So Many Babies 6.2

Well Hello!  Welcome back to another Zale installment.  There’s a lot of stuff happening, so let’s just get to it.

First, based off votes, I’m keeping the future spawn, and embracing them in all their glory.  I didn’t get to know their traits and favorites, so we’ll start there!
Giles, the blue burrito, loves the outdoors and is evil.  He likes songwriter music, key lime pie, and the color purple.
Giselle, the pink burrito, hates the outdoors and is neurotic.  She likes hip hop, vegetarian grilled salmon, and the color sea foam.

With that covered, what do we spy here?
It’s Frond!  Hugging his FATHER!  I didn’t even know they knew each other. ha ha.  Nice to see him not interact with Liz for once.  This is Giles’ room, and I really like it, and I made him that cute little bear.  It’s purple, and kinda evil.  Like him!

The sweet moment between father and son is short lived.
I’m pretty sure Erik is accusing Frond of being a diva.  RIGHT Erik.  He’s the diva.  Sure.

Here’s Giselle’s room.  Her favorite color is sea foam, but I thought red was a nice accent color.
I thought it turned out really nice – and SPOILER: We don’t get to enjoy it for long. 😦

There’s OLDIES in the house!


And Evie arrives at a very picturesque moment!
Why are they here?

FLORA!  Your leg!  Are you okay!?!?

And of course these two would be in perfect sync.
Shelley:  I barely know this kid.
Dude, look how cute Frond turned out!  I’m surprised!
I thought he was kind of mediocre as a teen, but as a YA, I think he’s great looking!
Frond gets to roll and acquired “animal lover”.  This joins his other traits, which are athletic, can’t stand art, ambitious and excitable.

See how cute he is?

Flora: *boop* Presses the slow button
Parenting is easy.  HA HA – FOR NOW!

Look at the family party picture!
Isn’t it cute?  Aw.  I’m going to miss those spares.  (What do I keep alluding to?)

After cake, I heard male crying.  I couldn’t find anyone at first, but then I discovered Evan.
He located Duke and Duchess in their new temporary resting place after redoing the bedrooms for the new babies.  Aw.  I miss them too.

But it was time to kick out Frond!
Well… apparently he didn’t want to leave his mother.  Because my game died, and sat on THIS:
Son of a...
Forever.  Son of a…

So I pick up all the ancestors, a few choice paintings and do a test save.  It works!  But, I’ve had enough trouble here – so… BYE HOUSE!

And HELLO HOUSE! *Whistles*
The Zales have landed in Monte Vista!  I could NEVER have built a house as beautiful as this, and my Zales deserve a NICE home!  They had enough of their own money to buy it.  I opted for “unfurnished”.
And WOW!  Look at it!
That’s just the main floor.  It’s going to be fun!

First things first, we gotta build a koi pond.
There we go!

And… three hours later… I paid a lot of attention to attempting to furnish the house and it’s only partially completed.  But I REALLY want to play.  I’ve been at it for HOURS, and I think only half a sim day was actually played – and lost due to saving issues.  So!  We start off doing THIS again.
And he’s still cute!
And the family eating cake is also very cute!
But Frond isn’t getting another makeover.  They take ages, and he already got one – it’s NOT MY FAULT IT DIDN’T WORK – so we kick him out.  Successfully!

Now that we have two house slots, it’s time to go get some more babies!  Cross your fingers for boys!
On this visit to the future, the elevators are no kinder to Flora.

Get your cute little tushies in there and make me some babies!

Funny.  Those are the only two pictures I took from this future trip.  We came, we made two babies, and we went home.  Worth documenting?  Flora falling out of a tube elevator, and the ladies standing outside the hospital.  HeatherLogic.

I also didn’t bother showing you the two new children!  The next image I captured was this:
Walls are down on purpose, showing the two nurseries.  Erik and Flora are standing in Giles and Giselle’s room.  In the foreground we have… drumroll please… Graham and Gwen!  To complete Shelley’s LTW, we’ll need one more, but the house is full.  It’ll have to be after Liz or Erik pass away.  Graham (blue burrito in the green crib)  likes roots music, firecracker tofu, and the color green.  He’s a couch potato and a light sleeper.  Gwen likes rockabilly music, key lime pie, and the color spice brown.  She’s the pink burrito in the earth toned crib.  She is an easily impressed slob.  Wow.  Four infants.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Unless I could control all four adults, this is going to be horrible.

With four infants, and a house this large…
…I hire a maid.  I like how I made it – oh I don’t know, two posts – before rehiring a maid.  Flora would be completely unable to do this by herself.  I’ve challenged us enough with four infants.

The next morning, Flora scurries off to work.  I expected Shelley to struggle somewhat to take care of all the children, …
…But seriously?  You’re family oriented!  If he’s SCREAMING, HELP HIM.  Don’t rage about it.  Sheesh.

At this moment, I was afraid I’d hate Shelley – but she pulled it together, and did her best to take care of 4 newborns, and still manage to eat a meal and go to the bathroom.  They were never all happy babies, but she did pretty good.  Far better than I would do!  I’m horrible with a single baby – let alone FOUR.

Flora gets off work, and the infants are in terrible shape.  I don’t feel like she should have to rush home and fix everything, so I send her to the library.  A lonely little toddler was sitting on the floor.  No one else was there.
Flora couldn’t pick him up, she didn’t “know the family” well enough… so fine.  She has her own children she isn’t picking up at home, and we’re here to study, so forget the random toddler.

We stopped at the bookstore before hitting the library, and Flora reads the entire first gardening book before heading home.

Back at home – the massive estate with the four infants – Liz is actually helpful!

Flora returns home from work to this:
poor babies
But she was exhausted – and I couldn’t worry too much about her trying to do everything.  I leave the idiots to it, and I buy Flora a cozy little bed in the pool house.
Sleep sweetie.  Sleep.  They’ll be toddlers soon, and I’ll need you SO MUCH if we’re to not lose them to the social worker.  Forget learning all their skills – just not getting them taken away would be GREAT.  I’m not looking forward to it.

And Shelley is TRYING.
But it’s all SO MUCH.

And Liz?  Without her Frond – she’s an excellent grandma.


Shelley’s eyes looked awesome, so I took this really quick.
She’s holding Giles.  Or maybe it’s Graham.  Blue Burrito.  You’d think in a house this large, we could have birthdays inside.  But not FIVE BIRTHDAYS.

I’m totally cheating this by the way.  You cannot coordinate a massive birthday without controlling all the adults.  So I’m clicking each of the adults, asking them to pick up one of the children, and “go here” near a cake.
It’s working!  YAY!

Oh… or not…
Where’s everyone going?  Flora?  What’s that white lump in front of you?  Did you just put an infant in the snow?

Yup, Liz and Shelley are putting the babies they were holding BACK IN A CRIB.  😐

Oh, Erik too.
Great… This did NOT work as planned.  Fine.

After all the idiots put their baby burritos wherever it is they put them, Liz picked up snow baby.
Screenshot-39This is Giselle!

And, she’s freezing in the snow AGAIN.

Flora, celebrates Giselle’s birthday with gusto – even though she’s buried in snow.  Totally normal.

Liz then scurries off to get Graham too!

And she brings Giles!

And I was not at all surprised when she went and got Gwen.
Flora is who I was in control of when I clicked each of the cakes.  Liz went and got every single baby.

Okay Liz.  Okay.

So, who’s the fifth cake for?
Liz!  Liz has decided if she’s going to BE a grandma, she wants to LOOK like one too!
*Note:  It was actually Liz’s birthday, but the infants were only two days away, so I went for the epic QUINT birthday.

Although Liz hesitates briefly once it’s too late…
…Erik supports her entirely!

As he should, because here’s adorable elder Liz!
I think she is too cute for words.  Aw.

All the ancestors, and pets too, are in Flora’s inventory – but they’re still haunting!
Hi Duke!
Duchess haunted too, but she’s sleeping and the snow covers her, so I couldn’t get a shot.  But Hi Duchess!

Benji also pays us a visit!
Hi Benji!

Well, enough with the ghost pets – aren’t we all waiting for the toddlers?

She likes purple, hates the outdoors, and is neurotic.

Just kidding – she likes SEA FOAM.  Here she is again.
I went back to that red accent color.  She has almost blue gray eyes!  Of course she’s blond, her mothers are blond.

Here’s Giles!  HE LIKES PURPLE, is evil (aw, I don’t like that trait) and loves the outdoors.
He’s pretty damn cute.  Not sure where brown eyes came from.  Flora has very dark purple eyes, and Shelley light blue ones.  Giles gets a rich brown.  But I love him!  He doesn’t look evil to me.

And Graham!  The green loving couch potato and light sleeper!
He has almost turquoise eyes?  Not sure where that came from either!  Is he not adorable?  The two boys have very different noses.

Gwen!  She favors spice brown, and is an easily impressed slob!
She has Shelley’s eye color for the most part.  I like the brown, and I think she’s adorable.  The next TH will definitely be blonde!

And – welcome to chaos.

I am under no illusion that I will complete toddler skilling.  I’m not sure I’m even going to try.  I’m just going to do my best to keep them from being taken away by the social worker.  😦

Come back soon to see how it goes!

I hope everyone’s happy with the changes the Zales experienced.  I’ve never seen a legacy that used a premade house – but this one is SO lovely – and the Zales (and I) have worked hard to get to this point – and I feel it’s well deserved.  I’m LOVING Monte Vista, and it runs really well on my computer.  We’re still toting around all the TH and spouse gravestones, I’ll have to figure out what to do with them soon, and Shelley and Flora, even though they have FOUR BABIES are still not married – I have to take care of that too!

Come back soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

23 thoughts on “So Many Babies 6.2

  1. sammysama7

    Ahh! They’re all so cute!
    I don’t think I’ll ever try an ISBI because I’d get waaaaay too frustrated at points like the birthday and just give up lol. You have the patience of a saint xD

    1. Heather Post author

      I love the ISBI – it’s SO EASY to just relax and watch it happen. You can’t do anything about it anyway. AND you get to learn a lot about Sims and what they do when they’re not micromanaged. I’m a little concerned four the four toddlers, but Erik, Liz & Shelley should at least help sometimes. I might make Liz’s elder action “retire” so I can have her puttering around and helping out with the babies. Erik needs to reach his LTW – of course the move reset his current promotion progress. Ugh. But I’m pretty sure he’ll make it. I also need his money – so he’ll keep working for sure!

  2. Val

    I think the birthday thing didn’t work because I’m pretty sure the adult with the best relationship with the kids get to carry them. Guess Liz really IS a super-grandma! Good luck with all the toddlers- I know you can do it!

    1. Heather Post author

      I did not know that! I’ll check their relationship bars when I play next time. You’d think Shelley or Flora would have a higher level? Was Liz family oriented? Hmm, no, I just googled her. I’m looking forward to actually enjoying a PLAY session, without moving, freezing, and having to decorate a house. It still needs some Zale touches, but I think it’s coming together!

  3. zefiewings

    I remember when I had four toddlers in the house. I didn’t title that chapter ‘Chaos’ for nothing.
    To be honest…I miss it. My babies…all grown up…sniff…

    1. Heather Post author

      I remember when you had four toddlers too! At least they were spaced out somewhat, so you didn’t have to try to skill them all at the same time! I kind of miss your little baby family too. I hope you are still working on your new post! I’m really looking forward to seeing what they got up to on vacation! And you just need to hurry up with gen 2, and then you can have new babies again! ❤

      1. zefiewings

        I’m done it just had way more mistakes than usual and I had no time to go back and edit it this weekend. But I should have it up withing a little while.

  4. pinkfiend1

    Look you have the playpen and the walker so use them. Jut rotate them around so that they each get to talk/walk in one of them. Sorted. Mine tend to get abandoned for the full day where I leave them because nobody touches them.Then all you have to worry about is the potty. Which is simple Pick one then spam Flora’s queue with about 5 or 6 potty trains in a row and it’s done. Nice and simple.
    Quads are easy. It’s 3 teenagers, with 4 kids, 4 toddlers and 4 babies and a pregnancy that’s challenging.

  5. roserainboweve

    Where did you get Giles’ hair? It’s so adorable! Although I also think it makes him look evil. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      You know, I got it from one of those pop-ups when you’re in buy mode, the things you can buy with your SimPoints. I got it all the toddler hair and clothes I could find.

      1. roserainboweve

        Thanks! I was on the Sims store recently but I don’t remember seeing that toddler hair, so I thought it must’ve come with one of the EPs. Guess not. Thanks again! 🙂

      2. Heather Post author

        It might’ve come with an expansion? I have all of them. And all stuff packs except movie stuff and sweet treats. Maybe it’s new with ITF?

      3. roserainboweve

        I just checked the store – you are right, it must have come with an expansion. I am missing all stuff packs, Showtime, ITF and a few others so I’m not surprised I don’t have it. 🙂

  6. Kattie

    The kids are beautiful! You have my best wishes with four toddlers. It’s a mess but once it’s easier when they can fend for themselves.

  7. Miss Wingless

    Oh good four at the same time and you only control one sim… dear heaven of mercy, that sure must have been a struggle for you, but seems that you made it! 😀 Kids are the adorable and I would guess that perhaps Giles eyes are from dear old Gus? Didn’t he have brownish eyes? :O (Looked and it’s similar, but lighter than the eyecolour Gus had.) Oh Liz is old, then I guess that Erik don’t have a long way to go 😀
    Frond that sly bastard… must have been him who did that to your game! You can’t stay with momma forever Frond!! XD

  8. Pingback: Nothing Happens 8.4.5 | Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy

  9. somebodysangel13

    I love many toddlers in the house! Makes things interesting and a change from skilling all the time. Then again, I haven’t (yet) played an ISBI… I’m with Pink, use the walker and the playpen liberally – two walkers and one playpen should skill them up pretty quick. I’m trying to figure out where I put the playpen/walker download, since they are not in my game despite Aurora Skies being in there… I think I must have uninstalled the Early Learning Centre thingy.

    And I agree with you, actually, I’m pretty sure that the house you chose in Monte Vista is the same one I chose when I moved my legacy family there! In the little town near the science centre, right? Such pretty houses, so huge and spaced out. Though not so much with my legacy peoples, we filled up all those rooms right quick. No space for a bathroom with couches, not when I have 7 people to make bedrooms for!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m not a 100% sure where this house was, but the most obvious features are a hedge maze with a water feature in the back, a pool house, and a garage. It also has indoor/outdoor bits with half walls which was REALLY annoying when the Sims were in their “automatically put on outerwear when go outside” mode… not only was there laundry everywhere, but the pause to change their clothes when they needed to eat, wee etc. was REALLY annoying. But I DID love the house, and I was looking back on these posts as you were reading, and I discovered I miss it quite a bit.

    1. Heather Post author

      I loved it too! They’ve had a fair few since then, but I’ll always think of their time in Monte Vista fondly! It’s a really beautiful home!


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