Goodnight Abraham Zale 1.11

Hey Hey Kids!!
We left off with a few birthdays, Angelica aged to elder, and stuff happened.  Let’s MOVE ON!

Like father like clone son.
Abe looks like he has some more muscle definition, but they both chose their PJ’s poorly.

I went from ISBI Ninja, with all happy, happy green Simmies to this…
Rough Day
We had a rough day.

Hey look!  Another HW party!
Zale family HW party don’t STAHP!  I think MOST of the older kids are on Honor Roll.  Oh yeah!

Aw… Sisters are cute…

Breanne continues to try to earn my TH favor by doing her homework (above) and being the first Sim to use the ever-so-coveted hop scotch board.  Everyone rolls wishes for one, I buy it, no one uses it, I sell it, everyone rolls wishes for one – wash, rinse, repeat…

But then…
Breanne plays!  It’s so funny, she’s playing alone, but she’d miss, and walk off all mopey, and I was all “aw, honey, it’s okay, no one cares…”

I kinda watched the Sims sim, and they were TOTALLY boring, and meeting their needs and chatting happily, and autonomously fulfilling little wishes to chat and stuff, so I thought Abe might want to take Bettina out to learn to drive… (oh, cuz I bought them that Wombago thing… looks like a Subaru..)

Apparently, it was hard, and Bettina vacated the automobile mid lesson.  Instead of:  “Hey Dad?  I’m kinda tired of this, let’s go home…” She just hops out and chooses to nap on a bench…
… at 1:00 am, so then this happened…


And Abe?  When he got home, was SUPER STRESSED.  Which I thought was actually appropriate and funny…


Beatrix, while talking to Worst.Babysitter.Ever aka Becca’s beau aka Donovan – wets herself.  At least Blair is no longer alone…

Yeah Bea – that reek?  It’s you.
(And repair lady needs to calm the f*&^ down.  If you hate broken stuff so much… fix them!)

What’s this?  Birfday?  BIRTHDAY!

Breanne goes first…
And looks pretty while not giving a shit…

…maybe she cares a little…

Her romantic interest, who’s already aged up?
He cares A LOT (and we all know why!)

Pre make-over
I’m sure there’s a time and place and Sim for that hair, but Breanne is NOT it.

Bettina Birthday!
“Why thank you”
She looks so evil gracious.
“I wish… to be Torch Holder!”

Then Bettina and her close runner for TH make so much cute.

And then this happened:
It’s okay!  Can be fixed!

Post make-over and LTW selections:

First, Breanne – who was my front runner for a while, and was only slightly edged out by traits I wanted to play and sheer beauty.

I think she looks AMAZING, and I feel that Abe and Angelica made so many unique and beautiful children.  Already possessing neurotic, couch potato, hopeless romantic, and virtuoso, she rolled savvy sculptor, and was on the honor roll.  Bless her.  She likes hot pink, pancakes, and rap music.  We picked “descendent of davinci” as her LTW – we didn’t “roll” but we picked one of the suggested LTWs.  I hope she finds success and happiness.

I think she’s so amazingly gorgeous.  She is my TH – but if I ever have any readers, I’ll heir poll any future selections.  I chose her because I think she’s strikingly beautiful, and has fun (if not overplayed) traits.  She rolled slob – which I get a kick out of, to add to her, easily impressed, lucky, diva, and excitable traits.  We selected her LTW to be the Fortune Teller Mystique path.  I have NEVER played this.  And I really wanted to – because Aurora Skies didn’t HAVE a fortune teller location – so I built this:
And I’m looking forward to seeing what this fortune teller is all about, and enjoying my lovely homemade lot.

SO!  It’s then end of Generation 1-A, the next post will be Bettina Zale taking over as TH for Generation 2-B.  I’m actually excited for Abe to get to relax into a state of AI Oblivion, while I let him free and begin to micromanage Bettina.  I’m interested in seeing what activities he chooses, and which family members he opts to talk to.  I’m sure I’ll start being annoyed by him before too long – but for now, I’m reluctant to let my sweet founder go.  I think he and Angelica created a fine beginning to this family – and it’s bittersweet to let him go.  Cheers Abraham Zale!  Goodnight!

8 thoughts on “Goodnight Abraham Zale 1.11

  1. amywankenobi

    Bye bye Abe! Enjoy freedom! Bettina has been my favourite since early on, I think it’s the hidden evil trait! I can’t wait to see her in action weeeeeeeeee xo

    1. Heather Post author

      I bet! I’m thinking about doing a speed legacy/alphabet type thing, where life spans are set at the lowest possible setting, and it’s not 26 generations, just 26 children, and throw out some other fun little rules, like no service sims, no full time jobs, and you have to have as many children as possible. It’d be a quick thing too! And very frustrating, LOL.

  2. Miss Wingless

    Bye Abe…. I’m gonna miss that fellow, but it’s exciting to see the new heir and what happens/ what the future children will look like! “aw, honey, it’s okay, no one cares…” X3 read that and it felt bittersweet for some reason. Then I thought “Harsh there, what if she heard you?! :O”
    One down, five more to go then to catch up! Woop, woop!! ^^

  3. somebodysangel13

    LOL, 80’s topknot FTW! Bettina was my fave, too. She is so gorgeous! Her twin was too, but the blonde hair/dark skin combo stopped being cute when they aged to teens. Maybe it’s the blonde eyebrows, too, just looks weird.

    Haha, the constant rolling of wishes to purchase stuff is a good way to get your idiots LTH, I guess. even if it is only a few hundred. Though it is really annoying when you buy something that they wanted, only for everyone to then ignore it. If only it was that way with guitars…and rocking chairs. I think it’s a virtuoso thing, they always pull out the guitar when they have a spare second.

    1. Heather Post author

      And the dollhouse! They always roll a wish for a dollhouse, and it gets ignored. *sigh* But it is a nice way to grant some LTH for the idiots!


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