A Cat, a Cake – and Cyrus! 2.2

Hi There Friends!  We last joined the Zale’s for a wedding!  Bettina and Leif got hitched in the snow, and there’s a little one on the way!  That said, I’m sick and don’t feel especially witty, but a day with nothing to do seemed like a waste not getting a post up – so here we go!

I started off by converting Blair and Becca’s old room into a nursery.
With the ISBI Object of doom.  Here’s a grumpy Angelica wanting to rock – but is already occupied by dear Abe.

And then there was a Zale Family first!  A Sim worked out!
You go Baxter – maybe get some of that weight off?  I was pretty proud of him.

Angelica flirted with Leif – which caused a bit of an uproar, and I didn’t get any pictures – but I was furious!  Everyone had an “upset” action queued – but it didn’t seem to do any permanent damage.  Damn you Flirty Angelica!  Go flirt with your HUSBAND – NOT YOUR SON IN LAW.  TERRIBLE.

Betts lost her friendship with her mother, but we recovered with some causal banter and pillow fighting.  Thankfully it didn’t seem to be a regular occurrence, and things returned to bliss.

Betts is stinking cute, an managed to get a maternity outfit that I don’t hate.
And actually being able to control a mother for the first time – we headed off to the spa!
I think it’s lovely – and Aurora Skies has a pretty little town – but the weather is SUPER wet and snowy – so a clear day was pretty rare.  It also doesn’t have a festival grounds, and a few other things – so there’s a move in our future.  But not yet.

Bettina arrived at home and I heard someone on the trampoline…
I’m sorry it’s dark, but holy cow Bea!  And what’s that in the background?
When did we get a ball?  Oh well, father-in-law bonding is approved.
Smacking your pregnant wife in the FACE with it is NOT you jackass!

And then – Leif rolled this:
And I was pretty damn mad at him for pelting Betts in the face with a baseball, but I want a cat in the house, so we adopted one from the computer.

Meet Benji!
Aw, she has two different colored eyes!  Benji is a baby mixed kitty with no tail.  I have YET to adopt a kitty in this game with a tail.  I *MIGHT* cheat a tail on her when she grows up into adulthood.  I like tails.  But she’s cute as a freakin’ bug and is Clueless & Lazy.  Aw.


Beatrix keeps actually COMPLETING paintings.  She reached painting skill level 4!  We kept this one:
But she completed this one too!

And then… at 2:05 am on a dark, stormy, rainy night… Leif FREAKED OUT!
And Bettina remained awfully calm…

…just kidding.  (I LOVE this shot, btw)

Bettina drove herself to the hospital in the rain.

Then the rain turned to snow …
And Leif showed up an hour and a half later – what he was doing at home, I have no idea…

….then, at 3:35 am we welcomed C-Baby number one – Cyrus – to the family!
I told myself that if the first baby was a boy, because I wanted to alternate boy, girl, boy, girl for TH, that they’d only have ONE child.  I mean, after the three sets of twins Abe and Angelica had, well – that was enough for me!  But it’s kinda boring… so we’ll see…

Cyrus is a Rockabilly loving, veggie fish and chip eating (newborn?), spiceberry wearing little man.  He rolled neurotic and absent minded – ha… awesome.

I redid the nursery to match his fav color – and I’m pleased with it!

And it just WOULDN’T be an update without….
…Oh Angelica…

And then Abe received this pop-up!
Job Change
We said yes – just for fun, but it was a HUGE pay cut.

Being able to control Bettina and her parenting is very enjoyable.  Maybe we WILL have another kid?  Cuz Aw…
And aw…
And (DON’T EAT MY NOSE!) Awwwww..

Wait?  Who’s this?
Becca?  And Blair?Screenshot-26
And Breanne too?Screenshot-27

And who’s this?
Why it’s Blanca Slone – Beatrix’s already aged up girlfriend.  I thought it would be good to invite her too.

Invite her to what you say?  Must be a birthday!  Of course it is!  A double birthday in fact! (Ya know, cuz Zales have TWINS)

Family party!


Oooh tingly…

Baxter!  He rolled Loner, and we selected Illustrious Author for his LTW.
He doesn’t look EXACTLY like Abe – I can’t pinpoint the exact difference, maybe nose and face shape?  I dunno – I like him better than I thought I would.  Weird.

And Beatrix!  She rolled Loves the Heat and we selected Hit Movie Composer to go with her virtuoso trait.
She’s pretty, and I kinda really like her because she’s my first gay Zale – and she’s the only one to autonomously form an actual relationship.  Oh well, scram.

I moved out Bea and Bax together.  Peace.  Oh yeah, before they left, Bea rolled learn the guitar skill, so I swiped Angelica’s from her inventory and gave it to Bea thinking she’d take it with her, which was STUPID because duh – when she left everything she had went into Abe’s inventory – but this DOES mean Angie doesn’t have a guitar…

And THEN! (aren’t my transitions fantastic?  I think so too)
Bettina rolls:
Baby With Leif

I locked it in… we’ll see.

Angelica – without her guitar, and even though she shamelessly flirted with her daughter’s husband – well, she’s a pretty awesome grandma.  And I know I complained about her A LOT but without her finally succumbing to Abe’s charms, we wouldn’t have had gotten this far.  And she’s pretty awesome at her political job and brings home good money, and well, her life bar is AWFULLY full – and I’d hate for her to pass on with everyone being all “BOO ANGELICA AND HER GUITAR!”  So… that said… here she is being awesome:
I was just catching up on The Scatterdays, and I was totally bummed when Ainsley died, and I know Angelica is not NEARLY as awesome as Ainsley, but yeah.  Angelica isn’t terrible, and without her we’d be nowhere!  (or at least somewhere VERY different!)  So, I’m showing some Angie love.  Okay done.

Also moderately noteworthy… Leif and Bettina have been going at it like rabbits in all areas of the home – no chimes.  I’m concerned.

Wait, what’s all this?  Did we just have a birthday?  Yeah – but now it’s Cyrus’ turn!
Aw… (GAWD that spiceberry and red together is GROSS!)

Here he is!
I love his eyes.  Love them.  I’ll have to see how he ages to figure him out, but there he is!  And I think he’s adorbs.

OH!  Then this happened…
Wide-eyed, in the full moon light, with her elderly parents flirting behind her – Bettina popped Maternity Stage One.  Well okay!  She WAS Preggo.  Weird no chimes was weird.

On that note, we’ll end with Bettina being a cute and awesome mom.  Come back soon!  Hopefully no one will die, and a baby will be born!Screenshot-42
And Abe and Angelica need to go do that somewhere else.  Because gross.

9 thoughts on “A Cat, a Cake – and Cyrus! 2.2

  1. whalerssims

    I’m still catching up! Thank you so much for the lovely shout-out! Ainsley’s death was indeed the saddest moment of the Scatterdays so far. I would also like to add to the Angelica love and say that she is the best at being the worst. 😀

  2. zefiewings

    The kids are all turning out pretty cute!
    I think you can try and stick with one kid…but I believe you will cave. This is my prediction. 😉

  3. zefiewings

    Also…funny about that cat things as the tailless manx is actually a rare-er breed that sells for high dollars! Like the six toed manx.

  4. Miss Wingless

    Cat! ❤ Cutie cattie…. :3 If you lock in a wish like that, of course you're going to make them have more babies… and cute babies it probably will be 🙂 Cyrus is adorable, but his eyes is soo big! My first thought on that picture of him as a toddler; "Who gave that kid a happy pill/drugs? :O" But he's adorable and can't wait to see some more offspring! 😀
    Angelica is pretty more awesome now as an elder, I'm gonna miss her once she pass on (when I get there of course! XD), and I'm probably gonna cry once Abe goes 😦 I wove him…

    1. Heather Post author

      I loved Cyrus as a toddler! Oh man, wait until Abe goes *note, lots of cursing*… it’s pretty terrible. But you’ll find out! Benji cat is pretty special, and I loved her.

  5. somebodysangel13

    Cyrus is adorable, as most toddlers are. I think his big eyes are especially noticeable given most of the B-gen had Abe’s squinty eyes. Here’s hoping Cyrus doesn’t get the pudge!


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