Too Cute to be Evil 7.0

Well hello there!  We ended the last post with the kids aging into YA’s, and an heir poll!  Giles has won!  He had eleven votes, ten here on the poll, and one over on boolprop.  Evil has descended upon the Zale house.  Let’s see what happens!

I load my game to the screen centered on this:
He’s so evil in his Nyan Bunny pajamas.

Run Giselle!

And it’s time to say goodbye to the lovely spares.

Bye Gwen!
I’ll miss your unique eating habits and general weirdness.

Bye Graham!
I’ll miss your kindness and adorable face.

Bye Giselle!
I’ll miss your beauty and neurotic nature.

I moved them all out together, so they reside in the same house somewhere.  I should go find them.  I probably won’t.

Shelley’s LTW needed to raise five children, but I can’t imagine another G child, so I’m sorry Shelley!
Shelley:  It’s okay, because video games!

Okay good.  She doesn’t seem unhappy.  (Right Clicks away “Have a Child” wish)

A couple last minute wish grants for Flora…


I spot him chatting with his grandpa.  Aw.

Then they autonomously scurry off to play juice pong!
Grandfather/Grandson bonding at it’s finest!

Who’s this guy?
Why it’s Alejandro Rossi, Giles’ boyfriend!  (Before makeover, of course)

Giles:  Hi boyfriend.  You’re still a teenager…
…have some cake.

Apparently Alejandro couldn’t age up yet, so “TRIGGER AGE TRANSITION” and sell the cake I just bought.  Thanks Al.
Instant birthday party!

Hmm, not sure I like this Sim.

Oh dear…

Wait!  It’s okay!  I do like him!

One quick spin through CAS and I present to you…Alejandro Rossi!
He is artistic, brave, charismatic, a DIVA (NO!) and a heavy sleeper.  He likes Goopy Carbonara, Country Music, and the color red.  His LTW is to be a star news anchor!

I’m sorry Giles, I’m just going to keep saying it…
…you’re too cute to be evil.  I invited Alejandro in, but he insisted on standing outside…

Giles:  So, Al… wanna move in with us?  It’s super fun here, nothing crazy or anything, I swear.

Alejandro: SURE!

Meanwhile I search for the rest of the Zales, and well, they were easy to find!
VIDEO GAMES!  Zale family favorite activity.  Might want to sell it?  Nah, it makes them all happy.  Besides, all I DO is play video games, so who am I to judge?

Aw, their first night together.
too cute.

Liz comes in and appears to creep on the boys…
…but she’s actually checking out the new nightstand.

Apparently she hates it.
Whatever, I think it’s nice.  Erik also stopped by in the boys newly remodeled room to scope out the new desk.  HI ERIK!

Here’s their new room and Alejandro’s pajamas.
He is very skinny, and a little hairy, and I felt like he’d sleep in socks.  Hopefully he won’t annoy me like the last Sim I had sleep in socks.  TRACI ZALE.

Here’s Giles preparing for his life of crime.

Which was promptly interrupted by GRADUATION!
What in the world is Liz wearing?  She frequently reminds me that I never gave her a makeover after her elder birthday.  SORRY.  And oh look, Alejandro is a DIVA – UGH.

Hey look!  The rest of the Zales show up!
And it has apparently started to rain.  But I was happy when I saw the spares arrive!  Giles got the “I Graduated” moodlet as well as “Proud Sibling” – so that was neat.

Complete with plumbob.  Oops.

Afterwards, Giles and Alejandro head off to the bistro for a nice date.

Red!  His favorite color!

Such cute boys.  TOO CUTE FOR EVIL.

I’m sure you were all expecting this!

These faces:

So, quick note – as I was capturing these images, I was all “dang, I’m spoiling their formal wear for the wedding…” and I ALMOST stopped and redid their outfits… but you’ll see why this doesn’t matter later.

Back a the house, nothing like a quick fall morning skinny dip before Giles heads off to work.

Inside I spot Shelley and Liz bonding over a nice chat.
Liz is very old, so I’m glad they’re talking.  I wish Shelley would wear clothes sometimes, but hey.

I use Alejandro’s one YA action to enter the Journalism career.
Here’s the little workspace I made for Al.  His diploma and “most likely to be a millionaire” award hang on the walls, and the flowers Giles gave him on their date are on his desk.  I’m sure he won’t use it much, but that’s okay.

With my TH at work, I check on the rest of the family.  Here’s Shelley…
…playing video games.

And Liz, staring at the fish tank.

Erik and Flora are at work.  BORING.

Liz is 93 days old, Aw.  I remember meeting her with Erik at university.  *sniff* they grow up so fast!
Erik is 91 days old.  Both lifebars are full.  😦

Flora arrives home… and darling?  What is that on your face?
Flora:  I’m batman.

Erik!  You’re home!
I think I should let you retire.

YAY! Clap clap clap

Erik retired while facing a wall, so enjoy the angle.
But the family cares!

Having never played the evil trait, things like this are new to me!
Evil is new to me!
We of course did it immediately.  I wondered if he’d get like, devil horns or something the way good sims get halos?  But no, he just cackled like a maniac.

I was watching Giles work out when I heard haunting noises!
Hi there Daisy!

Alejandro:  Hey future grandmother-in-law, some fog, eh?

Liz:  Why yes, future grandson-in-law, it is indeed some fog.
It is a very animated conversation about fog.

Person Person Plus:
Sims are weird.  But I’m glad he’s getting to know her, since she’s VERY OLD.

Liz!  Please be careful and don’t play with fire.

And dear Al heads off to his first day of work!
And at this point I realize the similarities between my sweet Alejandro, and that wretch Traci.  Journalism career, high school sweethearts, and SOCKS.  Oh Al, I hope you are more successful than she was!  I mean, she got fired!  You can’t do worse.

There’s also a horse in the backyard.
Because Sims.

Flora sat down and skilled logic all on her own!
Looks like she’s having fun.  I only found her doing this because I heard her throwing a fit.

I found Giles chatting up the maid in the kitchen.
They’re both evil and she’s flirty.  HANDS OFF LADY.

Giles:  HONEY!  You’re home!  *twirl*

And kiss!

GAH!  The cute continues!  It’s the bachelor party!
I thought it could be a joint thing, but then Alejandro says “Are you sure you want me here for your big party?”  Well yeah.  We do!

Frond!  Nice suit.  *snicker*

Graham?  Is that you?!?
You’ve been Monte Vista-ized!  Hilarious!

Giles:  Hey grandpa?  This might be a bit awkward, mostly because I’m standing IN you, but could you make a toast?
Erik turned towards the wall and toasted the window.  But thanks anyway!

GO Erik!!

Shelley Zale!  What are you wearing!?
“Dress to Impress” means much different things to different people.

Gotcha Uncle Frond!

A received a notification about a stripper, but I couldn’t find one… until I realized he set up his act in Gwen and Giselle’s old childhood room.
That is not appropriate.

Then Giles rolled this!
Flirt with the dancer!
I just might have to and see what happens.

Besides, Graham and Alejandro are having a dance, what’s a harmless flirt?

Giles rolled a wish to chat with the stripper too.  His name is Dan.  Dan Deeman.  Clever EA.
Giles:  So, do I like, pay you now, or…

Giles:  Hey good lookin’, that was some show!
*Flirt flirt*

Guess who’s upset, even though he’d gone off to bed?
Yeah… Sorry Al.

Meanwhile, downstairs…
Erik:  Wee!  Dancing!  This party rocks!
Liz:  I have to pee.
Liz:  Oh wait.  No.  I’m just dying.

Erik:  WOOO!
Liz:  Yup, definitely dead now.

Goodbye Liz Zale!  You were fun to have around!
Erik finally noticed.

Liz Zale, the first to die with a stripper in attendance.
WOOSH!  A quick dive into the urn, and she’s gone.  😦

Sorry Shelley and Flora.
I know, it’s sad.

Where was Giles this whole time?
Giles:  Ahh, this is the life!  I love the bubbles around my bits!

Alejandro cares more about her death, and he barely knew her!
Erik:  🙂

Giles Zale!  That is NOT your betrothed!
Quit rolling these wishes young man!

Giles:  NO.
Giles Zale, you naughty boy.

He rolled so many wishes for Dan.  And not just flirty wishes, but chats and everything.  With the loss of his grandmother, too much fizzy nectar, and the wedding jitters, he made some bad choices.

While Alejandro sleeps alone, bed empty.Screenshot-81

Then Giles surprised me and passed out.
He wasn’t tired.  Well, he was, but not pass out exhausted.  I guess it’s from the party, but I felt like it was more because of what he’d done, and what had happened that night.  Liz dying and all.

I load up Liz into Giles’ pocket and head over to the cemetery to deposit her remains, and LOTS of ghosts were out to welcome her!
Left to right, Angelica, Leif, Bettina, and Duchess!  Hi everyone!

Bettina?  Where in the world are you going?

And Leif too?
The car behind Leif is Bettina… so weird.  I lost them shortly after this.  But I guess ghosts go for late night joy rides in crappy cars.

The next day Alejandro wakes up to get ready for work, and eats his soon to be mother-in-law’s left over wedding cake.  That is some VERY old cake.
He has no betrayed moodlet, nor has his relationship suffered with his fiancé, so it looks like Giles has gotten away with his little romp with Dan.  Aside from a brief upset after witnessing the flirt, there was no lasting impact.  Giles does however have a “naughty” reputation.  So we’ll see what happens.

Erik sleeps alone for the first time since his college days.

Oh, look who’s awake?  Feeling guilty?
Giles:  No.  I just miss Grandma Liz.

Oh.  Well stop it.  Your punishment is ALL of the household laundry.
Quit looking sad.  You were very naughty!

Don’t look at me like that!  Just do your punishment!

Stop it.  I will not feel bad for you, Mr. Evil McCheater Pants.

Hey!  Your fiancé is home, go get married!
You could’ve given him time to change first…

Hmm.  Some wedding.  Al is sobbing and wearing a baseball cap, and Giles is thinking about the laundry I just made him do.

Erik appears to witness the nuptials…Screenshot-94
…in pajamas…
…And sobs uncontrollably the entire time.

Giles: I’m so hungry I could eat your face, new husband!

I discover that Flora did watch her son get married, but from the other patio.
Flora: WEE!  Rice throwing is fun!

Shelley also managed to show up…
…but pushes her hands through the glass door.

This was a very strange wedding indeed.

Go cut the cake.

And eat it, before zombies come out, because…

Erik?  Did you just wet yourself?
Yes.  Yes you did.

Well, that’s it for now!  Things didn’t go how I thought they would, but that happens sometimes!  Poor little Alejandro.  But I think Giles will shape up, and it was just a rough night for him.  Their wedding was a bit of a fiasco too, so hopefully their relationship isn’t doomed?  And he does have a LOT of Traci similarities… hmm.  We shall see I guess!  I had just updated the header and site background before playing, and then Liz went and died, and I didn’t feel like doing it again, so she lives on in her portrait above.  Come back and see us again real soon!

23 thoughts on “Too Cute to be Evil 7.0

  1. plumbawesim

    And so it begins!
    One day you’ll have a normal wedding, I’m sure.
    And I hope Al is a better journalist than Traci ever was. I have complete faith in him.
    Giles still seems too cute to be evil, but it IS his first chapter. When he has kids you can make him steal candy from them. That’s always a fun thing to do with evil sims :]
    Can’t wait until next week!

  2. zefiewings

    I guess when you do things like that at the bachelor party, it is kind of a free ride? And after all…he is evil.
    Do you always follow the wishes, even when you don’t agree with them?
    Aww no LIZ!
    Al is cute! I guess we’ll see how it works out.

    1. Heather Post author

      No. I don’t always follow wishes, but I felt like these were things Giles would do, and he seemed really drawn to Dan. He rolled learn trait wishes, chat wishes, as well as the naughty wishes to ask him to join the hot tub. I USUALLY honor rolled wishes, except during midlife crisis time, because then they’re not true to their character. Like Leif and Bettina rolling divorce each other wishes. No way man. AND since I’ve never played an evil sim, I wanted to let Giles show me what he’s about. And that is through wishes! I’m kind of excited about Giles.

  3. roserainboweve

    I’ve played 3 Evil Sims so far, so I’m a bit sick of them, but I LOVE seeing them in other people’s games! I have to say I loved Giles cheating because it was evil. 🙂 Somehow my evil Sunshine ended up with an “Eternally Faithful” moodlet, to be honest I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t cheat. I guess that’s just me though, but I love the Sim-drama! So I hope that Giles continues to be naughty! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I enjoyed Giles being so naughty too. I think it allows him to form a bit of a personality. And it is pretty much the most evil thing Sims can do. Aside from evil slumber and evil showers, and the occasional candy stealing, there aren’t a lot of bad things sims can do. Stealing I guess, but Giles isn’t a klepto. Anyhoo, I’m enjoying getting to know him!

  4. pinkfiend1

    Just remember that since Generations Sims can decide to divorce each other on there own. I mean it gives you a few days to try and fix it, but it can be difficult and not logical. This indiscretion could come back to haunt you at a random time in the future.

    Lots of fun as always.

  5. laserkatt

    OMG GILES YOU NAUGHTY SIM. I love it 8D (But I’m also absolutely deranged when it comes to tiny pixel people)
    Batman Flora \o/ That is sooo random o_o What does she actually work with, I don’t remember 😐
    Anyway, I quite like Al (And Giles when you call me, you can caaaaall meeee Al) so I’m hoping he won’t end up as Traci ^^ I think it’s really funny how history kinda repeats itself tho 😉

    RIP Liz you purple haired cutie with weird elder outfits ;o Please go back and haunt Erik, it’s so sad to see him all on his own :c

    1. Heather Post author

      I think we’re all a LITTLE deranged when it comes to our pixel people! Flora is a scientist, and yes, it was incredibly random to me too! And surprising! I liked Al too. Once. For about a minute. But you know all about that by now! ❤ Aw yes, Liz – I miss her little round never-looking-at-the-camera face.

  6. Miss Wingless

    Wah! Giles! Liz! 😦 Erik! Omg that last picture, his face his face!! XP “Yeah, what you gonna do about it? Hihi…” That kinda face! And somehow this felt like the most random chapter I read so far, mostly because so many different things happened, but sometimes that’s the best thing. And I can’t wait to read more about Giles. The “To-Cute-To-Be-Evil-Guy” ^^

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha, yeah, it was pretty random! And long dang, I just reviewed it so I could comment appropriately. Giles is still alive in-game and he’s definitely proven to be a little more evil when not under my rule!

  7. somebodysangel13

    OMG, I think this was the most hilarious post yet. Hmm, it may not beat the drunken one, but definitely right up there. So much randomness, but it’s all awesome!

    Alejandro is handsome, and I love his sleeping socks! You’re almost making me want to take out my accessory hiders. I never think about things like putting socks on sims, but then I see other people do it, an it really adds to the realism.

    How/where did Flora get that batman mask? I know you don’t use CC, so it must have come with an EP, I’m guessing. It’s cool! Though out of keeping with Flora’s personality, I could see myself putting it on an insane sim, or a thief or something.

    ““Dress to Impress” means much different things to different people.” LOLs, was that Shelley’s adult formal wear? I’m so impressed that it all matches, even if it is inappropriate. My sims would have had something like orange leggings and a pink dress, complete fashion disaster.

    “Some wedding. Al is sobbing and wearing a baseball cap, and Giles is thinking about the laundry I just made him do.” Haha, that’s sims for you! And that’s what we call a private wedding, totally works.

    Ohno, naughty Giles! I know what you mean when sims start rolling wishes for one person; great when you’re looking for spouses, not so much when they’re already committed. But you’re right, it’s about as evil as a sim could get on their own. My last heir had the Great Kisser trait, and rolled a wish to “Have first kiss with” almost every sim she saw that she didn’t have a trait incompatibility with. Was quite amusing.

    Oops, nearly forgot the less awesome part. Bye Liz, you and your round little face were much loved!

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh sweetie, you wrote a novel, ha ha ha, okay let’s see… I’m glad you found it so funny! I had to re-read it after this note, and I’m rather fond of this post too.

      Alejandro was handsome. And I liked his socks too. He just seemed like a sock sleeper. You have an accessory hider? I love the accessories… except when they put them on themselves at birthday time – that is. It does add to the realism in some cases. Like socks!

      I think Flora got the batman face paint from the UL EP, at least that’s where most the silly face paint came from. But it might have been NL… I don’t use them, and I was shocked when she came home with that on her face! Yes, it didn’t suit Flora, but for some stories/Sims it could definitely work.

      “Dress to Impress” is one of the attire options for throwing a party. You know, like casual or swimwear, or formal for a funeral. The Bachelor party had “Dress to Impress” so people showed up in all kinds of weird outfits. Shelley put on her own “Dress to Impress” which was NOT the formal I had painstakingly created for her. I was SHOCKED when I saw her in that ensemble. So it was EA created Dress to Impress, which I think is why it actually matched. Graham and Frond are also in the same kind of attire. It’s almost like costumes for a party – in fact, now that I say that, I bet that’s exactly how they did it… anyhoo – enough about that!

      I have not had a sweet, successful wedding in AGES. Seriously… Giles and Al’s was just one in a long string of failures. Funny, funny failures.

      Your “Great Kisser” Sim sounds hilarious! Giles is a little bit naughty, that’s for sure!

      Yeah, my game was weird without Liz in it. She was just haunting in my play session last night, it was nice to see her 🙂

      1. somebodysangel13

        Whoops, I did get a bit carried away, didn’t I? When there is so much awesome hilarity to comment on, I have to restrain self from commenting on every picture.

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