More Nothing Happens 8.4.6

HI!  I managed to move the Zales over to my new computer!  Enjoy!

First we Zale Check!

Here’s FLORA!  She is still in the rocking chair and won’t die.
She is also black and white because I was messing with where and how I can open the files and well… new computer.  I didn’t even know this was what I had done.  HA!

Giles is playing in the sand.
This is familiar.

Meredith has transformed into a Z because she is SO BORING.

Helen sleeps.  In this replay of the save file, Ralen managed to NOT look like they’d passed on  in their sleep.

Ramon punishes himself and stands in the corner.

David teaches us that, in the last post, when we couldn’t decide if he was going to sleep or waking up… well… he was waking up!
At least I assume so, because he’s now standing around in his PJs.

Ivy is again learning her life skills in the play pen.

And we continue to have generic Irene in the swing.

I spot Angelica haunting!

Helen wanted to go for a stroll with the stroller.
Look at the lighting!  The shadows!  The trees!

Ah!  Look how much better the tattoo looks!
And her face!  She’s beautiful!  I love my new computer.  Aw… ❤

Cyrus and Liz come out to haunt!

And guess what happened next?  My game crashed.  HA HA HA HA H AH AHAH HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  😐

I’m certain it’s the file.  So… I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I’m thinking about trying to struggle through until we get our “I” TH, then move the heir, and heir alone to a new town, leaving EVERYTHING else behind.  Or I’ll just move the entire family somewhere else… I don’t know.  I’m also toying with the idea of moving Ralen and the babies out to a new town.  I’m open to suggestions, ideas, and advise.  But I’ve played the same five days three times now.  I’m sick of loading the game to rocking Flora, sand boxing Giles, and sleeping everyone else.

But – I got a new computer out of the deal so… yay?

I think I’m going to go play with the Lightnings now.  Their save file was half a gig, and the Zales used up most of my 8GB thumb drive.  I’m sure you forgive me.  Feel free to revisit how awesome the new pics look.

Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

14 thoughts on “More Nothing Happens 8.4.6

  1. Sweetribz-->Briana :3

    Oooh geeze. Do you have mods? If not, you might want to download Twallan’s errortrap or overwatch? I’ve witnessed(vicariously through other writers’ games) how it clears out stuck Sims, vehicles and animals. If the file is that large. Geeeeeze… :/ maybe clear caches? Create a new copy of the save? -shrugs unhappily-

    1. Heather Post author

      No Mods, I don’t really want them, but I can’t really defend that position… But I have done something! You’ll have to read the next post to see though! 🙂

  2. zefiewings

    Wow…thats some suck.

    It sounds weird…but maybe try just making a new save. You know…’save as’ and make a new one. That way if its just a piece of corrupted data in the file itself it SHOULD save fresh over it.

    It’d still be big and probably a fresh start will be n order anyway, maybe just the heir in a new file, but it might help tied it over until then?

    1. Heather Post author

      I *have* tried something, and it’s working! Next post will let you know all about it! (And I’m working on said post right now!)

  3. laserkatt

    Well it’s definitely the save file then. It’s already been mentioned but make a new “Save as”, move them to a different town and if it doesn’t work (because I know you’re not that keen on CC) get Twallan’s Errortrap (and possibly also Overwatch. If you have nightlife it randomly spawns 24628376428 cars all over town, and overwatch removes them.) Anyway, I had a sim that would not age up for some reason, cake and cheating didn’t work and she also stopped going to bed, and NOTHING WORKED (because I tried pretty much everything) except ErrorTrap and I ended up feeling like a massive idiot for not trying it first.
    They are both ridiculously useful, so you have my vote for them as well.

  4. Echo Weaver

    Arrrgh! I guess you should have used .1 after all :-p

    That there’s a big save file.

    I take it from the comments that you don’t mod? I throw my vote in with Overwatch and, to a lesser degree, ErrorTrap. Pretty much all other mods add functionality. Those two fix game bugs and error corruption. They can make your game a whole lot more stable.

    Also, have you turned off memories? You don’t need a mod to do that. You can do it from Options.

    If I were you, I’d bit the bullet and move the family to a new town.

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha! That’s what I thought when I posted this too! Ha ha ha! Yeah, I turned off memories ages ago, firstly, I hated what that damned smiley did to my nice pictures, and second, I knew they could really bog things down.

  5. plumbawesim

    All my advice has already been said by the other commenters haha so I’ll just say I’m sorry your game is currently sucking 😦 I hope it gets fixed soon

  6. pinkfiend1

    That is one huge file. The Pink’s are only 140mb and you know how huge that house is.
    Twallen’s mods are brilliant. Although errortrap didn’t agree with my game. Turn off memories, I mean do you really use them anyway? Or download a mod to limit the memories that are stored.
    Save as is the best way to save cycle through about 4 numbers before going back over them. Didn’t realise anyone could go 5 days without saving. I can only go a day max. Although a standard is 6-12 sim hours. So save more regularly, and especially after big events like birthdays and building.
    If all else fails you could do a huge cull of the households in your town, that should shrink the size.
    But moving would be the quickest way.

  7. Miss Wingless

    Mmm…. that sucks :/ Well, hopefully you have solved it by now, cause I know that I get bored as well playing the same day over and over again… Not fun. But hey, your new computer does more justice to this family, which I like and the pictures looks still very pretty. Gonna be fun to see what the future holds, so I’m off to read some more :3


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