Fun Times in the Zale House 6.3

Hi!  I hope everyone out there is doing well!  I had a GREAT DAY!  I got a new stove, and it was desperately needed, an appointment I was dreading regarding a lawsuit at my work was cancelled – permanently!  And I have an acupuncture consult scheduled for my best good boy Lucas to see if we can improve his quality of life a little.  He’s doing really well, but still has some mobility issues, and I’m excited for the prospect.  Anyway, on to the Zales!  Last time the Zales made a move to Monte Vista, Flora and Shelley visited the future again for a couple more kids, and we have FOUR TODDLERS in the house!  Let’s see how things went!!

We begin with a diva sighting!  What’s wrong princess?  Feeling neglected?

Oh, you just want some cake.  I see how it is.
Well go get some!  We have a fridge full!

And the toddlers are too much cute!  It’s Giselle and Gwen…
…being adorable beyond all reason and playing peekaboo together.  D’awww.

Giles gets a go on the potty…

And Graham found a tank!

The girls get some time in the walker…

And Flora gets a slice of cake and a snooze in her pool house hideaway.
Flora: Whose idea was all these babiessszzzzz
Mine.  Sorry.

Shelley looks just THRILLED with Giles after bringing him downstairs…

But!  I have NEVER seen a Sim volunteer a skilling action!  She’s teaching him to walk!
How flippin’ cute!

And then she actually feeds him!

And after left alone downstairs, he finds a toy in his diaper.
Aw.  Adorable.

Liz returns home from work exhausted!

Actually, the whole family is a MESS!
Poor Zales
Well, except Eddie the dog.  He’s GREAT!  😐

Needing more hands around the house, I use Liz’s elder action and retire…
…she looks thrilled.

Aw.  Polite clapping.  And Eddie cares!
And one exhausted Flora is on her way home.

I immediately sent her to her pool house retreat… BUT…
Even though she’s about an acre away, she “can’t sleep while Graham is crying” and fails on the floor.  SOMEONE HELP GRAHAM!

Grandma Liz to the rescue!
Giselle looks VERY creepy there in the crib.

Remember Shelley and Giles downstairs?  Well after the adorable walking and feeding, Shelley needed to wee and carried Giles into the bathroom with her, put him on the floor, used the facilities, and then left him there.  And… this happened.
Sad, sad, unhygienic fail.  He slept on the bathroom floor until his energy was full, woke up and played with his diaper dino again.  Completely ignored and neglected, on the bathroom floor.  FOR MANY HOURS.  Fail fail fail.

Giselle isn’t fairing much better, even though she’s in a crib.
She’s frighteningly flexible in her spinal column, and quite hungry.

Then, a wonderful thing happened.  It was snowflake day!  Flora was fully rested from her respite in the pool house, and didn’t have to go to work!  This is when things actually became VERY fun.

Flora puts one sleepy Gwen to bed…
…her OWN bed to boot!

Graham gets the playpen…

Giles the walker…

And it’s naptime for Giselle!

Flora needs a shower, but why do it alone!
Get a fun boost, a relationship boost, and ya both get clean!  Win!  And Flora and Shelley haven’t spent more than a moment together since they engineered quadruplets!

After an “exhilarating shower” (if ya know what I mean) it’s time to feed the dog…

Grab a bite…
…with your mother watching…

And then it’s BACK TO BUSINESS!  We got Simmies to raise here!  Shelley feeds her favorite, Giles…
But I appreciate the help!

So.  The boys and girls are on opposite sleep schedules, and the holiday was the hugest blessing!  Graham is working on teaching himself to talk, and Giles is learning the potty!

In just a few wonderful moments, the boys will be potty trained.

Then it’s walker time for Graham…
Damn he’s cute.  He’s my ever so slight favorite.

And then the girls are awake!
Giselle’s turn to work the “row o’ potties”.  But then Shelley hijacks her and drags her downstairs into the full moon kitchen.
Grr.  Downstairs is not toddler place.

But at this point, I actually started locking in any rolled “age up well” wishes.  I think we’re gonna make it!

So close!
You can do it Gwen!

And holy cow the boys are so cute…
…in their holding pen.  Ha.

Oops, shoot.  Sorry Flora – I thought you could make it…
…and seeing how you’d had to TRY not to pee in a toilet when that close, you should be a little ashamed of yourself.

And then for the first time in a LONG time, Flora and Shelley…
…sleep together.
Shelley: Whose idea was all these babiessszzzzz?
Mine.  I’M SORRY!

It’s good that Flora and Shelley shared their rest together because the very next day it’s…
Small family WEDDING TIME!
Aw… Are they not adorable in their pink/white formal?  I think so.

So does Erik!
Erik:  *sigh*
Too cute.

Aw.  I’m so happy they finally got married! *wipes away tear*

Shelley:  YAY! 😀
Flora:  This isn’t what I ordered… It was supposed to be pink.  😐

Flora:  OH YAY!  It’s pink INSIDE!

After the wedding, where is Flora scurrying off to?

Why to get the necessary Gnome of the Wrist!

This is the LAST SKILL for the LAST TODDLER!
Pink, you were right.  It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  Although I’m going to reiterate what a great stroke of luck Snowflake Day was.  AND that Flora had slept all night in the pool house and was ready to rock!

Aw, Grandma Liz!

Then HOLY CRAP THE CUTE!  (I cheated and sent them all here because I wanted to see it really bad…)
(It was worth it!!!)

Okay, one more thing, and then we’re finished for the post.
Aw Erik.  How cute are you?
(Didn’t he just have a birthday?  Feels like it…)
Liz and Shelley root for him!

Oh you DIVA – just hurry up and elderfy and then you can have cake!
(But note that Flora and Eddie have also shown up for the party!)

Aw.  You cutie patootie!
He actually aged with grace, and didn’t hold his back and grimace.  Aw.  And hey!  There’s Giles’ brown eyes!

Speaking of Giles…

Anyhoo, back to Erik!  I dressed him how I felt an aging Diva would dress themselves.  Especially one who loved orange.
I think he looks fantastic!


And, that’s it!  The toddlers have three more days until birthday time, so it’s the end for now!  I actually had a ton of fun with this.  I thought it would be really difficult, but the only real challenge was getting Flora enough sleep.  Sure we had a few fails… but FOUR TODDLERS.  It was quite enjoyable to get them all skilled up.  I’m not 100% certain they’re all finished, but we’ll find out on their birthday I guess?  Which I’m SURE will be next time!

Come back soon!  Happy Simming!

11 thoughts on “Fun Times in the Zale House 6.3

  1. Val

    Erik looks awesome, I always have such a hard time dressing my elders. I can just hear the screaming babies in every picture… Good for you for keeping your sanity lol

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I think Erik looks pretty spiffy myself. My favorite elder since Abraham. The kids were actually pretty fun. And adorable!

  2. roserainboweve

    Elder Erik is adorable! 🙂 I do have some questions for you though as I am facing the same problem you were – same sex pregnancy with no mods! I used to use a mod, but the creator of the mod is apparently retiring which means no more updates. 😦 May I ask how you went about turning Flora into a man?

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! If you type Crtl+Shift+C a little box appears for cheat codes. If you type “testingcheatsenabled true” and hit enter, you can then Shift+Click on a Sim and click edit sim. It opens the sim in full CAS mode, and you can even change basics, like name and gender. That’s what I did to Flora.

  3. Miss Wingless

    “And after left alone downstairs, he finds a toy in his diaper. Aw. Adorable”… it’s so adorable to find a toddler playing with a toy he magicaly pulled out of his own diaper. XD You survived the toddlers, congrats! And Erik sure is one good looking elder there, really pull it off there 🙂 And they are finally married and a real family 🙂 Beautiful there ❤

  4. Pingback: 2.8 – Give meh another one! | The Lockwood Chronicle

  5. somebodysangel13

    Woot, you survived all the toddlers! And not only survived, but taught them all their skills! So impressed. I did not know that sims could autonomously teach toddlers to walk, that is awesome! And this comment has far too many exclamation marks…

    Erick is such a cute elder, I love that shirt/vest, so fitting.

    1. Heather Post author

      I had never seen a Sim autonomously teach a skill before. I think it only happens in a Family Oriented Sim? I’ve never seen a Sim (other than a butler) autonomously repair an object either… I thought Erik looked adorable as an elder too!


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