A lot of Stuff and Giles’ Butt 7.9

Well HI!  Welcome back!  Sorry it took me a bit longer than usual.  I actually, for the first time since September, had free time and didn’t want to play with my Zales.  But that passed quickly enough, and a fun new adventure awaits!

But first, dear Zefie had wanted to use a couple of my spares in her FANTASTIC adventures in a Cultracy over on Through the Plumbob.  She had requested Drake and Breanne.  I thought I’d be able to find Drake, and that Breanne would be a long shot, but surprise surprise!  I had Breanne, but no Drake.

While checking old save files, I saw some familiar faces!
Not that you could see his face…

In scary makeup.

❤  ❤  ❤

Such a cute kid.

And lastly, Leif!
Still my favorite ISBI Spouse.

OOH, I almost forgot!  Breanne!  The reason I was in the save file to begin with!
She was an “Adult” and had lost all the clothes I’d dressed her in, so a quick run through CAS, and I give you, BREANNE ZALE!
I hope she has lots of fun over with Karla and her kin.

I’m sorry I didn’t have Drake for you, Zefie. 😦

NOW!  Onward to TODAY’S Zales!  **Warning – there is a butt.

We begin with a promotion!
Promoted Giles
Oooh, an Evil Sidekick.  You go, Giles.

Hank is getting ready for school.

Hungry Harold is heading downstairs for a bite

Helen is rising and shining!

Shelley does laundry, like she likes to do…

And Flora is pouting because no one wants to “enthuse about fishing” with her.

Now then, you’re reacquainted with the household.  First thing we do after checking on everyone is invite over Meredith!
Giles wants to tell her about his new promotion!
She was as sweet and supportive as ever.

We couldn’t find a “roommate” option, so we just move her in!  Well, we ask first!

Of COURSE she says yes!
And LOL her face.

Welcome to the household, Meredith Brunson!
Meredith Joins the Zales
She is brave, neat, family oriented, daredevil and friendly!  She has amazing traits, and it makes her do cool things, but you’ll see a bit more of that later.  She has also mastered handiness and cooking.  Good for her!

When left alone, Giles and Meredith do this:
Because that’s what Giles and Meredith do.  Funny Sims!

And YET!  I discovered something very important!
They’re attracted to one another!  They both have this moodlet when in each other’s company.  I feel better about pushing that kiss now 🙂

Giles had rolled a wish for that chemistry table.
but he might want to rethink that hobby.

Meredith and Giles are adorable beyond all reason.

And Meredith uses the pool!  I think she’s the first Sim since Gwen jumped in with her clothes on ages ago to use the pool!
Too cute!

OOOH!  Look what Giles rolled!!!
Woohoo is right!
Well, we jump right on that but…

They’re unable to get busy with a kid watching.

Stupid Hank.
Quit gawking and go back inside.

Back over in the hot tub, I think both of them look a LITTLE bit spooky…
…Maybe it’s the steam?  Yeah, that’s it… the steam.  (seriously, don’t stare at Giles too long, it’ll freak you out)

Giles isn’t the only one rolling romantic wishes now!
Meredith Wants Smoochies

It isn’t all hot tub snuggles and smoochies, however…
neither Meredith or I even knew he was home.  He scared us both, I’d say.

It is a rainy Saturday in Casa de Zale, so let’s SIM CHECK!
Meredith is chatting online.

Well!! Shelley and Flora are showing the love!
I’m so glad I Sim Check caught them!  Usually I just seem them puttering around completely independent of one another.  But they’re still in love!

Giles needs logic now, so he’s practicing chess.

Hank is playing video games.

So is Hal, while Helen watches and is very supportive.
Helen:  *thoughtfully*  Hmm, you play like rubbish!

Harold practices his life skills.
You know.  Doors.

Since it was raining, Shelley was stir crazy, and I was bored with them wandering around the Zale Estate, I thought we’d all go see a movie!
It was sunny however, by the time they made it to the theatre.

Of course this is The Sims, so I couldn’t seem to invite everyone, the teens weren’t cooperating, and it took the adults so long to get in, that Helen had already finished the show and was outside.
See?  Meredith has just gone in, and Helen is finished.  Everyone liked the movie except Hal.  Figures.  They saw Corduroy Sunglasses.  It was an “indie” film.

After the movie and back at the house, it was homework and snack time for Hal and Meredith.
I like Hal’s outfit.

Then Meredith and Hank spot the loungers I put in the backyard the day they moved in!
Meredith: Hey baby!
No.  😐

Aw, Giles and Meredith romance by the piano!

I left Giles unattended for about three seconds, and I found him in the sandbox again!
I wonder what his fascination is with that thing?  Oh well, it’s cute as heck.

I then spot more people using the loungers!
I then deduce that because it is “Leisure Day” they must be drawn towards things you can “relax” in?  Weird.

And someone had kicked the flamingo.

Giles and I are constantly picking it back up.
I’d leave it down, but it looks sad.  But when we pick it up, it gets kicked!

I couldn’t find any of my Sims, and now I know why!
They were all on the bottom of the pool, lost in their thoughts.

Meredith whooped all the others, and held her breath far longer!
She then had an “adrenaline rush” from winning, and RACED around the house at warp speed while CLEANING UP THE LOT.  I’m telling you, neat and daredevil make for one epic house keeper.  It was fantastic.

Peaceful as the Zales have been, with the departure of ex-husband Alejandro, it has come to an end.
Hal, if you slap her, I’m kicking you out.

(he didn’t)

Meredith and Helen!
My two favorite girls right now!  Hi there!

Hank discovered the chemistry station.
It went well I see.

Shelley is still walking around in her swimsuit, and it’s been a couple days since they all went swimming on Leisure Day…
…So I sell the rocking chair.  Now she’ll at least have to put on pajamas to sleep.

I capture a cute little breakfast between Giles and Harold.

After Giles’ shower, I spot him with a lovely new hair color.
With four teenagers in the house, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more!

Giles, Giles, Giles.  You look like an idiot.
Screenshot-47I hope you get promoted soon, that outfit sucks.

Clicking down their panels to see what they’re up to, I discover that Hank has rolled the Super Popular LTW while sleeping.  Locked it in.
I think it looks like the bed is engulfing him.

NOTE:  OMG THIS POST IS SO BORING.  I TOOK TOO MANY STUPID PICTURES.  Actually, I took too many notes, and then needed a picture and THIS HAS HAPPENED.  Oh well, it gets better.  Eventually.

Aliens paid us a visit!
But no one investigated the light phenomenon.

Yay!  Giles got promoted again!
more promotions
Which is GREAT, new outfit!

And when Giles got promoted, his evil son Hal rolled the Master Thief LTW, and his good daughter Helen rolled “International Super Spy”
I think that’s adorable.

Oh, then Harold heard me and ALSO rolled International Super Spy, which I NOW think he’s just a copy cat.
I title this piece: Two spy wannabes on a bus.

Meredith does more warp speed house cleaning.
I love her.

Her reward for all her hard work?  The sandbox!

Giles autonomously joined her.
Are they not too cute?  I think they are.  It has to be true love.  The octopus told me.

Then we have some birthdays!

It’s Meredith’s adult, and Hank and Helen’s young adult!

Considering I wanted girls, this picture is adorable and makes me happy!
Hal:  Yeah.  Happy. Toot.

Hank went first, and was doing well enough in school to roll!  He gets supernatural skeptic, which joins slob, nurturing, excitable, and clumsy.
He looks almost exactly the same!

Helen is next!

Helen ALSO gets to roll (wow, good little Simmies) and adds perfectionist to natural born performer, couch potato, light sleeper, and brave.
She’s pretty special!

Meredith’s turn!

Um wow.  She certainly aged!
Oh well, still love her to pixels.

Hank gets a run through CAS…

Then it’s ADIOS HANK!

Helen also has a makeover…
I adore her, very much.

NOW, I know she’s the next TH, and now she’s a young adult, but I’ll wait until graduation to pass the torch.

What happens next made me laugh SO HARD.  Giles heads off to work.
But he appears to be forgetting something!  HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Remember, I have no mods or anything, it’s just a glitch!  He took a shower, and well – decided to air dry.  I have never seen a naked Simmie in my games before!  I was dying!

I just let him go off to work like that…

Oh wait, it gets better, then I get the pop up about his one year anniversary and how his coworkers threw him a party!  HA!  AND HE WAS NAKED!

Ahem.  I’m okay now.  But it was REALLY amusing.  He arrived home in the buff, but I take pity on him.
Besides, being naked all day has made him very hungry.

Well well, what do we have here?

Why nothing at all!  Just an at home graduation!
I have no idea why she didn’t got to city hall, but I’m fine with it, it’s annoying as heck anyway.


Oh wait, I mean TADA!
She IS a natural born performer, after all.  And thus begins Helen’s rein as TH.

That’s all for now!  I hope you all come back again real soon!  Cheers and Happy Simming!  ❤

15 thoughts on “A lot of Stuff and Giles’ Butt 7.9

  1. Sammy-Sama

    omg aww, I love Giles and Meredith to bits! I think they’re acting like love-struck teens and that makes it so much cuter haha.
    Giles walking around naked made me think of Vincent. He did the exact same thing but he did it EVERY TIME HE SHOWERED! It was super awkward when he started hanging out with his grandkids and his son-in-law haha. I would have found it funnier if he went to work naked. Singing live in the buff xD
    I can’t wait for the next chapter, I hope Meredith is pregnant! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I did not know Vincent wandered around naked that much! I wonder what causes it! I hope it happens again! HA HA HA, oh man, I was laughing so hard. Seriously good stuff. What on earth makes you think Meredith might be pregnant? o.O 😀

  2. Val

    Yay! Hope there will be more Romantic Interactions with Meredith and Giles on free will, though it hasn’t really been so far. Hope she’s preggers, though! Can’t wait for Helen’s generation!

    1. Heather Post author

      I haven’t seen a lot of freewill cuteness from them, well, that’s not true, they’re adorable all the time, but not a lot of freewill ROMANCE. So we’ll have to see what happens, now that Giles is out from under my rule. I’m looking forward to Helen too! 😀

  3. pinkfiend1

    I hope Meredith is pregnant too! I thought when you said you wouldn’t pass the torch until graduation that it meant you were going to sneak a pregnancy in real quick.
    What’s her LTW?
    Looking forward to Helen’s rule.

  4. plumbawesim

    Aw this was such a cute chapter 🙂 Glad Helen is finally TH, hope she makes you proud.
    Also, I’m SO GLAD Meredith got moved in. And now that Hank has moved out there’s room for a nooboo 😉
    Giles’ nakedness made me LOL so hard. That’s happened to my Sims before too, for some reason there was a glitch and his birthday suit was his career wear. It was an interesting time hahaha.
    Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha ha! You know, that might’ve been Giles’ career wear come to think of it. And yes! There was room for a nooboo! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

  5. laserkatt

    I CHANGED MY MIND. This is the best title ever \o/ ❤

    Harold practices his life skills. You know. Doors.

    HAHAHAHA brilliant :'D I can see he is destined for greatness.

  6. Miss Wingless

    Oh god, that nice piece of ass on Giles!! XP Woah!!! It was really nice to see the older Zales again, just for a short time 🙂 And the sandbox, it’s just so super adorable that they sit in it and play, mostly Giles. His sandbox!! :3 “Practice life skills”…. Lolz!! And his face = blanko so it made it even more fun to read and see for me XP This was great! (L)

  7. somebodysangel13

    LOL. Just…LOL. Awesome chapter. Harold and life skills – I swear a previous generation of Zales did something about How to Door…a book or presentation or something? Harry needs to see/read it.

    Ooh, gorgeous butt, Giles. Of course it had to be the well-built sim, good glitch EA! I’ve only ever had naked grandparents, which is not nearly so enjoyable to look at.

    1. Heather Post author

      Wasn’t that so funny! I loved Giles’ butt! ha ha ha ha! I had never seen a naked Simmie in my own playing, so I was rather entertained! And oh those Zales and Doors… so hard. So very hard.


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