The Zales Have Landed in Lucky Palms 8.4.7

Well HI!  Just like the title states, The Zale Family has decided to grace the fine residents of Lucky Palms with their presence!  This chapter is 8.4.7, and not 8.5 yet, because all I do is get the Zales set up with a HOUSE.  That I built!  I can hear you all moaning, but it’s not terrible!  Really!  It’s far better than any house I’ve ever built ever, so this entire post is pretty much the house.  I tire quickly of building, but even MORE quickly furnishing and decorating.  So, there’s TONS of gray stone tile and white wallpaper.  There’s vast empty spaces and empty rooms.  But I’m extremely proud of it, so I’m forcing you all to visit.  There IS a fun shot of Ramon in the pool, so read on, if only for that!

My notes originally stated: The Zales buy a slab o’ land… oh great, I have to build.

But then I loved what I built!  So here’s an early shot of the home, when it’s just a shell.
I wanted to resemble a desert friendly estate, and I think it looks pretty good!

The pool area utilizes this fancy wave wall.

And it wouldn’t be a Zale estate if I hadn’t managed to drag the koi along!Screenshot-3
I love my koi.

I took this “in progress” shot of the kitchen, and a couple toilets reminding me I intended to have those spaces be bathrooms.
Then I took a few hour break.

Upon return, I remembered to place a few important things from the family inventory.
The abused Flamingo.
All the gnomes I could find.
And note!
Next Top Eve
Next Top Commenter has been renamed appropriately!  For our dear Eve who writes a fun Rainbowcy!

A Ralen sucking face picture.

A sketch that Bettina stole from the Consignment Store.

A painting by Celine

The nectar Daisy got in France

Then I unpaused to save and take a break, and who do we find in the pool?
Adorable.  Oh Ramon, you are the best!  I think they’re going to like it here!

Okay, here comes the actual house tour.  It’s not finished, there’s a lot of empty space, and nearly all the floors and wall are the same for now, but I’m ever so pleased with it, so enjoy!

Outside shot!
Note:  That fountain was just in their inventory.  I think it was a wedding present.  Who’s wedding?  No idea.

The entry!
I just love those tile stairs.  Beautiful!

There is also a piano in the entryway.
This is a FANCY blog, you know.

To the right from the entry…

…we have the living room.
I like the way this room turned out, but I don’t necessarily care for those lights, but whatever.  You can’t really see them when you’re playing.

Just off the living room is a generic bathroom.
It’s an ISBI though, I need all the bathrooms I can get.  And as time goes by, the house will become less bland.

To the left of the entry…

…we have a very large room with nothing in it except a fireplace and a pool table.

But it connects too the pool area!
And oh yeah, I put a computer desk in here!

Here’s the pool area, which is one of my favorite parts of the house.
I love it.

Off the big room with the purple pool table, we have a couple very bland punishment spaces bedrooms.
Here is a room fit for an aging great-grandmother.
And I make David and Meredith share this space.
Ha ha, it’s so dismal!
They also have a bathroom.

Straight ahead from the entry…

…we have the dining and bar!

Complete with slot machine nook.
This IS Lucky Palms!

And then the kitchen!  One of the few completed areas of the home.

Just up those two sets of tile stairs, you find a VAST EMPTY SPACE
For now.

But it connects to these lovely glass doors.

Which leads to this darling roof terrace!
Complete with spectacular view!

Also upstairs are three more large empty rooms, and then we have Ralen’s space.
I know it’s not much for now, but it’ll do.

They do have a wonderful bathroom however!
Since I couldn’t place bathtubs before, you may notice an excess of them going forward.  The walls are also fully painted now.

There is a “Life Skills Corner”

And another completed space, the adorable nursery.

Then a community bathroom accessible from the great empty area.
Why yes, that is a bathtub.

Off the expansive empty space, I have a surprisingly complete laundry nook.

Then a room with a bed in it for Giles.
And his generic bathroom.

Here’s the overview of the top floor

And of the main floor
The house now has enough stuff in it to be livable and moderately entertaining, so I’m off to play!

Thank you, EVERYONE, for sticking with the crap, and holding my hand through the problems, drama, and technical difficulties.  I ❤ each and every one of you.

The next post will be a PROPER Zale update.  8.5, let’s do it!  Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

19 thoughts on “The Zales Have Landed in Lucky Palms 8.4.7

  1. pinkfiend1

    My goodness that house is huge! Love the pool. I’d forgotten that pool toys existed.
    You are a very good distraction from sleep and homework.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I hope you got your school work completed, AND got some sleep! 🙂 Yes, the house IS huge, but hopefully it’ll keep the idiots moving freely and happily!

  2. Echo Weaver

    Woot! That really is a gorgeous house! I find building terribly intimidating for some reason, and I usually download stuff from ModTheSims! I’m envious of anyone who can build and decorate.

    1. Heather Post author

      This is pretty much the first house I’ve built that isn’t disgusting, or a mishmash of boxes here and there. AND I actually managed to use the roof tool with moderate success. So thank you! If you want to see excellent decorating, check out Zefie’s stuff! Best I’ve seen!

  3. laserkatt

    Ohmygod Heather you’re the sweetest ever ._. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HAIR, I’M SO HAPPY :DD

    Love the new house, I’m really looking forward to see more of it. The pool area is really nice and it makes me wish it was a lot warmer out than it actually is. April is a very slow month 😐 Anyway, I hope all the crashing problems will have sorted them selves out now :3

    1. Heather Post author

      You are so welcome for the hair! I’m glad you like the new house! The pool area is adorable, and after I get a little seating and dining area set up out there, it’ll be even cooler. 🙂

  4. misterwolfe86

    The scenery looks very familiar, I think we both chose the exact same lot in Lucky Palms! I need to figure out how to build a house, I’ve tried a few times on blank files and it never looks good. Do you have experience with house design or does it just take a lot of practice?

    1. Heather Post author

      I like Lucky Palms a lot! The Zales are on one of the “Golf Links Lane” lots, I was drawn to it because of the green grass. 🙂 I certainly have no building or design experience. I read a lot of Sim blogs, and get ideas there, and I was out in the city, and I saw this house, in this easy L shape, with fireplace chimneys on both sides, and I thought, I could build that. I angled out the front myself, because I think angles make for a more unique look. I’ve built many a house, and they’re all terrible duds. You can look back at another original creation by me when the Zales lived in Aurora Skies. It’s terrible. Or on my Lightning Alphabetcy. It’s a cube with a roof. I really think I just got lucky this time! 🙂

  5. mojot89

    Yay! I love the new Zale house! So much space! Did you bring the graveyard along with you?

  6. roserainboweve

    Aww, why thank you! You didn’t have to name another gnome after me! I’m honored 🙂 Though I guess that also means the last one somehow either got lost or passed on without notice. And what a house! Your house is absolutely beautiful, incredibly gorgeous… I’m so jealous! My houses are still in the big box with lots of little rooms stage… and I think I still haven’t gotten around to changing that green wallpaper (oops.) Seeing your beautiful house actually gives me the urge to go ahead and try to build another one!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m sorry I didn’t notice your gnome was missing 😦 It’s the least I could do! Oh my! Thank you for the compliments on the house! I’ve never built one I really liked before, so this one is special. Hey, I like the “big box with little rooms” stage. I’m also fond of the “big box with little boxes added on” stage. The house is super basic REALLY, it’s just an L, and when I couldn’t make the roof handle the corner of the L I built a roof terrace, out of necessity. I mean I AM BUILDING GENIUS.

  7. gryffindork7

    What a BEAUTIFUL house! I love how wide open it is, and it fits in perfectly with the look of the town. Also, your pictures are looking amazing! I’m tempted to ask what your computer specs are, but you said you didn’t know 😛

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you! I really love that house now, since the rooms have all been decorated (finally – my most recent post has me actually completing the final decorative touches.) I’ve saved a copy of it to my bin, so when they have to move again, I can take it with me. If you tell me where to find specs, I’ll look ’em up just for you! 🙂

      1. gryffindork7

        Oooh, I can’t wait to see it all finished! And you should be able to type “dxdiag” into the search box in your Start Menu, and a little window comes up with all the info. The main things I’m geekily curious about are your Processor (model and MHz), RAM (how many GB) and your graphics card. 🙂

  8. Miss Wingless

    That house and that view… 10/10. Ten outa ten my friend. Very good, big for less routefailure, space for everyone during birthdays and plenty of space… just plenty. Gorgeous view too, so always a plus and yet room in the yard to play in! But you might lose sight of your sims, so that can be a small downfall, but still. Not bad built I say. Looking forward to see more of it and more of the town as well ^^

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you like this house. It’s really come together, and I still love it. I don’t tend to lose my Sims, but what DOES happen, is a sink or tub or shower will be broken forever before I notice.


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