?  I’m sorry if you feel left out.

Helen and Julia continue to get their groove on… to CLASSICAL music.  Julia to her reflection: Oh gawd, is this what I look like when I dance?!?

Then I was so entertained by Helen and Julia dancing hardcore to classical music, and Sammy staring at the wall with a drink in her hand, that I took a video.  My first ever on purpose video, and not one of those “dang it, I meant to hit C not V” videos you have to delete after every play session.

DAMN!  There’s no audio!  Oh well, I’m leaving it.  Whatever.  >:@

Hmm, Sammy?  Maybe you’ve had enough.

Whelp, you don’t need that ovary.

Sammy decides the quickest way to get juiced is to go directly into the stomach
Helen and Julia:  Why indeed!  This is a mighty fine gathering, let us commence dancing to this mournful tune!  Way to care about your friend guys.  SHE HAS A PROBLEM.

Sammy:  SLURRP
Helen and Julia:  ROCK ON!

Okay, I took far too many pictures in this funky place.  And the family is starting to suffer, so it’s time to send Helen home!
time for helen to go home

Have fun ladies!  Sammy: Stares  Julia: I could be a superstar with my dance moves!
You can see Helen jogging away in the mirror’s reflection.  Awesome.

And that’s it for this update!  I know it’s not a REAL update, but I was having so much fun.  I hope you at least found a smidgen as entertaining as I did.  Helen wasted most of the day, so I’m sure we can get our UIG renamed soon!  Come see us again!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

15 thoughts on “Sim!Selves Have Landed on Planet Zale 8.6.5

  1. zefiewings

    I think the real question is, rename or no, will we ever stop calling her UIG?

    Anyway, I happened to like the fun post, and the little houseboat! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m pretty sure she’ll never be able to fully recover from being UIG! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had several typos that I found and fixed, but you probably read it before. 😐 How’s your cultracy? Will we have an update soon?

      1. zefiewings

        Well I’m finally ready to write the next chapter but I’m feeling stupidly stressed about the mods decision. I felt good about playing mod free but I find I love my spares to much to let them rot in the town. I’m stressed that my generation(s) are talking so long but at the same time I’m nervous to start generation two. @.@

      2. Heather Post author

        Oh sweetie! It’s supposed to be fun! I wish I had magic answers for you. I do know that whatever comes, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be fine! Don’t you worry about how long it’s taking. And don’t you worry about generation 2! Hugs!

      3. zefiewings

        Thanks hun! I know I let myself get stressed about stupid things but I can’t help it. ^.^’
        I think…I have made my desition though so…hopefully…@.@

  2. Sammy-Sama

    Oh man, I cracked up haha. My simself is so weird!
    I guess she decided that since I don’t drink heavily in real life(at least not anymore) she’d pick up the slack for me. I hope to hear more about our floaty-house adventures later on in the legacy.
    I have a feeling you’re going to keep accidentally calling (the soon-to-be)Ivanna, UIG. It’s going to be funny haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I hope I don’t forget all about you guys and your floaty house! I’ll try to remember to check up on you guys ever couple posts. Besides, I want you both to be “friends” of the current TH, so we should see you both around some!

  3. plumbawesim

    Ivanna is such a cute name! You made a good choice! 🙂
    The simselves were very entertaining and rather silly ^-^ (as are all sims though)
    Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

  4. Echo Weaver

    Hahaha! I just love cross-pollinating sims :).

    I have a simself! Here is is!

    She comes with two CC hairs that I forgot to remove when I uploaded her. I should put up a version that is CC-free, but their both Anubis hairs, and he’s quite responsible with his CC.

    I play a side-game on my serious legacy where I load simselves and sims from other games into my town and then report on what they do. You’re welcome to join in the fun if you like.

    Julia has a really interesting face! Hmmmm.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m very happy to have Sammy and Julia! When I get home tonight, I’m totally going to go grab yours, and see if I can find a place to put ya. The houseboat is a little small for a third person, but I might throw you in there too.

  5. laserkatt

    Muahahahaha 8’D I’ve met Helen, I’m famous \o/ But as you know, when there is “juice” involved, don’t expect too much from simselves hurdihurr.
    AND YOU AND AMY ARE IN MY CURRENT TOWN 😀 And you’re awesome to follow around, ehehehehe. You’ve been invited to every birthday party, because I thought that such torture would be suitable.

    1. Heather Post author

      I miss Amy! Have you heard from her at all!?! I’m so excited to see what my SimSelf gets up to over on LISIB!!! And yes, it is indeed suitable. You just made an arse of yourself at a Zale Quad Birthday Party. Not to be a *spoiler* but you played the keyboard and left. Oh LaserKitteh. ❤

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