Maybe It’s Over 7.4

Hi!  Welcome back!  Last time a trip to the future yielded some not-girls against all our hopes and wishes, and Giles & Alejandro welcomed two new boys to the house – Hal & Harold.  Maybe things go a little differently today.  Read on!

With the aftermath of the not-girls birthday party everywhere, Shelley shows some love for the little Hal.
Hal: The thought bubble!  It hurts!

The family and the new butler eat the not-girls cake outside in the rain.

Spying the new butler, I remember I needed to give her a quick trip through CAS.
Here is Meredith B.  Brunson or something.  She may or may not have had some “work done” to make her face less boring.  I love her little work-over, and she’s lovely.

While watching them eat in the rain, I spot none other than Zefie, Sammy, Pink and Amy mourning the death of another gnome.
His name is also “Mysterious Mr. Gnome” we seem to have a lot of dead gnomes around that I didn’t realize existed.  Oops.

Hey there Giles, you’re looking especially evil in the full moon glow…
…and your criminal work attire.

Hey there Helen – that’s not your bed.

Hey there Hank – that’s not your bed either.

Oh Helen, you’re lucky I adore you.  Because now you’re not sleeping AND preventing Flora from sleeping.

Giles was checking the mail, paying the bills and fulfilling his constant wishes for undermining charities when this appears…
Sneaky Butler Love
…Hmm, Meredith has a little thing for Giles.  I did just remake her to be extra awesome.  And she obviously likes him – what do you think, readers?

I decide it would be just rude not to write back…
…so with her standing right behind him, dripping from her work taking care of the family, Giles writes her back.

Real sly, buddy.

They catch each other’s eye as they pass in the halls, going about their family duties.

Thanks to the playpen and the walker, the boys can walk and talk, so that just leaves potty training for the not-girls.  Hal first.

Meredith finds any excuse to be near Giles…
…And she can’t take her eyes off him.  (*Note: I have no idea why she doesn’t butler in her butler outfit, but I’m happy I made her such cute clothes!)

TCTBE with Hal.  I love it.

Almost finished with Harold!
The not-girls are now fully skilled!


Most of the family is in the family room (fitting) and even Alejandro is being nice.
But maybe just because he’s hungry…

Grandma Flora loves Helen.
Helen loves her right back! ❤

Hank is pretty darn cute too – even if he asks for bedtime stories, refuses to sleep, and then makes his way to the tree house as a last ditch attempt, but all he REALLY needs to do is GO TO HIS BED AND CLOSE HIS EYES.  Ahem.  Cute:

Then I heard the lovely sound that cues a broken thing – and I went to find Meredith and she was ALREADY on it.

Thanks Al!
That might actually help her not die!

(Note:  What happens if the butler dies while on the job?  Does the agency send another one?)

Shelley proves she loves the not-girls just as much as if they were girls.

Harold is actually alarmingly cute sometimes.

Speaking of cute…
… Just sayin’.

These two were laughing and joking out in the rain…
The screen capture kind of sucks, as they both look a little ill, but it was REALLY cute.

Giles, after rolling a wish to chat with someone… decides to give it a shot.
They talk about purple and violet colored squares and all goes swimmingly.  I refused to look at her traits/favorites in CAS, so I learn she likes violet, and that she is a friendly, neat, daredevil.

Anyone else?

Al’s adult birthday is in just a couple SimDays, if he has a midlife crisis, and rolls a wish to divorce Giles, I will pursue this (heck, I might do it anyway – no promises here)  The little relationship built itself, and I wasn’t expecting it.  I tweaked with Meredith just so she wasn’t a faceone.

But do you SEE HER?!?
And remember, she can fix a hot tub, wearing heels.

Then Giles rolled this:
Friends First
And I found it so endearing.  Friends first.  GOOD friends.

But HEY, the rest of those zany Zales are running around here somewhere.  FAMILY CHECK:
Bless you, Helen and Shelley.
(NOTE!: A few hours later, Helen was in Hank’s bed asking for a story, so apparently this wasn’t good enough and she didn’t go to sleep.)

As for Hal:
That is not his bed, and he doesn’t appear to be tired.

These two, I initially captioned “Not as successful” – referring to Helen and Shelley’s aforementioned bedtime story victory, but that was before I found them all up, exhausted, or in the wrong bed again a few hours later.
So yeah, you’re all idiots.

And what about Harold?
Man, I thought I sold both of those things, but he’s SUPER CUTE.  Every time I click on Harold I find him doing something super cute.  For being a not-girl blonde, I’m a little bit fond of him.  Shh.

OH, and I almost forgot Al.  Here he is, missing an arm and contemplating the piece of bread he just ate.
Riveting.  (I don’t like you.)  We have watched Al slap FLORA, ERIK, and his husband Giles.  He’s a jerk, no matter how you slice it.

Is it just me?  Or do they look distant?
(Or maybe it’s the fact that jerkface Al is refusing to look at his husband.)

I’m sorry Giles, I guess he doesn’t want to talk to you.
I had Giles “Chat” with Al just to see what would happen.  For some reason the action cancelled, so I selected it again, and Giles sat in the seat next to Al, and they sat and barely spoke.

And Meredith walks in, watching Giles.
Meredith looks at Giles every time she walks into a room and he’s there.  Meredith to Giles, Giles to Al.

…aware that his husband is talking to him, turns his back and walks away.

Al? Giles was talking…

Maybe it’s over.

… …
Maybe it’s just beginning…

And that’s all for now!  Let me know if you have any ideas/opinions regarding what happened this play session!  I  had NO intention of this happening.  I opened my game to the after party and cake eaters, and remembered to remake Meredith.  While I was remaking her I thought to myself “man, you’ve spent more time on her than most of the spares combined”, but I had no idea things would go the way they did.  But I also never mess with spare faces and such, but since she was a faceone, I took liberty on making her more unique.  So yeah.  I am just as surprised as you are, so let me know what you think!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

16 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Over 7.4

  1. Sammy-Sama

    I want a love-baby with Meredith right now! MAKE IT HAPPEN! Her genes would mix so well with Giles’! >w<
    I can't wait for the next chapter to see if you can make it happen! 😀

  2. Val

    Meredith would be nice for Giles! Al /is/ a total d-bag. And you never know, maybe Meredith has strong girl-making genes! Just a thought 😉

  3. zefiewings

    Who are we to argue with what the sims want?
    It’s strange how little things sneak into the game subtly. After all, the interaction was just a ‘chat’ but how Al reacted was…sad. How do you argue that? I say, let fate take them! Let them continue to make their own destiny! See how the wishes and interactions make it.

  4. plumbawesim

    Awww I love Meredith (cough-maybe she can bring you another girl-cough) so I wouldn’t be opposed to a divorce.
    Weird how these things happen 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      My only problem with having Giles and Meredith have a baby is the house is full. We’d lose Alejandro after a divorce, but then we’d only have one slot, and I kind of feel like trying a couple more times, if we’re going to give this a proper go. Al could take the blonde boys with him – but that seems cruel to Hank and Harold, so be forced to go live with their mean father. Ideas?

      1. plumbawesim

        Hmm that does seem kind of mean..
        If you’re not opposed to dealing with mods for a temporary amount of time you could install twallen’s MC and portrait panel to allow for overstuffing…
        But I’d understand that mods aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.
        You could use the Age Up to NPC cheat on the toddlers but I don’t know if that would allow you to include more people in the house :/
        Or you could just edit in CAS and change one of the boys into a girl xD
        Whatever you do I’m sure it’ll be fine.

      2. plumbawesim

        Yeah! That’s right you could. You can even build a house or something right next door so it’s like they didn’t even leave.

  5. pinkfiend1

    I say see how the wishes take them, like Zefie. Only do what Giles wants. If he wants a divorce then go for a divorce. If he wants an affair go for an affai, but don’t force him to break up with Al and get with Meredith. Even if Al wants a divorce and you grant his wish (if you even look) Giles still may not want Meredith.
    Don’t move out Shelley and Stacy. Simple reasons. 1 They are awesome. 2 You would have two toddlers and two kids with only two adults.

  6. Miss Wingless

    Dump Al, get Meredith. It’s obvious that they fit better. *Pray it do happen* For your game knows the truth… do it… do it… do it…
    I agree that Harold seem to be very, super adorable cute most of the time and I like him… as well as everyone else in the family. And omg, the last picture…. Meredith, please don’t kill the child!! HE deserves to live!! >_< Freaky face…

  7. somebodysangel13

    Zomg, no wai, Giles actually looks evil in a picture! I didn’t think it was possible. He is still doing the cute smirk, though.

    I love Meredith! And yes, bring back the dark hair. I’m so over the blondes. I do love me some blue eyed blondes, but these sim idiots seem to have forgotten there are other hair colours in their genetics. Good thing Helen isn’t so stupid. Well, with the genetics, anyway. I will never understand the coding for the story thing. Aside from the fact that they should not *need* to be read a story before going to sleep, why does it not work half the time?? Is there a set time that they need to read, or something wrong with the books chosen? Biggest EA fail ever.

    Lol, that was a bit of a random mess of a paragraph. I do love Meredith, but I agree with zefie and Pink, let Giles’ wishes rule what you do. And if they do get divorced, I say let Al take whichever two boys he has the highest relationship with – even though Hal’s not blonde, he’s not as cute as Harry, so he could go.

    1. Heather Post author

      The bedtime stories are definitely a huge FAIL. I’d have thought they’d iron it out with a patch update… but NOPE. I hope you like the way the Giles, Al, Meredith thing goes!


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