Oh! Well, that was fast… 6.1 (HELP ME!)

Okay Simmers, I need your help…  But first…  Here’s what went down today.

Well well, what have we here?
Yes, you’re seeing things correctly, I bought Into the Future.  I also bought Movie Stuff, but it wouldn’t download from Origin, without a game uninstall, reinstall – and forget that!  So I got a refund… anyway…

Ah!  Stranger Danger!

Stranger:  Here, have a book.
Flora:  The water slide is making it look like I have one huge boob.


Aw, it’s pretty!

Flora: SAVE ME!


Shelley however, made it just fine!

The taxis are fancy…

Where are they headed?
why we're here
Why to engineer a baby!  This is why we’re here!

Get in there ladies, make me a baby.

Oh! Quick!
OH!  Damn, that was fast… I was thinking pregnancy?  Um… okay… Name the baby…

Aw. look.  Genetically engineered spawn.  She’s DARK.  She looks Darker than Shelley…

Anyway, go make another, I don’t want to come back here all the time.
Sure, just leave that one on the floor.  New parents and all…

boys too
We name this one Giles, since we weren’t as startled about needing to name it right away.
Tada!  Spawn!

Back at home…

But.  I’m not sure how I feel about this turn of events… So I create a save file with Giles and Giselle, and go back to the original pre-China save file… and do this!

what do you mean who’s that?  It’s Flora!  Don’t you recognize your own TH?

I HATE Flora’s eyes on a dude.  It’s like their eyes just keep sinking further and further into their heads.  Anyhoo…

I then take manFlora and knock up Shelley in the shower.  I have to redress and make over Flora, which sucked, and she had freaky man voice for a bit… but hey.  After that, I went to save a new file reflecting THIS turn of events, and well, the never ending saving plumbob issue returns, and this WAS a “Save As” file.  So.  Here’s the deal.  I need some reader advice.  Please vote below on what to do next for the Zales.  I’m kind of at a loss, as I’m not sure what it is I really want.  So you guys can pick!

You guys tell me what YOU want, and I’ll do what you ask!  Or if you have any other fantastic ideas, PLEASE, leave them in the comments!

Until next time, Happy Simming!

26 thoughts on “Oh! Well, that was fast… 6.1 (HELP ME!)

      1. sammysama7

        I’m also totally cool with adopted sims being heirs, but I’m curious about the future babies haha. I just figured it would be the most fun to have them age up as quadruplets and just let us get to know them all 😀

  1. zefiewings

    I vote for ‘future spawn’.
    Firstly…its the sims. If they get the technology to have their own baby, I say jump on it.
    Check the hospital at home though, because I am pretty sure that is one of the things you can do in the regular neighborhood. Then you can have babies when you are ready and not worry about feeling all rushed to do it all at once.

    1. Heather Post author

      I DID check the hospital at home… it wasn’t an option, then I googled it and learned you have to do it in the future. I REALLY wish it was an at home option, or I’d feel much better about it. I think. I do kinda like the little peanuts. And I DID get one boy one girl, so that’s kinda cool. And I’m keen on their names, Giselle and Giles… so hmm. We’ll see. I don’t know their traits or favorites though… I didn’t think to check! AND that save file is working… so that’s promising… well, we’ll see. 🙂

      1. Heather Post author

        Maybe it is an option in Monte vista? It wasn’t an option in Sunset Valley. (I think that’s where we live, ha ha )

      2. Heather Post author

        That would be cool. I’ll investigate further. Are you working on your vacation post for your Cultracy? I really would like to read that! *hint hint hint* 🙂

  2. pinkfiend1

    Never leave me with the chance of an affair. It always wins, even if I like the idea of the future spawn. It’s always the funner option in game.

  3. evilmaniac88

    Hi, it’s tam again, but on my wordpress account 🙂 I voted for knock up Shelley with manflora because I really want to see my idea play out in a proper legacy as opposed to just me on my computer, but I wouldn’t mind keeping futurespawn either- Giselle and Giles are adorable! It’s interesting that they just walk out of the hospital with a baby when you engineer a baby – I thought it would be more like IVF in real life – but you never know what is going to happen with sims

    1. Heather Post author

      I know, I thought it was pretty weird that they walked out with a baby. I thought maybe they’d be pregnant! But then I realized it wouldn’t work with a male couple!

      1. zefiewings

        My guess is to try and keep a balance for those you want same sex partners without too much weirdness.
        Not sure I want my males being pregnant seeing as I TRY and keep the realism side of things in my legacy, know what I mean.
        (I say try. doesn’t always work that well.)

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ll probably play tonight. And I’m thinking I’ll keep future kids, get Shelley pregnant with manFlora AND adopt one child, and that’ll give us four options for next generation – that’s not too bad. We’ll see though, since I’m having saving problems again.

  4. ozziedoggirl

    I vote for future spawn. As much as I want to say ‘adopt’ because adopting a kid is awesome and everything, I feel like all the adopted kids look the same. : / Plus it weirds me out that you can adopt a school-age kid and then give them a name, like the eight-year-old didn’t have one or something.

  5. Miss Wingless

    This was one short one… but okay ^^ If I could/had been here in time to vote on the poll, I would have voted on either maleFlora or the future babies… probably the second mentioned here 🙂
    Flora looks kinda okay as a male, but I can agree on the eyes.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, it’s weird how much different they looked on maleFlora vs the Flora we know and love. I would have liked to have tried the temporary gender change method, but my game was NOT cooperating at this point!


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