Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 2.0

Well Hello!  Welcome back to another fun-filled adventure featuring everyone’s favorite ISBI – The Zale Family!  We left off with our dearest founder finally passing the torch.  Bettina Zale has taken over, so let’s delay the shenanigans no longer!  Onward!  OH!  Oh oh oh oh oh, I TOTALLY forgot to tell you – so Abe earned LTW right?  Raise five kids to teenager?  And I’d previously told you that Angelica had the same wish?  I was totally wrong.  Her LTW is to have 20 friends.  So that’s not likely to happen – just saying.

I begin by kicking Breanne out, as I’ve had a full 8 Sims for WAY too long.  I’m sure we’ll see her again soon.

Now that I don’t need Angelica doing any sort of parenting, I gave her the guitar back.

And poor Abe wonders what happened to his blue kitchen.

Betts got a room make-over – now that she’s not a teen and sharing with her twin.  It’s a LOT of red, but I really like it nonetheless.

We then instantly began to work on her LTW by heading over to the lovely Fortune Teller to begin work.
(Did I mention I built this lot?  Cuz I did.  And it’s my first one, and I love it.  You’ll have to see it when there isn’t a foot of snow on the ground.)

We then decided to contact Leif Clark – her High School Romantic Interest from their prom.  I like his look!
But then this happened…
Committment Issues
But I totally don’t care and we’re going for it anyway…

And then it was GRADUATION TIME!
Angie?  You okay?  New Maid?  Are you?  I’m pretty sure that hurts a bit…

(New Maid)
(Her name is Nikia, and Abe talks to her constantly)

Hmm, Looks like Bettina shouldn’t have bench-napped through those driving lessons…

Bettina was awarded Valedictorian!
But only a mediocre one.

Breanne showed up too!

Obligatory Diploma Toss Shot:

And this happened.  I know right?  You can’t write this shit…

Following the guidance of other ISBI players, I figured now was a good time to take everyone out for a meal – so at least everyone isn’t starving to death.  So Bettina takes everyone to the Bistro.

Something happened with the food and Bettina earned a $500 bonus for being “the bravest customer ever” so that was neat…

Oh Angelica…

It’s time to try to woo that Leif guy.  I’ve never tried to catch a commitment phobic Sim before, so let’s see what happens, shall we?

Here we go!  (Leif? What’s with those TIGHTS?!?)

You can do it Betts!
Look how happy she is!


Then I, being the genius Simmer that I am, noticed this:
Explains the tights I guess?  Apparently Leif is a Merman.  I have zero experience with this, but I like him, and I like doing new things – so we’re going to continue with our previously scheduled programming.

While watching Leif and Bettina sock each other in the face, I kept seeing this flying Sim beyond the walls…

She can really bounce for an exhausted, old lady, guitar addict.

I invited Leif to stay the night, so he wouldn’t scurry off and age or get married or anything, and I was spamming romantic interactions, but he started rejecting all of them, but not impacting their relationship negatively.  So I let him be, and he turned out to be one heck of a snappy dresser, and is reading “Murder in Pleasantview”


I woke Bettina up to see if the break had improved Leif’s desire for her advances… he was very receptive again!  So!  We took the plunge…

I got worried by his face and posture at this point…
…BUT SUCCESS!  We’re marrying a merman!

Then I glanced at my Sim Panel, and Angelica was in the yellow… I clicked on her and saw those lovely gray Zzz’s queued up.  I zoomed to her location and…

…she’s far from home and passed out in the snow.  I swear if she freezes to death…  Well, then I’ll miss her a bit I guess.

I had never thrown a bachelorette party, so I thought we should give it a go.  I invited only lady friends.  She asks her dad for a toast (Aw)… and that summoned Angie home.  I saw she queued up “watch toast” so hey, whatever prevents her from freezing to death.

Party time!
Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31
(Puddle is from broken dishwasher…)

Then!  HA HA, I heard the tell-tale *thud* of a Sim hitting the floor:

Then I heard it again…
And again?
Oh, and two more times after that…
Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38
Now… I had seen TEEN Sims pass out at TEEN PARTIES – but these are grown women!  I think we have carbon monoxide poisoning… Very scary.  What the hell is happening?!?
The rest of the night repeat offenders kept thudding to the floor.  I was very annoyed worried.

And then, RIGHT AFTER the bachelorette party wound down, and the poisoned guests said they had an “OK” time, I received birthday notifications – and since one was for the founder, well – I couldn’t ignore it.  I invited Breanne and Leif only – and we had another Birthday Trifecta.

Aw Abe – Bless.
Then Blair went, and apparently I didn’t care because I took no pictures…

And then Becca!Screenshot-43
I’m sorry Becca, but that is WAY Inappropriate (NOT one of your traits) and what is with that hair and the ladies of the Zale family?  UGH.

I sent Abe off for his makeover and aw…
…good thing the bed protected his head!

Hey! It’s Breanne!

SO!  Here’s Blair – and I SWORE I took a “just after cake” pic – but I guess I missed it.  Here she is after her make-over.  I like her a WHOLE lot more than I thought I would.
And I think she looks pretty special.  She had Born Saleswoman locked in – joining her adventurous, inappropriate, evil and heat loving traits.  I used her YA action to join the criminal career as her LTW is Empress of Evil.  I REALLY do like her – and that surprises me.  I actually like her more than…

Becca was my second favorite – but that changed at the YA birthday.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still like her, and she’s an obvious Angelica and Abraham mix, which is ALWAYS appreciated – but she looks very angular and severe.  Becca got to roll, and rolled unflirty – to join rebellious, excitable, eccentric, and artistic.  We picked the LTW of Rock Star – so we gave her blue streaks.  She just doesn’t excite me at all. I moved her and Blair out together.

And lastly – Abraham Zale
Aw… isn’t he cute?  He just looks like a loveable grandpa.

Then Becca and Blair graduated, and Baxter arrived home to immediately wet himself.
Ha.  Nice.  I knew I didn’t like you.

While watching Becca and Blair move out (and waiting for them to hurry up so I could save) I noticed this:

And it was super creepy.

Something VERY cool might be happening next time – so you might want to come back again soon!


Perhaps a Winter Wedding?

Happy Simming!

7 thoughts on “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 2.0

  1. pinkfiend1

    My grandad used to do that. Pass out the werthers I mean.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if sims did that and not just the boast about grandkids thing.
    Looking forward to the wedding

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m so glad you’re reading! It would be very cool if Sims did more than boast about grandchildren. The wedding is a bit of a fiasco, LOL.

      I should get a new post up TONIGHT! (YAY!)

  2. zefiewings

    Actually…fairly certain that the sims passing out there is “by design”. They do at the bachelor/bachelorette parties because it’s supposed be “wild” or something.

  3. Miss Wingless

    … Abe is being swallowed by the bed! :O and he turned into a lovely, chipmunk grandpa (Seriously, those cheeks… o_O) ” I swear if she freezes to death… Well, then I’ll miss her a bit I guess.” Good to know that you’ll miss her a bit if she managed to freeze to death. XD Poor unwanted child there, only boy and no love for him kinda… but that how it is; we can’t choose out favorites.. or wait, maybe one can… :3

    1. Heather Post author

      Hey, I can’t help who shines and who doesn’t. I just was not a Baxter fan. Oh Angelica – you weird Sim you. You are missed!


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