The Children from the Future 6.4

Welcome welcome!  The Zales are happy to see you!  Last time the stars aligned in the Simverse, and we skilled some toddlers!  We also had a wedding, finally marrying Flora and Shelley, and I remembered to send Flora for her Gnome of the Wrist!  Let’s see what happens next!

I begin with this!  Because I’d forgotten and it’s funny!
Silly Giles.  But he looks VERY HAPPY with the new functionality of his arms.  Funny, he’s still cute.

Someone left the TV on, so a couple gnomes and Eddie have a gander.
Look at Eddie’s head tilt.  Too cute.

And aw!  Look at Grandpa Erik!
Of course he’s thinking about himself in his Diva-tastic way, but it’s still cute.

Shelley and Flora are actually on a date here.  Shelley is stir crazy, so we’re going to head to the festival!  But pancakes first.
They’re adorable.

At the festival they play some horseshoes!

I wanted to have them dance next, but then the festival closed.  Fine then.

But while out and about, Flora found a turtle!
We name him Don.  Don the turtle.  Because EA suggested it.

Eddie had fleas!  And UGH I hate that flea moodlet.  It is WAY too detailed.  Makes me itch just thinking about it…
…fleas begone!  Man, it hurts my knees just looking at Flora like that.  I’m too old to kneel on a hard tile floor.  Ouch.

Erik headed off to work exhausted, so this happened…
Poor old man passed out in the rain.  Kind of sad.  But at least he’s progressing with his LTW!  Good man!

Flora studies more gardening theory.
Thank you books.  Maintaining a garden is hard.

Shelley is busy parenting.

And the boys are too cute!
If you’ve never seen too toddlers play peekaboo together, well, It’s adorable!  They get all surprised and giggle.  I love it!

Eddie is super cute too, and his lifebar is full, so it’s only a matter of time.
He sleeps with his eyes open in true Zale fashion.  I love you Eddie Zale.

Grandma Liz finds the video games!

GnomeJulia watches.
on a TV as big as a wall!

Then – this happens.
She’s glitched and is showing in the walker.  Reset Sim didn’t work, and deleting the walker with MoveObjects didn’t work.

So I aged her to a child in CAS.
Hmm.  No.

Then back to toddler and…
No no no!  AH!  That is some scary scary pixels.  Damn GlitchyGwen.

I hadn’t played TOO much, so I could go back to my original save, but I’d done some more furnishing, and I was really happy with it, and didn’t want to start over.  So I do a save as file, and start over, she’s still “in the walker”… damn.

Then!  I headed to edit town, and split the household, moving Shelley and Gwen out together, then I just merged them back in, and VIOLA!
YAY!  Welcome back Gwen.

And here’s Erik!
He seems to have a great idea and is running home!

Maybe because he REALLY wants to tell everyone that he’s been promoted!
To World Renowned Surgeon!
Yay Erik!
Two in a row!  HUZZAH!  Zales are on a roll!

And look who’s here!  It’s FROND!
We know what that must mean! He missed his mommy BIRTHDAYS!

Each adult is carrying a toddler.  Their favorite toddler as a matter of fact.
Two in the dining room, and two in the kitchen!

Aw!  It’s Grandma and Grandpa with Giselle and Graham!
Liz looks a little grumpy!  Maybe she wanted to bring ALL the babies again.  Too bad.

Flora and Giles…

Shelley and Gwen!
I love them.  I love this house!

Four synchronized birthdays!
I’m very happy with the success of this party!  But where’s Frond!?

Here he is!

I love this party!
But I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now, because I took a ton of pictures.

GlitchyGwen goes first!
She rolls clumsy which joins easily impressed and slob.  I would imagine her wearing a lot of food on her clothes.
She’s gorgeous!
After makeover:
She looks better out in the game, and I haven’t used that long braid yet.  If you recall, she likes spice brown.  🙂

Giselle goes second!
She’s also adorable and rolls light sleeper.  This adds to her already neurotic and outdoor hating nature.
After makeover:
And her favorite color is sea foam.  I think she’s lovely.

Giles is the first boy to go!
He rolls excitable.  He’s now an evil, outdoor loving, excitable young man.
Aw, he’s too precious to be evil!
After makeover:
He likes purple.

Last but not least, Graham!
Graham rolls perfectionist.  He is also a light sleeper and a couch potato.
He’s too cute!
I love those eyes!
After makeover:
I embraced perfectionist, I thought he’d like the neckerchief.  And he looks adorable in glasses, but I might remove them because they hide his eyes.  He likes the color green.

And there they are!  The children from the future!  I love each and every one!
Seeing as they’re children now, however, it was time to redo the bedrooms!

Here’s the boys’ room.
I really like it!

And the girls’…
Which I also think turned out well!

And there you have it!  Not much happened, but this was a good stopping point.  Come back next time!  I’m sure there will be more fun things in store for the G Children.  Happy Simming!

12 thoughts on “The Children from the Future 6.4

  1. roserainboweve

    Giselle is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what she looks like as an adult, she has such pretty eyes. The boys and Gwen just don’t compare in my opinion. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      How funny! I like all of the children. Since they’re all the same age, I’m going to wait until YA birthday and heir poll when they’re actually adults with LTW and such. Then we can see them all as adults! It’s *supposed* to be a boys turn to be TH, but I’ll honor the heir poll, so your Giselle, if she maintains your favor – just might win!

  2. zefiewings

    Cutie babies! 😀 And Yay for synchronized birthdays!
    The kids rooms turned out really nice too. I like the colors.
    It’s weird that you are already on ‘G’…I haven’t even finished gen one yet…

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh dear Zefie, you are too funny. The Zales are quantity over quality my friend. It’s ISBI! You couldn’t write a story for it. The TH would be all, “then my Grandpa Erik put a baby down in the snow and wet himself…” or “Last time I saw my little brother he was doing his homework on some bald kid’s roof.” It’d be like narrating a loony bin! And perfectly sane Sims would go down the tube when you passed the torch. Which wouldn’t make sense. Anyway, your blog is an amazingly detailed story, which is very touching. I’m attached to all your little family. The only Zales anyone was ever attached to were Abraham, and maybe Daisy. There’s no comparison! You have story, and flow, and proof reading. I have pictures and word vomit. It goes very quickly!

  3. Kattie

    Ah! So glad Gwen got sorted out! And the kids’ blue eyes are killer (and Giles’s are cute too!).

    1. Heather Post author

      Gwen was downright spooky! I’m glad I got her fixed up too 🙂 I think all the children are adorable, but the blue eyes, and all very different shades, is pretty awesome. But I do like the Giles got grandpa Erik’s eyes.

  4. Miss Wingless

    That was one of the most terrifying toddler glitches that ever have been seen… o_O Help!! But Giles! That’s not how you play with blocks XP Silly Giles indeed. Adorable children as usual produced by the only Zales there can ever be ^^ And dah, everyone in the entire household keeps being adorable to me!! 😀 Shelley and Flora are just the cutest together… aww…

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