Alejandro Shows His True Colors 7.1

Hi Friends!  Welcome back to another fun-filled Zale installment!  This one is short and sweet.  Well – not so sweet!  Last time Giles took over as TH, married his high school sweetheart Alejandro, but not after a quick romp with the exotic dancer, Dan Deeman.  Read on to see what happens next!

We begin still missing Liz.  I miss her too, my game is weird without her.

Oh Erik, you’re so cute, and so old.  I know you’ll die soon, and it makes me sad.

Shelley and Flora are as cute as ever, as I catch them spooning.
Aw.  I just love these two.  I miss playing Flora.

Alejandro, darling, you barely knew her!
Al:  But we talked about fog!  THE FOG!
Shelley’s relationship with her wasn’t that great either.  Way to stand around in your night clothes, and cry.  Go take a shower or something.  Both of you.

I then saw this pop-up…
ya think.
Ya think?  They’re married…

Giles and Alejandro shared some loving moments before Giles had to head off to work.
Oops, no work.  Giles is still on his “honeymoon” and doesn’t have to work.  It’s also Spooky Day.

Apparently Al is in Erik’s way…
…And Erik responds by shoving plates through his dripping grandson’s back.

Alejandro initiated “Be Frisky”, which I love, and I wish was around all the time, not just right after the wedding.
However, before the adorable couple could “be frisky” they had to shoo both Erik AND Flora from the room.  Stupid new computer, draws them all in.

I thought the falling hearts looked pretty in their red and purple room.

I sent Giles down to exercise, and then THESE two started fighting!
Hey!  Stop it!



Oh sure, Giles, just keep doing those knee bends – don’t mind your HUSBAND BEATING UP YOUR MOTHER.

Yeah, Al – don’t look so smug.  I do not like you anymore.

The aftermath:

Painty painty paint.

Naked soak.

I HATE that they fought.  I hate it.  I hate Alejandro.  I think.  It’s moderately entertaining, but GILES is supposed to be the evil one.  Al doesn’t even have any nasty traits.  Diva is the closest thing I could think of that would cause such dramatic actions.  I also like Al’s genetics, and I want to see them with Giles… so… I DON’T KNOW, OKAY!?!

Shelley was ALSO in the room when her wife was being beat up by her son-in-law.
Shell:  No mind.  Video games!

Erik was upstairs playing video games as well.  Since the TV was tied up by Giles working out, it was a race for the family computers.
Although this is Alejandro’s.  Not that he’s using it.  Or that I want him to use it the big mean jerkface.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!  You are NOT beating up your husband’s GRANDFATHER.  And GILES is supposed to be evil?  HA!  HA I SAY!

Yes.  Just look upon his evil face.
I do not like you, Alejandro.  I do not like you at all.

Right after smacking around the old man, Al offers up a “pick up line”!
Erik reacts accordingly.  Alejandro is the WEIRDEST Sim I’ve ever seen.  He’s does not have traits that would cause him to act this way.  Refresher: He’s artistic, brave, charismatic, a diva, and a heavy sleeper.  Why is he beating people up and flirting with his husband’s grandfather?!?  WHY!?!  Does he have repressed angst about his husbands transgressions at their bachelor party?  Is he regretting his situation and… OKAY, I’M OVER THINKING IT – but this Sim does not make sense.  Which I kind of like, for playing AND blogging reasons… but STILL.

Be careful Erik and Shelley…
…Al is watching.  And he’s scary.

Giles got invited to a party by someone I didn’t know.
Nice place.

The party was very boring, and Giles talked to this Sim.
She’s pretty, and seemed to like him.  She complimented him as he was ready to leave, and he left with a new friend.  I do not know her name.  There was no food, and Giles was tired too, so he went home.

Back at home… Nice painting… (and Shelley’s barely clothed behind)
… you big meanie.  SO Artistic.  *eyeroll*


Flora and Erik play catch!
And GILES is activating the TIME PORTAL!

We all know what THAT MEANS!

Hi boys.  NastyPants and McCheater Face.
Welcome to the future.

GO MAKE ME A BABY!  Girls please.  I want lots of girls to vote for when we have the next heir poll.

Oh look.  It’s a boy.
His name is Hank.  He is excitable and clumsy (Kinda like all babies, am I right?) and he likes sushi, songwriter music, and the color blue.  Like our FOUNDER ABRAHAM!

YAY!  The second one we engineer is a girl!
I name her Helen.  She’s a couch potato, and a light sleeper.  She likes digitunes, the color purple, and ceviche.  That is a very grown up food for a newborn…

Time to go back home, but aren’t you forgetting something?
Shouldn’t you carry the babies through the portal with you?  I think you should!

They arrived back with the babies, so it’s all good, and I realized that I have a LIVING great-grandparent!  Oh sweet, old, Erik.


this pleases me
Great-Granddaughter.  He picked her up all on his own, to feed her.  I made him snuggle her.  Not cheating because GREAT-GRANDPARENT!

I’m going to REALLY miss Erik.  😦

And with this heartwarming scene…
Giles:  YOINK!  Thanks boy!  Baby-stolen candy is the BEST!
…We end this post.


And, that’s all for now!  I know it’s a little short, but it seemed like a decent stopping point – otherwise I was going to play through the kids toddler birthdays, and that was just too long for tonight.  I also have some new updates to catch up on!  I had previously done all of my blog reading at work, like a very naughty employee, but there’s been a crack down on internet usage (mostly shopping, which I am NOT guilty of – but still) no reason to put myself at risk.  Off to read!  Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

17 thoughts on “Alejandro Shows His True Colors 7.1

  1. zefiewings

    Oh my goodness.
    Do they have any traits that specifically conflict with his?
    Still… that would be saddening.
    AH! almost leaving the babies behind in the future!
    And a Great grandparent! That’s awesome! And you didn’t even age people up early or anything to get it! I love him…remember when you didn’t want him as heir because he is a Diva? He sure changed our tune quick!

    1. Heather Post author

      He doesn’t have any trait conflicts with either of them! He runs around accusing THEM of being divas, be HE’s the diva, and then he was caught berating Erik’s ignorance, although I can’t see what Al thinks he’s so superior about. I know Erik boasted about his gamer skillz, and Al didn’t like it – but SERIOUSLY. And the ATTACK on Flora? My heavens. I DID age up the G kids three days early, things were going SO slowly, and since I kind of raised the G kids as quadruplets, I was waiting until YA for an heir poll. Giles and Al waited several days before acquiring offspring though, so I think he’d be alive for a great-grandchild, even if I hadn’t rushed the G teens into YA-hood. And yes, I can’t believe I didn’t want him as the TH. I love Erik very much. I might even like him more than I liked Daisy. Which would make him second favorite, for me… I’ve also decided to send the H child to university. That should be fun, we haven’t gone since Erik, and he was the first! We need a couple more educated Zales. 🙂

  2. Sammy-Sama

    Freaking Al! Why would you make everyone dislike you?!
    He lost me the moment he attacked Erik. No one hurts Erik!
    I’m starting to think that the exotic dancer might have been a better match, but we’ll see how Al’s attitude changes after some time being a daddy.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. plumbawesim

    omg Alejandro was supposed to be the good influence on Giles! What the heck?! I think he has some kind of hidden evil trait. He used his dashing good looks to lure you (and Giles) in!
    Well maybe this will bring out the actual evil in Giles… :/ I’m both laughing at this situation and also disappointed. Maybe Alejandro was provoked?
    Ah well. ERIK LIVED TO SEE HIS GREAT GRANDCHILDREN. That is so amazing. I’ve only had this happen once (and then the grandfather died before the great grandfather and it was so sad) but AH CUTE. I’ll be sad to see him go.
    And I can’t wait to see the H generation grow into toddlers 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I have NO idea what Al’s problem is. I LOVE that Erik is a great grandfather, and I’m SO SAD because I know he is going to die soon. I also cannot wait to see the H kids grow up! I’ll be getting at least one more, so that’ll be fun 🙂

  4. Jenn

    Going by his thought bubble, Al was going around berating everyone’s ignorance. That is almost an immediate enemy declaration in my games. I do actually have a mod in to stop that. I hate University just for that one interaction.

    Great-grandad. How sweet. Can’t wait to see the test tube babies grow up.

  5. laserkatt

    LOL NEVERMIND. Al, what the shit. And as someone said, wasn’t Al supposed to be the good one, whilst Giles is being evil and cute? o_o Should you actually just introduce Al to Traci and see the sparks fly? (Too late now I guess, but it could be a match made in heaven)

    Great granddad, that is so cool 😀 I haven’t seen it before so that’s really nice 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I had never seen it before either! The great-granddad. I thought it was pretty danged cool myself. Ugh, I know Al and Traci. Al is SO MUCH WORSE than Traci though. He will NOT make it in the Zale plot like Traci did.

  6. Miss Wingless

    :O Nooo…. that meanie! I guess he have some influence in the geek social thing, that’s a trap and slowly (or fast) kills relationships in the game. Trust me, had a full house of those geeks… didn’t end pretty if I didn’t control all of them….X3 But I don’t like him either now. But other subject! 😀 Erik have a great-granddaughter! 😀 SOOO adorable!!! ^^ And I do want to see the kids now, hoping that they got a good mix of both their parents 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Omg, Alejandro. UGH! I hate that guy. Yeah! You to meet the H kids! It’s funny, I just now realized how much trouble I had with gender for the H children, and I’m having the same problem right now with the I children! You are SO almost caught up! I’m so excited for you!

  7. somebodysangel13

    …Al, what on earth? Judging by the comments, these kind of autonomous interactions came with University? Glad I don’t have that, then. And not getting it, despite wanting some of the new careers.

    But it does make for hilarious blogging and playing, I guess. That’s what free will is for, right? Hopefully Giles rolls a ‘divorce’ want in a midlife crisis? Or they won’t even last that long…


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