Waiting for Death 7.2

Greetings and Salutations!  I hope everyone is enjoying their fine weekend!  Last time on Planet Zale, we were still missing Liz, Alejandro was a terrible Sim, we picked ourselves up some future babies, and had a LIVING great-grandparent, as Erik Zale lived to see his grandson engineer some future spawn.  Now, we’re in the middle of a terrible wind storm, and I might lose power, and this post, but I’m mentally and emotionally prepared for that to happen, so we’ll see!  Also, if you can tell from the title, this play session involved me MOSTLY just waiting for Erik to die.  I was trying to prepare myself.  Read on to see how that went…

We begin with Alejandro actually behaving nicely.
Yes.  You do have a nice pool.  I approve of this dialog.

Also, when I loaded the game, the new babies were still just laying on the lawn outside the future travel thingamabob, so I made up some bedrooms.  Here’s Hank’s!
It’s not the best picture, but I think it’s a very nice room indeed.  It was Gwen and Giselle’s.

And I made a room for Helen too!
I REALLY love her room.  It was Erik and Liz’s room – I have let Erik sleep in the pool house, but…

…Erik surprises no one, and immediately finds this:


Is this dude being nice again?
Are we going to have to start liking him again?
Hmm, maybe.  MAYBE.

Shelley then reaches cooking level two by tossing pizza like a ninja.
Now, I would put my own cooking skill above level two – but I have TRIED to toss pizza dough.  It is hard.  Just sayin’.

Adorable and sleepy Erik (who I am stalking because he’s going to die any moment) plays catch with Flora.
And Flora is also adorable.
And yay!  Holiday house lights!  Purple of course, because Giles!  Wait, is Giles TH?  Have we even SEEN HIM YET?!?

Oh Erik, you sweet, sweet Diva.
I’m going to miss you.  Very much.

Great-Grandfather Erik does nearly all of the parenting.
Even though he’s starving.  Hi burrito Hank!

Here’s the current state of the Zale kitchen.  It’s full of rotting and burnt food, and the fridge needs cleaning… but the maid?
She’s not cleaning that out…

…She’s helping herself to a bagel.

And as soon as she finishes the bagel (and cleans up a couple dishes…) we find her…
…choking on an empanada.  Sweet.  You’re terrible and the Zales hate you.  But Giles isn’t home when you’ve been around lately, so you’re still the maid.  (Giles? Who’s Giles?  Have we seen him yet?!?)

Shelley and Erik have a nice chat…
…about aliens.  (This photo brought to you by me stalking Erik around because he’s going to die.)

Alejandro is being cute and nice again.
Not sure how to feel about this Sim.  But I’m pretty damned sure I don’t like him.  However, playing with Helen in the swing is a good thing.

Flora was busy working on her science LTW and got singed at work!

And then I SWEAR I took a picture of Shelley and Erik holding babies up next to cakes, and they were making very bored and disinterested faces… but no… so now the next shot is this!

Flora is singed, and Giles (WHO?!?) has taken to wearing his graduation robes around when he’s not in his this-house-has-weird-indoor-outdoor-bits-that-make-me-wear-my-outerwear clothes.  But YAY!  Birthday!

Hank sparkles first!
Is he winking?  Fancy.

He’s BLONDE!  (NO MORE BLONDES!) but it’s okay because it’s a girl’s turn, so he’s not in the running.  Says me.  Right now.  I won’t even heir poll any boys.

Helen goes next and…
…holy heck!  Where’d she get the black hair?!?  I don’t know Alejandro’s heritage, but the last dark haired Zale was… well, Gustave, and then Evie and Evan… throw back?  She also has dark blue/green eyes.  But where’d she get that hair?

Shelley:  Don’t ask me…
Okay grumpy pants. I won’t.

And here we have little made over Hank!
I’m certain those are Alejandro’s eyes and nose.  I do not like Al’s eyes.  His nose is okay, I like that it’s unique without being ugly.  He’s cute though.  Toddlers are always cute.  Unless they’re Hicks toddlers, and then they’re terrifying.

Then we have Helen!
I have so few toddler hairstyles, so I did what I could.  This doesn’t do her justice, she’s lovely!  Do you see her eye color!  And YAY!  Not blonde!  I wanted some of Al’s hair color, since ALL of the Zales have been blonde or black haired, no browns or reds.  AT ALL EVER.  Well, there was Liz and Frond, and they were purple.  Doesn’t count.  Anyhoo…

Erik watches over his great-grandson.  Aw.
I love that picture.

Erik went up to Al to complain about art.  Sure, I agree that would be a VERY boring conversation starter.
Erik: Hey guy who married my grandson, you know what sucks?  ART.  I hate that crap!
Al: Um… that seems like some wasted energy to me.  But *YAWN* new topic please!

Alejandro goes from bored to… FLIRTY… and compliments Erik’s appearance.  AND I didn’t get the picture AGAIN.  But Erik recoiled and was “awkward”  Good man that Erik.  And Al is a weirdo.

Giles tries to do some skilling with the toddlers before his carpool arrives.
TCTBE!!!  (Too Cute To Be Evil – in case you forgot!)

And LOOK!  It’s GILES AGAIN!  I find it funny that I got this far before really even capturing the TH.  Do you guys even remember him?  Giles?  Evil hippie dude who won the heir poll?  Yeah…  That guy.

I love Giles.  I really do.  He rolls TONS of child wishes… snuggling, and aging up well… and sure, stealing candy, but what harm does that really do?  Infants and toddlers should not have giant lollipops stashed in their diapers.  If Giles wants to steal their diaper candy – good for him.  It’s really just good parenting.

Aw…  Toddlers are cute.
Skilling in their cheat objects.  In Helen’s super cute bedroom.

In case you were wondering about Flora and Shelley, they are still very much in love.
And just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary!  I also spotted Flora’s tattoo in this picture and remembered… GNOME OF THE WRIST!

I send Giles as soon as he got off work.  YAY!

Meanwhile at home, Flora is not very helpful.
Flora:  If only I could figure out why this baby is crying… *contemplates surroundings*
Hank: SOOO HUNGWY!!!!!!!!!!!  FWEEED MEEE!


It’s okay though, because Giles is home!
He loves his children.  Aw…

HEY AL!  Quit distracting the help!
He’s here to fix the computer, so leave him alone.  MAN you have a huge nose.  And weird eyes.

I just LOVE Helen’s room.
Giles may be about ready to pass out, but he’s still going to make sure Helen gets to bed.

Hey Erik?  You still alive?  Why so grumpy?

Erik:  I’m NOT!  o.O
You look scary buddy.  Are you doing okay?

And then it’s Snowflake Day!  So we hire a sitter and the adults head off to the winter festival!
Erik’s old, so it takes him a bit to catch up.

Giles arrives pretty hungry, so he buys some onion rings from this nice lady.

I can’t figure out what Erik is up to, so I locate him trapped behind this queue of people who cannot figure out how to enter the GIANT PARK, through the WIDE ENTERANCE.
Poor Erik is stuck in the back, so I’m afraid he’ll never be able to get in…

Turns out they were all actually STUCK, and I had to reset the entire group.  So then Erik *pOOfs* home.
I’m sorry you couldn’t hang out at the festival.  They had fun!  But thanks for coming home early to ACTUALLY take care of the kids…

Back at the festival, Flora tries her hand (or feet?) at ice skating!

Shelley also gets herself some onion rings.  I approve.  I enjoy a good onion ring.

Alejandro gives snowboarding a go!
WOOO HOOO!!!  You go, Al!

Giles rolls a wish to destroy a snow angel, cuz he’s EVIL – so instead of ruining someone else’s angel, I have Giles make his own.

And then we promptly kill it.
Good times with Giles.

Also, while we were at the festival, we took a greeting card photo.
I’m really sad that Erik isn’t in it, but I love it anyway.

Then Giles rolled this!
I’d never seen it before!  We have a spring rider out by the pond.  The pirate ship one.  I bought it when the G children were just little kids in case they wanted to play with it.  It went ignored the entire time until this moment.  And look!
I know it’s dark, and apparently Helen in her outerwear causes her to have no hair (HA!  That rhymes!)  But it’s still adorable.

So it’s way too dark, but this was an adorable moment.  And there’s music!  It was pretty super cute.  GILES!  TCTBE!

And then, the action I was trying to accomplish when I discovered the cuteness above, gets completed!
NO SKILL BAR!  Helen is potty trained!

Hank too!
So with the help of walkers and playpens, the two toddlers are now fully skilled.  Hurrah!

Back to stalking Erik, I find him playing catch with Shelley, but the game goes a little too long…
…and although they both need “to go” the old man bladder fails first.  It is his final action aside from…

… his death.
The boys were standing around, Giles trying to get the needs met efficiently, and Alejandro doing his ISBI best (aka – terribly in the way) to help – and it happened.  Arising from the beloved rocking chair – Erik feels the golden sparkles of death.

Both boys:  Is Erik okay?
Al: Maybe I should put Hank in the play pen.

Erik was 101 days old.  Sad boys.

Hey!  It’s Death!  I’ve been waiting for you!

But nobody likes you.
I know Flora.  I’m sad too.  I’m sorry.

Erik proves to be a Diva to then end.
Erik:  PLEAAASSEEE, don’t take me!  I’m so AWESOME!

On the plus side, the toddlers are too young to care, and Moodlet Manager for the rest!
The above picture is Giles zapping Alejandro, who is playing on the computer in the other room.  Moodlet Manager is more magic that you imagine.  Penetrates walls.

Al:  Thank you husband!!
Giles:  Who is this clown?

OH NO!  In the midst of all the adult grief, I spy a toddler fail.
Aw, poor Hank.

And then I spot Giles with Helen – they both love purple!
They are too cute, really.  TCTBE.

Speaking of Giles, he’s been very busy working out, due to his planned life of crime.  Here is a picture of him after all his hard work.
you’re welcome.

I then remember to go bury Erik with the rest of the deceased Zales.
Giles has a quick cry over his dear grandfather, and lone male roll model.

Here lie the founding Zales and their spouses and pets…
Left to Right: Angelica, Abraham, Bettina, Leif (with Benji in front) Cyrus with Traci and Changpu, Daisy and Gustave (with Duchess, Duke and Eddie in front), Liz and Erik.

Let us take a moment to acknowledge how far we’ve come.  Dear sweet Erik, my Diva Prince, my unwanted heir poll winner – you’ve earned your place amongst the founders.  Rest in peace with your beloved Liz.

And that’s all for now!  I’m not sure if I will bring more H children aboard, if you have an opinion on the matter, let me know.  I like the two we have, I’m still meeting my mini challenge of at least one of each gender per generation, and I really like Helen.  Child birthdays for Hank and Helen next time, so come see us again!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

15 thoughts on “Waiting for Death 7.2

  1. roserainboweve

    Erik, Nooo! I really liked Erik, even before he became TH. I’m very sad to see him go. 😦 101 days isn’t a bad life however. I would also say try for more girls so we have more variety to choose from on the heir poll. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I know, I’m so bummed about Erik. He was the cutest toddler ever too, I was looking through his pictures. I just wanted a smaller family this time, but I’ll try just once more, and if it’s boy, tough luck, and Helen will be TH. I’ve gone Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl this far, I’ve decided I’m going to make it a real rule for me to follow now. It would be a shame to stop after all this time.

  2. pinkfiend1

    101 Days is a nice old age, considering regular ageing dictates 90. At least there shouldn’t be another death for a nice long time.
    As for children it is always nice to have a spare just in case, but I suppose if you had to you could just have another boy heir instead.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yup! Erik lived a very long life, and yes, I also thought that at least now we won’t have another one for a LONG time. I’m going to go try to get another girl. Cross your fingers! BTW, your gnome is still haunting Zale bathrooms. Ha ha ha!

  3. Miss Wingless

    What? NO, no, my eyes just got some dust in them… yeah that’s it… okay *cries* I can’t help it!! I liked Erik and everyone else, but somehow he was a little more favorite than the others. (Also it’s hard to not let tears fall when one listen to The Rains of Castamere by Sigur Rós, good song.) Anyhow! Rest in piece old diva, haunt the house and live as a ghost.
    Then I hope also that you get just one more baby :3 I like babies ^^ Oh Giles, a saver and to cute to be evil 🙂


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