Those Teenage Days 6.7

Well Hi!  Welcome to another installment of the Zale Family ISBI-Alphabetcy!  Last time things were pretty slow, and I ended my play session and posted earlier than I’d planned due to my game crashing.  It ran just lovely today however, so let’s get this party started!

It begins with that graveyard I told you I built.
Flora has been carrying around five generations of Zales in her pocket – oh wait.  Four generations, gen 5 is still alive, silly me – anyway, she’s been carrying a lot of remains, and I finally did something about it.  There’s not much to it, but I like it just fine anyway.

Here we go, dear Zales of save files past.
Rest happily and come around often!

And I couldn’t build this and not ditch the IF’s in inventory…
…and look!  A horse!

Flora sheds a quick tear for her grandma Daisy…
…And then it’s back to Zale Business!

Beginning with Liz and Erik playing table tennis!
I put this thing out there the day they moved in – finally someone found it!

Gwen and Giselle have a chat in front of the “Insane Chef” program…
…who is pointing lovingly at a bottle of nothing.  I’m sure it adds a lot to the food.

Shaka Bra!  (weirdest Sim interaction…)
And Graham and Shelley are here too!

Giles was the only Sim I hadn’t seen in a while, and I found him in the sandbox again!
Too cute!

I also discovered that this adorable face…
…had rolled the “Emperor of Evil” wish.  I locked it in, but seriously?

SOO evil.
Wee!  SAND!  I still think you’re cute and sweet.  So there.

Then Frond disrupted his sandbox play for a chat, I thought it was cute.
He’s all: Hi Uncle Frond!  I’m evil now, what’s new with you 🙂
I repeat – too cute for evil.

Whatcha doin’ Giselle?

Makin’ something?


Did you drop it?

Oh wait, here it is!
MMM!  “Country Bread”!

Holy heavens, it looks delicious.
I want a piece.

Okay Giles, you can make that face all you want…
…I still don’t think you’re evil.  And I still like you.

Your grandmother on the other hand is NOT a fan.
They exchanged many insults and lost each other as a friend.  😦

Hi there cute Graham!  You didn’t get a lot of screen time this post!
Feel free to get in to that bed right there, instead of just thinking about how tired you are.

Pretty Giselle is pretty…
…and thinking of her grandma.  Aw.

No seriously, she’s very beautiful.
Too bad I’m hoping a boy wins the heir poll!

Gwen is super pretty too though…
And her traits are more fun.

Zales in a line!
I wonder where they’re all going…  HI ERIK!

Pretty much everyone went to sleep, except Gwen.
I found her contemplating Pink’s new resting place near the toilet.  Nice Pink.  😐

And then, for the first time in a long time, I heard ghostly sounds!
Hi Daisy!  I watched her float around bored for a little bit, so I put down some ghostie playthings.

Here we go!
There’s also a sprinkler, waterslide, and hopscotch board.  Sounds like fun to me!

Back at the house, Gwen is still up rocking the crazy.

Then, even though she’s perfectly tired, she decides to take a swim…
…in her everyday.

But look!  She’s so pretty!

And then, she shocked the hell out of me and threw up.
I have absolutely NO idea why.  She didn’t have a nauseated moodlet or anything.  She’s so weird!  I love her!

A quick nap in her outerwear, and then the bus arrives.

Giles makes himself some evil country bread.

In his yeti pajamas.

After school, on the way home, Gwen evaporates off the bus and reappears on the side of the road…
…Just to pass out.

Thanks Gwen.
Next time just snooze on the bus, okay?  Great.

Flora!  You’re cooking!  Thank you!
And I know we have a maid, but she’s not that great, so maybe you shouldn’t throw egg shells around.  Just an idea.

Graham continues to select strange locations to do his homework
But I like him doing his homework, so it’s okay.

OMG, we’re 10 days away from the teens YA birthday, I need to get this show on the road!  But they keep being cute and doing cute things…

Or naughty things… Don’t look at me like that Giselle…
…I see the blinking light.  You’re busted!  But since Sims don’t wash their hands very frequently (gross) this will probably be blinking for a VERY long time.  After they’re done being teens, I’ll send Flora around to set them all off.  Or the new TH!  That’s an exciting idea!

Thank you, Captain EvilPants
At a desk AND with the pencil right side up!  You’re a genius!

Oh Liz, it’s okay, don’t look so sad…
…everyone breaks things, and you haven’t wrecked a dishwasher in ages.

But you don’t get to look all impatient while waiting for Flora to repair it!
Sheesh.  I then discovered she was waiting to mop the floor, so that’s okay I guess.  Kinda.

This Zombie then thought about a sore back, and well, with a neck like that, I can see why you’d have spine problems.

Walk away in a brisk pace, Erik!
Something is coming very slowly!

My first shower dye prank!  AND LOOK AT THE HAIRSTYLE!

Poor Gwen.  Too funny though.

How cute!
Flora even came out here on free will, and Amy and Eve watch.  Hi Guys!

Cute!  The swing set is very popular today!

Sammy!  Zefie!  You’ve been kicked!
I’d say it was Gwen, or Giles – but Graham is the one who took out his angst on the flamingo a while back.  So who knows?

Damn you maid.  Don’t look so pleased with yourself.
And why are you drinking plasma juice?  Yuck!

AND THEN IT’S FINALLY SHELLEY’S BIRTHDAY  (And this was me “picking up the pace” *sigh*)

These three!  ❤

How flippin’ cute are they!?!
Go Mom!  WOOO!

Aw Shelley, you dear.
She has a bit of a video game addiction, and has stopped doing laundry, but I still love her.

I love this picture:

But where are the old people?  Here we go!
Damn fine party.  I loved it.

And Shelley is still super beautiful – even if she’s having a midlife crisis.
Shelley is now an Adult!  Young mothers!  Not having to have pregnancies, but just instantly having four babies has made them very young parents.  I wonder if I’ll see a great grandparent?  That’d be super cool.

And this is it for now!  The teens still have WAY too long to go for me to make it all in one post, so there will have to be another one!  I should get to it this weekend, and I’ll end with an heir poll!  YAY!  I apologize if it’s dragging out a bit – but hey, at least you’ll know who you’re voting for!  Come see us again real soon, and Happy Simming!

8 thoughts on “Those Teenage Days 6.7

  1. zefiewings

    This is going to be a really unenthusiastic sounding comment (plus so late!) but I’ve had a migraine for four days now. Bleh. But I wanted you to know that I DID read your chapter (when you first posted it actually) and I liked it so here we go.

    Lol about Flora carrying around her dead family with her. That could not sound more creepy. But at least they have a nice resting place now.
    I made a beautiful legacy graveyard once…wonder if I should re-make and upload it? I should make/upload more buildings/houses/lots. I like doing it and there is a whole section for it on my blog…
    (feeling kind of tangent-y today, bare with me.)
    The kids are SO cute…but I forgot Giles is evil! Grrrr I hate evil trait. 😡
    If you used my inhericy you wouldn’t have that problem you know! (shameless plug…wow I am a terrible poster when I have a migraine…or I am high on pain meds by this point…that’s possible..)
    Where was I?
    Old Liz is so cute I can hardly stand it.
    And the plasma drinking maid…ewwww!
    And Shelly’s never appearing birthday…she must not have felt ready to give up her younga adult hood.
    I went into CAS for Karla to (SPOILER!) give her that tat (you know, the idea I stole from you) and APPARENTLY it reset her age bar. SO now I have to figure out how many days behind Vin she was and just manually age her up. >.> *grumble grumble*
    What was I…?
    Oh right..Shelly. She is so cute still. ^.^
    And I can’t wait to see the kids all aged up!

    anywho…think maybe I just have a glass of water and lay down now…or write a chapter?

    Maaaaybe writing all doped up like this wouldn’t be ideal…or would it! >.> <.<

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh Zefie! You are too funny! I think it’s a very enthusiastic sounding comment! And it’s not so late 🙂 I also get migraines. I have yet to find a medicine that works for me, my doctor and I are stumped without going full on narcotic, which I don’t want to take. I thought it was pretty creepy myself that Flora had all of those remains in her inventory. I periodically go down the portrait panels and do an inventory sweep – sell off souveniers and the like, and every time I’d go through Flora’s, I’d be all OH YEAH! I gotta do something about that. Ha!

      I don’t like building lots or houses – so I always appreciate people who do!

      I love Giles too, even if he has the Evil trait, and I totally NEVER play it, so it might be fun! Elder Liz is indeed adorable! I’m excited to see what tattoo you decided to give Karla! Yeah, going into CAS always resets the age bar, it’s annoying. One of the quadruplets was 2 days younger, I just aged her up with the rest of them.

      So did you go lay down with a glass of water, or did you work on your chapter!?!

  2. Miss Wingless

    That was actually one beautiful graveyard, a good place to let the past Zales rest… until you have to move to a new town (when it happens eventually) :3 Giles!! ❤ Like seriously, seeing him in the sandbox playing, doing those faces was one of the most adorable/cutest things I have ever seen happen! 😀 And I just realised that the blonde hair is very dominant in this family, for the blondes rule the world!! :O (Or at least there…) also, Liz and her face there in the bathroom… XP Lovely.

    1. Heather Post author

      Aw, thanks! I’m glad you like the graveyard! I thought it turned out okay 🙂 Giles and that sandbox, so adorable all the time. If I ever cannot find him, he’s in the sandbox. ❤

  3. laserkatt

    Wow, that is such a beautiful graveyard ._. I keep thinking I should do something similar, but I can never be arsed, lol. And well, it wouldn’t look like that D: I also LOVE that you put the IFs there as well 8D I normally quite like them (I’m the only one, I know) but they’re soooo creepy when they’re stuck all together o_o

    I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you found Giles wanting to be Emperor of Evil when he was in the sand box, hehehe. That’s where all kids learn how to build castles for ants and stuff, which they then mercilessly crush with all the inhabitants still inside and so on and so on. Also burying homework. Seriously so evil. Giles, take all my ❤

    PS. Welcome back Zale Hair Curse \o/

    1. Heather Post author

      Giles and that sandbox! I learned it’s something outdoor loving sims can do, but it’s adorable beyond all reason. I’m SO stinkin’ happy to have you back reading! I had missed you! I know, I was so happy to see the Zale Hair Curse, too funny!

  4. somebodysangel13

    PMSL, I *love* Giles now. And your comments to him are hilarious. Especially “Captain EvilPants”. His new nickname, awesome!

    Your graveyard is so pretty! I never think to do stuff like paths when I’m landscaping, I just stick in a few trees and flowers. I can build, but I cannot landscape.

    1. Heather Post author

      I can’t really do either, but I got lucky with this graveyard (their new one isn’t nearly as nice) and their current house isn’t terrible either. Oh Giles… He was a blast.


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