The Perils of Fatty Foods 8.5

So hello!  Welcome to an actual, genuine, bonafide, Zale update!  Last time, in order to fix all my games problems, we moved the family to Lucky Palms, and I built a house that doesn’t suck.  This post exceeds 100 pictures, so I think we can all agree it was a long time coming!  Let’s get to it!

We begin with a Zale Check!
Here’s Flora and Giles playing Frisbee!

Meredith is standing around getting ready for an “Extreme Swim”

Helen is enjoying the pool…

And Ramon is playing in the fountain!

David is the only one concerned that the baby has just been sitting in the hot desert sun for hours.

And Ivy plays with her IF.

Skilling resumes in the new homestead!

And Zale-Style parenting remains the same as always.

Meredith finds the slot machine!
And kicks it.  Frequently.

Ramon wants to scare the fishies.
Hee hee, childish man.

This is the life, huh Helen?

You are adorable.

So is Ramon!

Aw man, my Zales are on an adorable streak.

Helen got an opportunity to read a book for a promotion, so we head to the library for some quiet time.

Our first townie!
He got swag.  😐

Helen is adorable in her police officer uniform.

Maybe if Flora wasn’t so danged physically active, she’d die already.

Gnome Eve has found the joys of the bathtub!
You’ll see her here much later – she lives here now.

She’s like, 109.

Goodbye Flora Zale!

Grimmy does NOT approve of my new building skills.
Sorry dude.

Yes, yes, it’s very sad.

Seriously Flora?  You haven’t had enough?
I sure have!  Shoo!  Into the urn!

David failed to witness Flora’s death.  He has been at a friends house since after school.
He picked up a guitar and has been playing for hours.

He has met the Tanner Family.
Here is the lady of the house, Aya Tanner, with a bun in the oven.

And his friend, Ethan.

And here’s the father, and the young girl child.
The father is named Romon.  Not Ramon.  Romon.  And their daughter Yuna.

Just for Laserkatt, the Helen sleepy hair is… A store item.  I sent it to you!  But you know that already.  While in the store, I did a little shopping…
The Zales have a deep fryer!  Wee!

It’s 1:00 am, and I get a pop up that David is being arrested for being out after curfew.
He looks “in” to me…

Thanks for the hospitality Tanner Family!  I’m gonna go get arrested now!

On the plus side, he smells terrible.
And the ride home must’ve been very yucky for this member of Lucky Palm’s finest.

Meredith: OH Hi Son!

you smell terrible.

David: I should’ve texted.

Note:  David then spends the rest of his life grounded.  I hope that it was worth it.
And he’s pretty much miserable forever.
Davids in a right state

Giles found the deep fryer!
Cheese sticks!

Don’t choke on the cheesy goodness old man.

Sticky gloves.  He should have taken them off before eating.
Either that or gravity defying fried cheese.

David tries to sneak off to school.
Believe it or not, he was successful!

Do not ask me why I never had Helen “Let him off the Hook”.  It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, as he was constantly setting booby traps, getting caught, and getting grounded again.

Someone brought Ivy down and put her in this highchair.
We’ll see how long she gets trapped in there.

Ramon finds the deep fryer too!

And Meredith broke a sink.

But Meredith did manage to save Ivy from the highchair, so she’s not ALL terrible.
And look!  My maid has an interesting face!

Whenever Meredith and Giles are in the same room, she boos and gives him thumbs down.
Look what our beloved couple has become.  😦

Helen got a promotion, and Flora finally died, so we’re ready for parenthood again!

Alright you two, I love you both, now make me a boy!
We need it not only to meet my self-imposed mini challenge of at least one of each gender per generation, but it’s a BOYS’ TURN for TH!

Mother and son Not-Zales enjoy deep fried bacon.

Helen rolled a wish to use a telescope, so we did.
Town is pretty.  🙂

Helen then visits the lot behind the Zale estate.
She has business here.

Oh Zales of save files past, enjoy your new resting place!
I think it turned out lovely!  From left to right; Angelica, Abraham, Bettina, Leif – with Benji out front, Cyrus – with Traci and Changpu out front, Gustave, Daisy – with Duke, Duchess and Eddie out front, Erik, Liz, then Flora and Shelley.  Why Flora didn’t have a massive headstone, I have no idea, she had plenty of LTH.  Oh well.

Whoops!  It’s Irene’s birthday!

I see Ramon hair!

In fact I see a LOT of Ramon!

In CAS, I peeked at her as a Young Adult, and there’s plenty of Helen in her too.  She is fantastic and has MASSIVE eyes.  I love her!
Her favorite color is Lime.  She’s stinkin’ adorable.

Oh my little family, how I love thee.

Meanwhile, Meredith is addicted to this thing, and has a “gambling skill” level of four.

The first ghost to pop out in the new resting place is Traci!
Hi Traci!

Why David, thank you!  Skill away, Irene!  Bedtime for Ivy!

Helen then has a go with the deep fryer, and I have her make a corn dog.

Man, this thing is popular.
And dirty.

Ew!  It’s rancid!

Okay you guys, seriously.  At least clean it first?

Thought process of Ramon:  Hmm, my candy bar came out horrifying because this thing is so nasty.  Let’s try fish.

Seriously man!  EAT SOMETHING ELSE!


Meredith: Sweet, a nastyass deep fried candy bar!
Giles is the only one with a brain cell and prepared fresh food.

Ramon: This place is a pigsty.

Ramon:  Fry fry fry!  Something is bound to turn out!
Ramon then continued to fry non-stop and put rancid, horrifying fried things all over the kitchen.  When the maid came, I assumed they were cleaned up.  But I was so wrong.  More on this later.

Great Meredith.  Thank you.
This is exactly what the kitchen needed.  A broken dishwasher. 😐

Out of all the wretched concoctions Ramon made, he settled for the second fish he fried.
Looks yummy.

David got in trouble for trying to go to school while grounded, then got his grounding refreshed by getting in trouble for skipping school.
Yeah, I’m sorry David.  Your mother’s an idiot.

Then she breaks more things.
But at least Ramon is trying to clean things up a bit.  I still love him, even after the frying debacle.

After all that fun with the fryer, however, Ramon isn’t feeling so hot.
Eve approves *thumbs up!*

Ramon!  She’s TIRED.  Put her to BED, and NOT in the playpen.
Hurry home Helen, I feel like you’ve been at work for days.

Meredith inflicts her unlucky day on additional household objects.
And pouts.

It’s Giles!  I hate that guy!
Nice Meredith.  REAL nice.

Bless you Helen!  You’re home!

At least Meredith is trying to clean up after herself.

Hurry Helen!  The Zale family might drown!

Helen?  Are you okay?
Why are you just standing there getting drenched?

Oh!  A baby is on the way!  Great!
Fix the sink.

Irene beats up her IF “Peanut”
Then she chews on it.
Which was adorable.  I love Irene!

Ivy is suffering from the “I got put in my crib even though I’m not tired” problem
Her IF stares.  😐

Ramon!  Stop playing with that thing and EAT SOMETHING!

Oh hey, someone left this bloomin’ onion type thing in the deep fryer and wandered off.
I wonder if it’ll catch fire?  Spoiler: It does.

Meredith:  BOOO!  I HATE GILES

Meredith: THIS IS AWESOME!  Giles:  OH NO OH NO OH NO!
David: *Flees*  Helen:  *Puts out fire like a sane person*

Giles:  That firefighter is so attractive!  *GAGS*

I replace the destroyed counter, but I will leave the deep fryer in this state…
…as a reminder of the perils of fatty foods.

Ugh, if she ever stops, I’m selling this thing.

Well!  She does stop!  She has a birthday!

The only Sim she hates shows up to cheer for her.


But she does look pretty cute.

Speaking of cute, Helen is an adorable baby factory.
With her pajamas watching cookin’ cable.  She learned how to make chili con carne by watching this episode.

SO, remember all that food that Ramon fried?  And I thought the maid threw it all away?  Well no.  The maid put it all in the fridge.  And David has been eating it.  A lot.

Ivy has a birthday coming!  Since she will no longer be residing in the nursery, here’s her new big girl room!
I also completed her bathroom, so that’s two more rooms to add to the “completed” section!

Seriously you two?
What’s wrong?  Spoiler:  It was nothing.  Nothing was wrong.

But aw!  All better!

I hear the chime of failure, and Giles!  What are you doing out here?
This house has like, nine toilets.  There is no excuse for this.  😐

Then we get this pop-up about David.
failing david
Well of COURSE he is!  He hasn’t gone to school in over a week!  He keeps getting re-grounded, even on weekends for mood-swing inspired pranks and other bad behavior.

Helen rolled a wish to increase her logic skill, and since the house is so bare, I’ve been trying to catch all wishes for buying things, or buying things at a certain dollar amount, in order to furnish the house some.
So tada!  They own a dominoes table.  I pick my three least favorite Sims in the house to join her for a nice game.

It is interrupted by childbirth!
I send her off to the hospital.

Ramon somehow has fallen into possession of Flora’s old pink car, and speeds off to join her.

It’s a girl!
You probably think this makes me mad, but it doesn’t!  You’ll see why shortly!

Meet Imogene.  She rolls perceptive and light sleeper.

Ralen get home with their new bundle of joy, but the excitement of the afternoon proves too much for Ramon.
I expected this however.  His needs were terrible, so he wets himself while starving.  Nice.

Then it’s Ivy’s birthday!  I tried to get her to a cake, but there was a swarm of Zales all taking turns picking her up out of the playpen, then putting her back, and you know, Helen just had a baby, so…
And it’s a full moon!  In case you were wondering why she looks so – green.

Ivy rolls technophobe.

And she’s adorable!

A quick late night slice of cheesy pizza with her momma, then it’s off to her new big girl room!

Now, you may be wondering why the birth of a third girl, when we need boys very badly, didn’t frustrate me.  Well!  I told myself that if it was a girl, I would kick out Meredith and David.  The household situation is now desperate, and besides, they aren’t Zales
adios brunsons
Toodles Brunsons!  I hope David does better in school now.  If I ever manage to have a birthday party, we’ll see you there.

Now.  Ralen.  We need SONS!
Picture is of falling hearts because capturing Sims woohooing always makes me feel like a bit of a creeper.  THINK BOYS!

And that’s it!  If you made it through, well good for you!  My game ran beautifully, not a hiccup to be had.  Come back soon!  Hopefully we’ll get a boy or two out of Ralen.  Giles is at the max of his life bar, and Meredith and David are gone, so that’s a possible THREE house spaces.  I’m super excited about all the Ralen kids, and if we can’t get any boys, oh well.  I’ll heir poll the girls and have another girl TH.  Until next time!  HAPPY SIMMING!

22 thoughts on “The Perils of Fatty Foods 8.5

  1. pinkfiend1

    Buy a sauna. If you woohoo in the sauna you can choose whether to try for a boy or a girl. It’s a store item you get with one of the neighbourhoods. The awfully spread out and tedious to play one that has the Pleasant’s in it. Sunlit tides or something like that.
    Fat Fryer-they will be addicted to it. Just constantly use it. It’s irritating. In mine they keep getting the indigestion moodlet. If you put a stereo in hopefully they will start auto working out the weight.

    1. Heather Post author

      I have the sauna! I couldn’t place it before because of my game, I’ll try it again! Yeah, now that the deep fryer is scorched and useless, they’re eating real food again. I hate the stereos. They leave them on all the time, and I’m constantly turning them off. BUT, I might have to put one in, there’s certainly room! Thanks for the tip about the sauna!

  2. Echo Weaver

    Sniff. This means that Irene can’t be heir? Aww. Are you allowed apples?

    I haven’t read the archives yet, but I take it that Meredith is/was a Daredevil. I love Daredevils and fire.

    1. Heather Post author

      I know, I really like Irene. I could keep her around, but since it’s an ISBI, she’d just kind of… languish, and take up valuable house spots. I’ve never done the apple/watermelon thing, and since I’m playing by my own silly rules, I suppose I could? I have a few in people’s inventory that have been passed down since Cyrus and his science. Daredevil’s are pretty much all around awesome. Since you haven’t read up on Meredith, she was the house’s butler, Giles was married to Alejandro, but he was an abusive jerkface, so they got divorced, and Giles sparked a relationship with Meredith and had a son, David. Meredith also has neat traits, and she’d get all adrenaline rushed and fly around the house cleaning up, it was spectacular. When left to their own devices however, the relationship I cultivated between Giles and Meredith disintegrated. I just followed their wishes (mostly) but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  3. plumbawesim

    Aww, Flora’s finally gone…and so are Meredith and David. I know its for the best (you NEED a boy) but still made me a bit sad ;-; they will be missed.
    I love how your house is coming along 🙂
    And yes, the deep fryer makes sims FLOCK LIKE NO OTHER. and get fat. -.-
    so yeah. anyways. good update as always. glad the zales are enjoying lucky palms

    1. Heather Post author

      It made me a bit sad to lose David and Meredith too… not because I’ll miss them, but because I loved them so much… once. Flora – bless her, she was a TH, so of course I will miss her, but her death was overdue. She was the great-grandmother to a CHILD. Not an infant or toddler.

  4. mojot89

    Ahhhh. I see you have the same grounding problem that I have. I liked the idea of the punishment system, but (just like all things EA…) it just doesn’t work like it should.

    I’m super glad that your game is running smoothly again! I can’t wait for more Ralen babies!!

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh yeah – love the grounding, it’s so stupid! Grounding and bedtime stories. UGH. I cannot wait for more Ralen babies too!

      1. mojot89

        Bedtime stories are the worst!! Every kid asks for one every night. Its so annoying!!

  5. laserkatt

    Aw, RIP Flora. It was seriously her time to go ;3 Love the kids, tho crossing my fingers for a boy next time. Trust me, I know your frustration ;o
    Also I have the fryer and the ice cream machine, and even though I love them my families are not allowed to have them any longer because of the mess and the incredibly strong gravity field they seem to possess. However. All the hilarities \o/

    1. Heather Post author

      If I have an ice cream machine, I don’t know where it is, but if they act like the deep fryer with it, I’m not going to go searching! They can have snow cones at the park, or chase the ice cream truck. I’m almost NOT hoping for boys, just so we can have Irene as a potential heir. But no, I do want boys. And it’s been fun having all the kids again!

  6. roserainboweve

    RIP Flora! You lived a good long life and got to see even your great grandchildren. 🙂 I’m not sad to see Meredith go at all, but I am sad to see David go! I was amused by his antics with the deep fryer. I’ve never had a Sim in my game gain weight before! (Outside of pregnancy.) Did Giles really not have any relationship with his son? That’s kind of sad 😦 Oh yeah, and I’m not sure how I feel about my gnome giving a thumbs up to Sims vomit…. sounds like my gnome has some weird tendencies. o.O

    1. Heather Post author

      Aw, I’m sorry you miss David! I had no attachment to the kid, since before he was even born, Helen had taken over. Giles has a flat zero relationship with his son, and he’s ENEMIES with Meredith. And I think your gnome is spectacular! All the gnomes have weird tendencies, so why not one who lives on the bath tub and approves of SimVomit? 😀

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  8. somebodysangel13

    The new house looks pretty – I’d love to see a floorplan, if you get a chance. Always looking for more inspiration for my legacy houses, since I tend to get bored of the same layout after a few generations. About ready for a new house for gen 8.

    Haha, I have heard about the shenanigans that idiots get up to when there is a premium cooking item on the lot. Fryer, ice cream maker, teppenyaki plate, apparently all have an unhealthy attraction to sims controlled by EA coding. Then again, this is EA we’re talking about, why should I be surprised?
    Anyway, I loved all the pics of the hilarity. Actually LOL-ing at work right now, got some funny looks. And then Meredith goes and breaks stuff as well? Such a fun day!

    1. Heather Post author

      I really liked this post too, I’m glad you enjoyed it. As for a floor plan, there’s a main floor shot in a post where I threw gift giving party and no gifts showed up… as for the top floor, well I’ll have to take a shot for you 🙂

  9. mishieftress

    Been reading through the legacy these past few days, I love it. I don’t know if you’ve been told yet, but when an Emperor of Evil glows red, it lowers his relationship status with the sims around him. I had a sim who went from highest score in green all into red after sleeping next to his wife after one night!

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! So glad you’re reading and having fun! I did NOT know that glowing caused the relationship drop! Ruined his marriage!!

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