Birthdays, an Emperor of Evil, and We’re Off to University! 8.1

Hello there!  Welcome, welcome to another exciting installment of the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy!  Last time, not much happened, but Helen was skilling and we were killing time to age up the boys and get them outta the house!  OH!  But we did have a new baby!  David Brunson, born to Meredith and Giles arrived in the bathroom.  So yeah, let us discover what the Zales are up to now?

We begin with a SIM CHECK – just to see what everyone got up to when we last left them.  Giles is flexing his TCTBE trait and playing in the fall leaves.

Helen is repairing a broken sink.
I *think* she needs handiness for her law enforcement career, so she spends a lot of time fixing things!

Shelley and Flora are standing around in the dining room.

And Meredith is off in the laundry nook!

Harold is being an adorable and doting big brother.
Taking good care of David.

Hal is standing around in the hedge maze.
Looking kind of adorable.

Moments later, I spot a singed elder!
That’s Helen there taking care of David, and the signed elder is Shelley!  She was struck by lightning!

As you can see from the lighting above, a full moon is on the rise, so we have some zombies…
..contemplating the weather.

Flora:  Aw, look at the cute little zombie visiting my house.

The Zombies then continued to harass Flora until the sun came up.  Thanks undead jerkfaces.

It’s Spooky Day!  And nearly everyone rolled a wish for the Fall Festival, so we’re off!

Oh.  No.  We’re not.
Everyone bunched up at the front door so long that the action cancelled, and Flora passes out due to zombie related sleeplessness.   Fail.

So we’ll just leave her home with the infant, and send everyone else (again)
I’m sure she’ll wake up soon.  Parenting Zale style – leave grandma asleep on the porch and head off to the park!  Wee!

OH YEAH, I forgot I made this car Helen’s.

To the Festival in STYLE!

Helen, being brave, wanted to tackle the haunted house.
She got his moodlet!
funny helen
Ha!  Cute.

Meredith, Harold, Hal and a Townie bob for apples!

Looks like fun!

Harold got one!

And won!
Harold won!
Alright Harold!

Still-Scorched Shelley, Helen and another Townie enter a pie eating contest!

And they’re OFF!

The other two needed to come up for air, but Helen is still at it!

Adorable!  And kind of gross!  😀

The Townie quit!  A Zale will win!

Awesome moonrise over pie.
Then they both quit too, and no one won.  Aw 😦

I saw a negative fifty buckaroos float away, and discovered that Giles had gone for a face painting!
I think he got a handprint turkey.  Interesting.  Anyway, I didn’t know Sims could autonomously choose to get their face painted, so that was kind of cool.

Giles and Hal make some friends

And then it’s time to go home!  I love the Festival, it’s fun and entertaining, but everyone comes home exhausted and starving, or dirty, or needing a wee.  BUT!  We got an excellent portrait.
Sure, there’s no Flora, and Shelley is singed, but hey, it’s a day in the life of a Zale!

And fail number two for this post.
Giles couldn’t handle the excitement.  I like how Meredith is just standing there thinking about him.

Also!  We received a new gnome from our adventures in the haunted house!
I name her Miss Wingless!  I love the witch gnome!  What fun!

And to top off the day, Helen carves a Jack o’ Lantern.
*I have no idea why she’s in her bathing suit.

And as awesome as Helen is, it is apparent that carving isn’t one of her many skills.
Although I did suggest she carve a “silly” pumpkin, and that mess up there is indeed, a little silly, so perhaps success?

I love Harold’s face up there.  Too cute.

Harold blows out his candles first:
Don’t mind random teenager, she keeps following Hal around.  I didn’t take note of her name.

Hal blows out his candles too!
Helen and Giles cheer for him!

Harold actually birthdays up first – SPARKLE SHOT!

And he looks adorable!
But a LOT like Graham to me, so a quick spin through CAS, and I give you:
Harold Zale!  He rolls and is now a brave, light sleeping, ambitious yet hot-headed Sim with commitment issues.  I thought he needed facial hair to differentiate himself from Graham somewhat.  I really like him!  ❤

Hal gets to go next!Screenshot-41
Hal gets to roll too (both boys were actually on the honor roll!) and adds artistic to couch potato, star quality, kleptomaniac and evil.
He’s keen on his new look!  And to be honest, so am I!  A quick trip through CAS to fix his clothing and I proudly present to you Hal Zale!
And yes, I know that “Hal” is often used as a nickname for “Harold” so they boys really have the SAME name, but I totally don’t care.  They were supposed to be girls.

BUT WAIT!  There was a third cake!
It’s David’s birthday too!

We can’t forget floor baby!

Tada!  David Brunson the Toddler!

After a quick makeover, we have David in his outerwear looking adorable!
His mouth is kind of weird.  Must be Meredith’s?

I was clicking down the portrait panels to make sure no one was stuck on “Birthday Party” and I discovered that Shelley and Flora are 92 and 91 days old.  Shelley has 83,472 LTH, and Flora 118,045.  They’re going to die soon 😦

And without further ado, we kick out Hal and Harold.
See ya boys!

Then, I noticed something fancy about Sir Giles who had gone off to work.  The progress bar is all the way full!  So I spend the next several SimHours staring at his place of business.  I WILL catch those points!
He’s OUT!  Oh wait, that 10k is from a wish I’d locked in for him ages ago to reach level ten of the career track.

But I capture the reward!  YAY ME and this TERRIBLE picture.  Is that a foosball table?  Outside the criminal lair?  Fascinating.

Giles makes EoE!

My first ever Emperor of Evil!  Not just in the Zales, but EVER IN MY PLAYING HISTORY!
TCTBE for sure.

Then a quick glance at Flora and Shelley, since they’re going to die soon.
They’re sweet, and spooning.

Speaking of death (were we?)
Founder sighting!  HI ABRAHAM AND ANGELICA!  ❤

I then stalked Giles all over trying to catch him glowing, and LOOK!
He looks as surprised by it as I was! HA HA HA!

He also REALLY wanted to compliment Meredith’s appearance…
…but she REALLY needs to pee.

However, Giles was undeterred!  And proceeded to compliment her anyway.
They are occasionally autonomously romantic! Hurrah!

And then!
Helen off to Uni
It’s time for University!

See you at Sims U, sweet Helen!
How cute is she?  Just saying.

OMGoodness, speaking of cute, look at Shelley seeing her off!
Now THAT, is adorable.

Flora too!
Aww… ❤

Helen snags a fancy room in the dorm!

And that’s all for now!  Join us next time for Helen’s adventures in higher learning!  Come back soon, and Happy Simming!

13 thoughts on “Birthdays, an Emperor of Evil, and We’re Off to University! 8.1

  1. zefiewings

    also cute face at the zombies, your TCTBE man being the first emperor of evil. lol

    Oh noes! I love those cute old ladies! They are not aloud to go anywhere! 😡

    1. Heather Post author

      I know… I’m concerned to play again, because it’s going to be pretty terrible. I hope they go close together, they’ve been together since their PROM.

  2. roserainboweve

    OKAY, I’m finally caught up! I disappeared off the radar for a while because to be honest I simply have too many hobbies. TOO MANY! But I was happy to get reacquainted with the Zales and see what was going on in their Sim-world! Congratulations on your first ever Emperor of Evil! I’ve had two… no, three evil Sims and I think Sunshine got to level 9 of her career then died. 😦 I’m okay with Flora and Shelley passing, it seems like they’ve been around for quite a while. Helen is cute but I think Giselle was still prettier, makes me kind of sad I voted for Giles back in the heir poll. Hal looked a lot like his jerkface father but I liked him and Harold too. I’m kinda sad that little David didn’t get an H name 😦 I’m looking forward to Helen’s adventures at uni and I-name babies! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      Yay! Hi and welcome back! Too many hobbies sounds like a good thing to me! Thanks about my EoE! Yes, Flora and Shelley HAVE been around forever, but I think that’s part of the reason why it’ll be so sad. They’re a fixture in the Zale house! Giselle is very beautiful, but I think Helen has a more unique look, so I’m excited to see her offspring. So glad you’re back in the Simverse! Will we see an update from you? ❤

      1. roserainboweve

        Thank you! ❤ 😀 It's good to be back! I have a save file going with A LOT of babies, so I've been hesitating to play it for a while. Reading your blog and others though has made me feel like playing again so I think an update will come by the end of the week for sure!

  3. Miss Wingless

    😀 Giles is indeed TCTBE!! ^^ Aww and the kids… just adorable. And uni with the next TH, gonna be exciting!! Awwie, cute gnome there :3 And seriously it’s so fun to see the Zales in Monte Vista and every townie that shows up. That was Paloma, that elder lady in the pie eating contest. She kept pestering my sims for a date… *shudder* but so fun to see and I really, really don’t want Flora and Shelley to die yet… 😦 They are so cute and and… meh… Awwie…

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I liked all the kids too! And yes! Helen has some fun at Uni! Funny about Paloma! Shelley and Flora make it a bit longer… well, I know that Flora does for sure! You’ll just have to read to find out! ❤ Thanks for reading!

  4. somebodysangel13

    Parenting, Zale style. I love it! Haha, Giles has a TCTBE trait, and yet still makes Emperor of Evil. Ah, sims. Be careful around Good sims, though, they will HATE that red glow. I had one who lost a BF relationship with his daughter because of it 😦 They seem to lose friendship whenever they see that glowing sim, regardless of any interactions. Very annoying, albeit realistic.

    Festivals! Great family outing *makes note for Maloneys* Seasons really did bring a whole bunch of awesome stuff aside from the weather. Eating contest FTW! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quit the contest, how strange. Who can win if you all quit??

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I think Meredith was good, and it CRUSHED their relationship. I really liked it though. But once was enough for me. I LOVE the festivals. I think they’re one of the coolest things about TS3. Yes, though – it was very strange that they all quit.


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