Bettina Ties the Knot 2.1

Hey Simulators!  I typed a whole intro here, but wordpress ate it, and I’m unhappy, so we’re just going to move on… and I’m mad – but I’m pretty sure Angelica played the guitar..,

First!  Bettina had locked in a wish to do a Private Reading, but everyone we tried it on was a fail.  Even if they were best of friends, but FINALLY…
After asking Abe many times previously, we had a success.  And I LOL’d cuz it was all about “how many times he exhales – unless he’s dead” – and it was a “poor” reading, but it still fulfilled the wish, so alright!

But forget this, it’s wedding time!

Invite the guests!
It’s Blair!

Becca!  They both look JUST THRILLED to be here… ha ha ha …HA

And SHIT, I thought we’d throw our wedding party on a Friday, but it conflicted with Beatrix and Baxter’s Prom!  Bummer!

Blanca & Beatrix Prom

I don’t remember if I posted that message, but Beatrix actually had a date for prom!  With one Blanca Slone, who I don’t recall ever meeting…

So the wedding and prom conflicted, but like a good ISBI-er I didn’t influence any actions…And just as the party guests were arrive, the Limo showed up…

There’s Blanca next to Baxter (weird) and Beatrix.  Apparently it was cold in the limo… And although we see Baxter in the Limo at this moment, as soon as it pulled away, he was still at home at the wedding party.  He didn’t go to prom – but Bea and Blanca?  They had a DAMN fine time (you’ll see!)

But … Back to the wedding…
So this happened…

too deep
I mean – shit.  You saw me build this beautiful wedding, and if you can’t tell from her decapitated headshot, she’s in formal hair… but we can’t fill the buffet because the “snow is too deep.”  well screw you too….

And, I planned this beautiful wedding, with lighting and flowers, and stunning formal wear… BUT

yeah, it’s an “outdoor wear” wedding.  Which is six kinds of lame – but fine.  Ripped jeans and vest – red cardigan and gloves.  FINE.  Just get married.

Oh no, no no, we can’t just get married.  It’s SNOWING!
Bettina, I love you, I REALLY do, but now is not the time to catch snowflakes. (fun fact: the woman in that ridiculous hat and the overalls of EAFail? Leif’s Mom, I’m glad she made it)

So, Betts is catching snowflakes, but Bea is ROCKING prom and scores a GF!  I’m SOOOO happy for the last forgotten daughter – there’s hope for her when EA Story Progression takes over!

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12
And then Betts flashes Amy’s favorite “hidden trait” and…
…looks beautiful AND evil…
And all this time, Beatrix is having an AMAZING PROM – the most intricate I’ve ever seen!  No really – LOOK!
Beatrix GF  whoa Bea!
Beatrix came home with her first kiss moodlet and EVERYTHING.

But ya know, we’re having a wedding here.  An important and PLANNED wedding, so let’s focus, shall we?

Cutting da cake! (Still pissed they’re in their outerwear!)
And then Betts… Scopes out her (I AM NINJA PUT A RING ON IT) ring!
(And oh crap – what she should’ve worn under the arch sneak peek…)

And, while this awesome wedding was happening, Beatrix had a fantastic time.  She wasn’t prom queen – she didn’t dance with her “crush” or get in a fight, but her and Blanca fell in love – and smooched!

whoa Bea!
And aw…
And we have a wall of photos, she’s the only one to have a date (details hidden below)

BUT!  Here’s the outfits I made for them that they were SUPPOSED to get married in…
And they look gorgeous, as I planned…
Aw Betts. I heart you.

… HEY HEY!  A Sim was out there throwing rice forever, I had to reset her – Baxter missed prom, but no one missed him – and I sold that buffet table that told me there was too much damned SNOW to serve food….

And, with that BRILLIANT transition – we see founders flirting in Bettina and Leif’s bathroom.  Aw Gross.

So WAIT!  Let’s meet Leif!
However, he’s cute as a bug – and all outfits, except formal, reflect his favorite color – which is …drum roll please no one cares VIOLET! Fun!  If you’re a chick.
Anyhoo!  Meet Leif!  He’s not a Merman, he just wore terrible stockings (I guess?).  Okay, I have no idea about merpeople, and I DO have Island Paradise, but who’s had time to play it? And now there’s this Movie Magic (or something) thing that we’re all supposed to buy, but I don’t want costumes, and OH — Back to business!  MEET LEIF!

Leif is a HUMAN (non merperson) R&B loving, Lobster Thermidor eating, violet wearing Sim.  He’s Over Emotional, Loves the Outdoors, has Commitment Issues, and is a Genius, Cat Person.  So much win (for this Simmer).  I mean cat person.  WIN.

KITTIES (maybe?)

He’s got an LTW of “Renaissance Sim” with no job, and he’s mastered Scuba Diving and has 5 Cooking Skill points.  Oh HEY!

… And Bettina’s bedroom is AWESOME!
Wait?  What’s she wearing?!?
Are C Babies on the way?

Who knows!?! (All two of you do! But I look forward to seeing you next time!)

Happy Simming!

13 thoughts on “Bettina Ties the Knot 2.1

  1. amywankenobi

    Yayy! Cats for Bett to stroke when she turns around in her evil villain spinny chair when Leif gets home from work, all ‘I’ve been expecting you’. As much as I love Bettina, I totally miss Abe 😦 Not Angelica though -.-

  2. Heather Post author

    Hi Amy! Yea! I’m excited for a cat – the next time I see one up for adoption in the hood, we’ll go get it for Leif – or if he rolls a want, then we’ll just adopt one from the paper or something. I really love Bettina too. She’s awesome. And Angelica – well, I have a soft spot for her, but usually I’m ready to smash her over the head with her guitar. Her and Abe made awesome kids though.

  3. Miss Wingless

    Yay!! Babies ^^ Beautiful wedding that didn’t go as planned there 🙂 And I think Leif isn’t a mermaid man no longer, mostly because I had one of my saves, then boom! No mermaid no longer. If they don’t swim in the ocean for a long period, I’m pretty sure that they return to normal. Think so, not sure though… Cats! Yes!! I can’t wait (*chough* your header spoils it XP)
    Aww…. it’s always so cute, even if it can be little gross, to have your elder sims show afflection towards their partner, especially during an ISBI-Challenge. ❤ I heart them and can't wait to see new babies in tha house! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      My header is all full of spoilers, LOL, but I like it anyway. Thanks for the info on the whole merman thing! I was pretty confused, and then disappointed! I think Abe and Angelica were pretty cute too!

  4. Meghan

    I totally just stumbled on your legacy and am LOVING it. I’m actually laughing out loud, and my husband keeps asking me what I’m reading that is so funny…

    1. Heather Post author

      Well awesome! Hurrah for new readers! I’m so glad you’re having fun so far! Thanks so much for the nice comment!

  5. somebodysangel13

    I love Leif! He looks so different from Bettina, should get some pretty genetics out of those two. I made that mistake once, had a lesbian couple who looked far too much alike, and all their children looked like clones *fpalm*

    Wow, good work on the skilling all alone, Leif! Usually I’m lucky if my townies have 5 skill points total, let alone have one mastered. Do sims read skill books autonomously? If not, if not, you’ll have fun figuring out which skills he can finish – though being a genius, he’ll be glued to the chess board. So annoying!

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! Leif is still one of my favorite spouses to date! I love that he topped his career, I wish it had been his LTW, but hey, I’m still very happy with him! Yes, thankfully Leif and Bettina managed to look just different enough. They only had two children, my legacy’s smallest generation so far, but I loved both of them!


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