Flora Makes a Pizza 6.6

Hi there!  Welcome welcome!  I’m SORRY it has taken me so long to get a post up, and for the first time in this blog’s history, I did NOT play or post on Sunday.  Weird.  Real life happened, so I was busy – but that’s okay!  On the plus side, I made a fancy new “Table of Contents” page with links to each and every post!  There’s pictures too!  Hopefully people can use this to find their way around a little better.  Last time all the children became teens!  YAY!  It was really nice to see them when I loaded the game today!  Such lovely little Simmies.

This post is mostly just following my Sims around and capturing their antics.  I tried to give everyone face time, but well, some Sims are just better than others!  And if you couldn’t tell by the title, NOT MUCH HAPPENS.  But let us see what DID go down in Zale World!

We begin with Erik and Flora playing catch.
Flora isn’t very good (Erik wasn’t either!) But it was cute to see the past TH and the current doing something together!

Giles and Gwen have a nice chat!
I enjoy the lighting in my house.

Graham thinks about beds in the bathroom.

And Giselle mops up after the broken dishwasher…
While Shelley stands around.  Great!

I catch Giles and the koi playing in the sandbox!
Obviously the koi aren’t playing, but how cute!  I didn’t know teens could play in the sandbox!  I checked and Giles isn’t childish (I didn’t think he was…) so it must be a thing!  Cool!

Gwen watches some TV.
I really like her.

Liz interrupts Giles’ cute sandbox session to…
…talk about a fantastic book.  Lame.  Giles barely got to play!  Shut up with your books, Liz!

Back in the house, Erik asks Gwen about her day!
They’re so cute.

And Zefie strikes a new pose in front of the massive TV!
Hi Dear!  Talented!

Erik and Gwen are way adorable.
Except Erik talks about how she too, can be #1 like he is, then boasts about his own accomplishments.  She found this boring and left.  But on the plus side, she did need to wee and sleep, so it was a good thing.

Then all the teens had found their beds and dreams about a new day!
Giselle: Fires! 🙂
Giles:  Red baby shoes
Graham: Camera! 🙂
Silly Teens.  Giselle – NO FIRES.  Giles, premonition maybe?  You might be leading the TH race.  We’ll see!

Graham woke up feeling “rebellious” and in a bit of a mood!
And takes it out on the flamingo!


Poor thing!
I bought you to decorate the yard, dear plastic bird.  I’m sorry this is what you suffer through.

And then I saw a deer!
Hi deer in the pretty town!  I’m usually too busy to see you!

Deer: Sup.

Oh man – with four teens in the house, before I know it the entire thing will be blinking red.
I am not looking forward to this.

Flora heads to town for some books!
Town is gorgeous.

Even more so after it renders!
Lovely Monte Vista!  (I highly recommend!)

The town appears to be pretty vacant while Flora enjoys a brief break from her family.
Still gorgeous!  Flora is working on her gardening skill, but she just bought the handiness books! A reminder, her LTW is that creature-robot cross breeder one… so we’re trying to skill when we have time.

Back at the house, Giselle and Liz share space…
…if not interests.  Giselle’s face… too cute.  Liz, always reading!  I swear she’s not a bookworm.  Is she?  Nope!

Must be the genius trait at work.  Anyway…

Gwen wanders around in her outerwear, contemplating a plant…
…that has been in this house before she was genetically engineered.

Must be SOME plant!
O.o  Ooooh.

Graham throws up in the shower…
We DO have a maid… who sucks.

Giles is making waffles!
Good luck with that.  And the fridge stinks, someone should do something about that (like at my work.  😐  )

Wow!  look at all the Zales!
Aren’t they cute?  All choosing to hang out together?  I think so.  ❤ Zales.  I love how I never redid Liz’s clothes after her elder birthday.  OH WELL.

Hey Giles?
Those waffles look great.

Gwen chooses rotting salad over burnt waffles.

The flies were calling to her.

…old cake.  That’s it, this family needs a cook or something.  Flora has a LTW to work on, she can’t be cooking the whole house fresh made meals!  Besides, she has very little cooking skill!  Maybe someday I’ll have a cooking Zale again.  Poor family.  Burnt waffles, rotting salad, and two day old, half eaten outside cake.

Giselle!  Thank you!
I’m glad you had enough of the stinky fridge fumes too!  I appreciate you.

Checking back on Flora out on the town, I heard HORRIBLE singing, which was traced back to this…
…her name is Tara.  Tara the Terrible.  She’s also face first towards a building, therefore very SMART too.  The flowers are nice, though.

Flora was starving, so we headed to the pizzeria.  But we had to make our own food.
I agree, Flora, a very picturesque building.  (Monte Vista, ladies and gentlemen!)

This blob will become an “extra cheesy pizza” if all goes well.
It sounded good to me.  I like cheese pizza.

Holy cute!  I thought the blob would just turn into food, like milk on a cutting board makes pancakes!
But look!  She’s making the dough!

And FROND is here!
Hi buddy!  Don’t mind your sister epically tossing pizza dough!

Oh… oh dear… Sims and Fire… 😐
Please be careful!

That is a cheese pizza and I approve.  Thank you.

These two ladies showed up for a slice…
…and brought a dog.  Hygienic.  (And this from a dog lover and professional trainer…)

I sat Flora down with Frond, after he stole a piece…
But they didn’t speak.  😦

Then!  Since Flora was out and about, and she has the remains of 5 generations in her pocket, I decided to build a little cemetery and allow her to dispose of the Zale Legacy with dignity.

But then this…
of course it has!
…So that’s all you get for now!

I didn’t lose much, if anything, since I saved going into, and out of, Edit World mode.  But I had enough pictures for a mediocre post, so there you have it.  Shelley’s birthday is in a few days, and I think it might only be ADULT.  But we’ll have to find out!

Come back soon, yes?  And check out the Table of Contents?  I worked hard on that.  And hey, glance at the header will ya?  I work hard on that too!  OR!  Let me know in the comments if I should nix the header it altogether.  I put a lot of time and effort into keeping it current, and resizing the pics, and making in a file, graying out the dead ones and blah blah – but if no one likes it, I’ll nix it and do something else.  Input requested.  Even if you just enjoy seeing it at the top of the page, and don’t care if it’s super up to date, that’s good enough for me to keep up on it.  I do kind of like it, reminds me of a yearbook.  So yeah!  Sorry for the delay, and come see us again soon!  I’ll wait for ALL the teens to be YA for heir poll, but I promise there will still be ISBI antics galore!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

15 thoughts on “Flora Makes a Pizza 6.6

  1. Val

    Yay more Zales :3 I /hated/ the performers that would randomly show up and then NEVER. LEAVE. You’re lucky no one got trapped watching her.

  2. zefiewings

    Nice chapter of everyone being just themselves. It’s good to have those on occasion.
    And sorry if I’ve made you paranoid about sim fires. They are happening A LOT around me…

    I happen to really like your header. It’s nice how it grows, really shows the size and accomplishment that is the Zales family.

    And sims crash…mines done that twice recently…and it used to NEVER do it…I don’t understand what happened…what has changed.
    WHY SIMS? You have been running nearly PERFECTLY up until now.
    Now I actually have some glitches, and crashes… a bunch of supernaturals running around that say they are human in CAS.

    I think as far as the kids go…I’m leaning towards Giles…then Giselle. For now.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! Yes, you HAVE made me paranoid around SIM fires! Oh good, I’m glad you like the header. Just one person is good enough for me to keep up on it! Thanks! I’m hoping your game has recovered from it’s crashes and is back to being a stable game again! I think it might’ve had to do with the updates. Weird about all the supernaturals? Maybe it takes some time. I had a werewolf at Uni running around in a different game once, and I popped her into CAS, and she was SO pretty! I then made her human, but she still ran around as a werewolf. Maybe it just takes some time?

      I think I haven’t given Graham enough face time, but he’s kinda boring, even though he’s very very cute. My favorites are currently Giles too, even though he’s evil – and then Gwen! That Sim is too much.

  3. Sammy-Sama

    The teens are all so cute, but I think Giselle is my favorite ^_^
    Sucks about the game crashing, mine did that last night too. I’m a paranoid simmer though, I save every 5 to 10 minutes because I worry about game crashes. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    PS: I think the header is cool. I don’t think you should get rid of it.

    1. Heather Post author

      Ugh, if I saved every five minutes, all I’d be doing was saving. And my saves take probably 3 minutes each time. I save after either a lot of play has past, or I’ve completed something like a remodel, or the graveyard. Also just before a birthday. I can also feel crashes/freezes coming – the game starts lagging a little now and then, or I get these weird thick black boxes around the portrait panels – then I better save as soon as I can! When Sunset Valley was breaking, I was saving all the time too.

      And yay! You like the header too. It’s staying!

  4. Miss Wingless

    Your header is unique so let it stay (and it seems to have done so still ^^) But this was to just see the Zales ru around their own business doing nothing special. Oh pranks… that can be a real pain when you all of sudden see a red spot and think “Who did that?!”…. I still have a chair in my game that have a trap, but no one ever seem to sit in that chair, so it just keep on blinking red… 🙂 Oh, I really like Gwen for some reasons and I love those icy eyes she have, very beautiful.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yes, Gwen is an awesome Sim. I should invite her over soon in game. I’m sure there will be a birthday soon, and I’ll make sure I invite the spares. I had Flora run around triggering all the traps, I think they’re funny.

  5. laserkatt

    Best. Title. EVER \o/
    Monte Vista is really so pretty o: And I really wanna move my sims there now, as well as pretty much everywhere else D:
    Love all the kids, they’re really pretty :3 And Graham’s flamingo kicking- and prank face ;D Awesome.

    1. Heather Post author

      Monte Vista is fantastic! I love it there, but I’m going to buy Barnacle Bay and head there next! I love Graham! He’s the bestest!

  6. somebodysangel13

    I so have to get better at taking pictures of ‘normal’ stuff. Mostly I’m shooting birthdays/weddings/significant skilling and promotions. Normal stuff is interesting too! Though, you’d get a lot more of that in an ISBI. My controllable simmies have very little free time…why does that make me feel like a bad simmer, now. I see all the fun your idiots are having, and it makes me think I work mine too hard.

    I love the header picture, even if it is a little spoilery for those of us coming in late. But it’s very cool and unique, as another commenter said. So many people use the current heir, or the founder for theirs, I like how you have them all. Though, if I can make a suggestion, could you somehow highlight the THs, or the start of each new generation? I was getting so confused with the pets in one spot, but then the TH that adopted them after them. Figured it all out now, but it took a while 😉

    1. Heather Post author

      I love all the normal stuffs. That’s what makes the Sim stand out with it’s own individuality. But you’re right, I definitely get a ton more “normal” since the little idiots just wander around and do whatever they want all the time.

      And ya know? Maybe you do work your little Simmies too hard. You should make sure you do one little fun family outing a week. 🙂 Hmm, I sound very bossy. I do not mean to be bossy. You can do whatever you want with your little Simmies!

      It is a little spoilery, the header that is. I was going to do something to it where they were all labeled, but it just looked ugly… I couldn’t find a way to make it look nice… I figure it’s more just for sport than to be an accurate reference guide, so if it isn’t too confusing, I’ll leave it alone. Let me know what you think?

      1. somebodysangel13

        Hey, that’s a good idea. At least on the seasonal holidays or something, I should let them have a break. It’s not always that I’m making them skill all the time, just that I need them to do stuff like make friends, or I direct them to complete the wishes that they rolled. I never understand why they will roll a wish to, say, play in the tree house, and then not do it themselves!

        The spoilery is okay, if you’re coming in late, like I have, you obviously know there are generations ahead. No problems there. I sometimes have difficulty telling the later kids apart. Except for Daphne, can never confuse her for someone else. And Erick is pretty original too.
        I think it’s fair to leave it as is; you’re right, it’s for fun more than a reference. That’s what you have the Table of Contents and Generations pages for.

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