Helen is Here (Somewhere) 8.0

Hey hey kids!  Welcome back to the Zale Family!  The interwebs favorite Sim Blog in all the Universe*  Last time stuff happened, and we saw Giles’ butt through a very entertaining glitch!  Let’s see what those ZANY Zales get up to this time!

We begin, with Helen, as she’s the new TH, and this is her first chapter!
She will be heading to University, so we want to build some skills.  I only want to go ONE TERM, so I want our aptitude test to be spectacular.  SKILL ON LITTLE HELEN!

But to get us all reacquainted with the Zales, we have to SimCheck.  We begin with HAL.  Being terrible just like his rhyming namesake, and terrible father AL.
He goes around smashing Giles and Meredith’s lovey dovey sand makings.  Aw.  😦

Harold (the adorable and boring forgotten Sim) goes for a spin on the waterslide!
Good Luck!

Meredith is captured in the midst of hand washing…
…One can’t help where the Zale SimCheck catches you!  I love neat Sims, they actually wash their hands after using the restroom.

Shelley talks to Hal, who is done smashing sandcastles, and Flora is reading!

After Meredith has finished her bathroom hygiene, she plays some video games.
Sammy, Zefie and Julia watch.  HI GNOMEFRIENDS!

I almost forgot to SimCheck Giles… he was busy sleeping…
…Even though it’s the middle of the day, and he wasn’t remotely tired.  I already miss micromanaging him.  If he’s going to reach his LTW, he *just* needs to make it to work, He has mostly smiley faces and a couple flat faces, and only needs ONE MORE promotion.  So if he just ATTENDS, we’ll reach his LTW of “Emperor of Evil” which I’m very much looking forward to!  I’ve read that he’ll start glowing red!  We’ll see how he does!

What’s new with Meredith?
Why the incredibly unexpected, and long awaited Nooboo!  There’s a new baby on the way!  Half sibling of the TH, but I’m still excited, I hope you are too!

But back to Helen, who again is busy skilling to try to earn herself a single term at university…
…well, such is the life of a TH who needs handiness skills.  PLUNGE ON, HELEN!

Skillin’ and Wish Fullfillin’ ain’t easy
Keep at it, Helen, I’m sure you’ll find that stink potion eventually (SPOILER: She didn’t.)

But she does get to use the Sonic Shower, so that’s always remotely entertaining…
…she face-planted when she was finished, but at least she isn’t singed anymore.  YAY!

And then I went looking for the incense the Zales had purchased during their glitchy, glitchy travels, only to discover that they are not in the Family Inventory or anyone’s personal inventory.  Boo.  BUT!  While I was there, I discovered something fun!

I hereby decided that Helen MUST be the proud owner of the Day Care Van, and will have it as her preferred vehicle.
She’s off to the library to skill some more!

While there, we find Giselle, Gwen & Graham!
Giselle appears to be brining imaginary food into the library.  And I thought GWEN was the crazy one.

Then some random fairy froze our sweet Giselle!
On the plus side, she is no longer carrying invisible food.  So thanks?  😐

Why hello to you too, Graham!
You’re adorable and I miss having you in the house!

Meanwhile, Hal is too busy hanging out with this girl…
…who’s name I cannot remember and didn’t write down…

…to realize that he’s out after curfew!  So of course…
…Hal gets rounded up by Monte Vista’s finest!  He would.  He is Alejandro’s son through and through.

At the house, Shelley is just standing around, waiting to pass out.

Flora too…

And one very pregnant and adorable Meredith is on her way to the fridge!

Once Hal arrives home, Giles lays down the law about brining POLICE to the Zale house.
He IS a career criminal after all!  We can’t have the police snooping around now can we?

Giles:  That boy is NEVER going to graduate unless he pulls his act together…
…but yelling at him is fun, I should do that more often 🙂

So we haven’t seen Harold in a bit, but he’s still here.
Adorable, forgotten, and hungry.


Poor thing.

Meredith appears to be entering her “nesting” phase, and has just finished scouring a sink, throwing away rotten fridge food, and is now doing laundry!
I love you Meredith!

Meredith:  Yeah… You’re welcome…

So wait, who’s TH?  HELEN?  Why haven’t we seen her??
Well, because she’s boring and all she does right now is skill and meet her needs, and unless you wanted to watch her pee or sleep or eat… well.. that’s all she’s up to right now.  We have an aptitude test to take, and I want her to rock it!  Besides, there will be lots of Helen time when she heads off to University!

Back at Casa de Zale, however, things are FAR more exciting!  It’s BABY TIME!

So where’s the daddy?
In the backyard chatting up his friend Boyd.
Giles: Yeah man, that’s right a HOME birth!  I think that’s what she wanted…

How about the rest of the house?
Well, Shelley has decided she lives here now.

Flora is doing the school cheer…
…which is SO OBVIOUSLY more important than the birth of her fifth grandchild.  😐

Harold is asleep…
…and I’m 85% certain that is not his bed.

And Hal is half way across the world hanging out on someone’s slide.
(sorry so dark) He’s obviously looking for his second arrest here…

Poor, poor Meredith!
Meredith: I have to have this baby here?  At home?

Meredith: Alone in a bathroom? 😀

Glad that makes you happy?

Well!  It’s A BOY!  He’s kinda an H, as he’s Giles’ fourth son, but I decided that Meredith, after giving birth alone in a bathroom, and ignored by EVERY SINGLE ZALE, would name the baby herself.Screenshot-36
I pull up a random name generator, and this little blue burrito is named David.  (Which is six kinds of creepy because a long ago ex of mine was named David Meredith, and this baby is Meredith’s named David… *sings twilight zone theme*)  He’s pretty special because we all wanted him to happen.  He rolled couch potato and heavy sleeper.  He sounds pretty lazy to me!

**Giles may not have even known Meredith was pregnant – I never saw them together during her pregnancy, but he rolled THIS:
get married giles
As SOON as the baby popped out!

Our Meredith and her son…
…seeing how Meredith is not a Zale, David’s full name is David Brunson.  And I approve.  Sweet Meredith and her son.  ❤

Meredith rolled something too!
meredith too
I wish they had specified each other – I find their relationship confusing.  They LIKE each other, and they’re ATTRACTED to each other – but they don’t seem to want to be together?  I can’t stage a perfect wedding, but I don’t think I’ve used Meredith’s adult action?  Her LTW is to be a spectacular firefighter – I can’t remember what it’s called, but that’s something she can’t even attempt as an “idiot” so I didn’t have her get a job… I wonder if their relationship is high enough?  I’ll look into it… Ideas readers?  Cheat a wedding for Meredith and Giles?  Or just let it go?  I’m not sure what I want – so if you have any opinion, let me know.

Giles, also rolled this wish, the second his son was born.
text a nooboo
I mean, who doesn’t find out about their child and INSTANTLY want to text it?  David doesn’t even know he has thumbs yet, let alone how to unlock an iPhone.

Elsewhere in Zale land, Hal is going for his second arrest.
another arrest for Hal

She’s home from the library, and I’m sick of just skilling with her, so LET’S TAKE THE TEST!

Good luck, Helen!

Helen’s test is brought to you by, Hal’s arrest, and support from viewers like you.
Not that you can see him, but Hal Zale is building a rap sheet early!  It’s kind of tragic really – his abusive father’s nasty attitude and his criminal father’s taste for breaking the law.  I’m not sure Hal had a chance.

But Helen is still working on her aptitude test…
…and speaking of the abusive father, that is DEFINITELY Alejandro’s nose.

But on Helen?  It’s adorable.

I cannot WAIT to send her off to university and actually get to focus on the one Sim I can control.

How was the test you ask?
we fail
Not good enough, we totally fail and I’ll have to send her for two terms.  But it’s okay!  She was boring and neglected while I forced her to skill, and I’m glad it didn’t work as well as I’d thought, because we will have a TON of fun getting to know her (and find her a spouse!!) over at Sim University.

BUT!  We’re not heading off just yet – the boys are only a few days from YA, and then we can kick them out, and we have a baby to get to know!  So come back soon, there’s fun stuff on the horizon for the Zale Clan’s 8th (you read that right, 8th) generation!

Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING! ❤

*statistics created through SimLogic and may or may not have any real value.

9 thoughts on “Helen is Here (Somewhere) 8.0

  1. pinkfiend1

    I kept thinking the whole entry you misnaming Hal. I’m going mad.
    Have you seriously never had a Sim become Emperor of Evil?
    University in Sims 3 is actually fun. Although I’ve only been there for 2 terms so it hasn’t gotten tedious like Sims 2 did.

  2. zefiewings

    I want to say DO IT! GET THEM MARRIED! 😀
    But you know…it IS an ISBI…so if you are willing to cheat then go for it but if you don’t want to then don’t.
    Awwww baby! ^.^
    It’s fun that my gnome loves to watch people play video games. I do too.
    I can’t believe you are on the 8th gen!
    I’m ALMOST ready to start my 2nd.
    (I’m thinking I hope be done by sims 4 like I wanted 😦 )

    1. Heather Post author

      I also want to be done by TS4 – but there’s SO MUCH left, I’m not sure if I’ll make it! Your gnome loves the TV and video games! Yeah, I’m not going to cheat a wedding – but I have half an idea, we’ll have to see if I remember it when the time comes, ha ha!

  3. Miss Wingless

    Oh a little burrito boy! 😀 SO cute he is, their sweet little child. And wow, Hal really have become the bad apple in the family. Did he take his father’s leave that hard? Oh Helen, gonna be fun to see what happens to her later :3 I’m gonna like her a torchholder once I have read more about her time to shine. But very sure I like her 🙂 And so fun to see a few familiar faces around 😀 Like, like very much this one does! ^^


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