Abraham Zale’s Day Off 1.10

Hi There! Welcome back to a fresh new fancy post! We left off with a moderately successful Epic Quad Birthday, and a whole new romp awaits us. Let us delay no longer!

Angelica finds her easel for the first time EVER! In her underwear – OF COURSEScreenshot
Let’s hope she finishes it!!

I heart Angie without her guitar… I just wish she’d put on some clothes!!!

Family Entertainment Time!

I heart this family…

Think I’ll get another painting? (current status – unfinished)

For some reason, the limo parked WAY OVER HERE:
The girls, in their finery, had to walk…
And Bettina’s marker said she was in the limo, but I never saw her…
Still fun shot!
Such lovely girls!
All the girls had a rough night – at first. All were denied for a dance, all got in a fight, and when we first got home, I didn’t see any sign of romantic relationships…
Becca Donovan Becca Prom Queen Blair Oops Breanne Raphael Leif Bettina LOL Breanne
But, after everyone was home safe and sound, three of the girls had “romantic interests”
Bettina and Leif Clark, Breanne and Raphael Olivia (who was a vampire later…), Becca and Donovan aka Worst.Babysitter.Ever. Come on Becca! You can do better (although he IS kinda cute…)


We finally hired a maid! I think he’s cute, but I like that hairstyle… This cutie is Scottie Rushing

Baxter and Abraham were enjoying a casual banter when…
Person person minus for me too friends. Me too. Baxter is the only Sim I’ve ever seen go stretchy when not amidst the sparkly dance. Weirded me out…

After stretchy incident Abe decided to drown his sorrows in cake. He picked a slice from the fridge that was like, completely devoured already.

Look how sad he is? Especially when Becca has that glorious full slice… no more cake makes me morose too.

Oh cute Scottie – that is NOT cleaning…
“whu? I just wanted to have a go”
Honestly, he got right up, went about his duties, and has done nothing but mercilessly tidy ever since. I totally forgive him.

Ain’t no party like a homework party cuz the homework party DON’T STOP

Entire house… fast asleep. I am ISBI NINJA!
**UPDATED: WTH was I talking about?  Everyone fast asleep?  Except Baxter talking to someone there in the corner of the living room – and Beatrix wandering around in her bedroom.  But right Heather, right.  You’re an ISBI Ninja and everyone’s FAST ASLEEP**

Have you been wondering about Abe and Angelica’s relationship? They’re autonomously cute – all the time. Here’s proof:

Aw, look! Forgiven maid enjoys the ghost story – I like how we don’t have to pay them by the hour anymore – or this would’ve bugged me – big time.

Beatrix, after her fancy ghost story – is a T-Rex Footballer SuperStar!
Yeah honey…
My PC makes me make that face too. (like when I watched you age into childhood…)

Hey! Does anyone remember me locking in Angelica’s wish for a guitar? Well, I bought one like she wanted, only I gave it to Breanne. This as since commenced with annoying regularity.
But cute photo is cute.

Hey! Remember how Baxter was sleeping with his eyes open and TOTALLY creeping me out

All better! And he dreams of rubbish bins too – just like everyone else… aw…

As soon as Breanne put the guitar away… OMG FREAK OUT!
(Oh wait, I didn’t get the photo, but she glitched and it was awesome – carry on)

A&A share a romantic breakfast of Autumn Salad
Now don’t get me wrong, I love salad, and I can eat a LOT of different foods for breakfast, but an autumn salad does NOT a breakfast make.

Angelica – sans guitar – is a much bet–well is a much more attentiv–no… Angelica, without her guitar parents in “Angelica Style”
Still not kid appropriate dear – but hey…

And then…

…(letting tension build)…


…at 2:21 am…

…I heard noises…

…I checked everyone, they were a snug in their beds…

…TV was off…


This douchenozzle was screaming about hating movies through his megaphone. Thanks. Thanks man. I loved it.

Hey! Then more stuff happened…
Like this:
Bye Gundrun
I was more bummed than with Martina – but yeah, don’t care.

Then, it was a Wednesday. CEO Abe had a day off, and by 9am, every single other member of the household had head off to work or school.

Broken dishwasher leaking all over?
Clogged toilet?
There’s a staff for that…

Abe seemed like the napping type… so we took one:

Want waffles at 12:30 pm? You betcha…

Maid: “OMG It’s Abe Zale – (SNAP) I clean his house!”

Wanna watch whatEVER you want on TV? You go Abe, you Go!


Wanna make out with your wife when she gets home?
Oh yeah baby, you go (and you should, cuz she ain’t gonna be hot for much longer…)


Can you tell who for? Balloons are a clue!

I’m tired and I want to post this so…

Birthday Birthday Birthday

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41
Ang does not like… Aw…

Here they are!!

She needs bangs, trust me, I tried like, EVERY hairstyle on her… however with the right look, I think she’s lovely. She had frugal locked in, to join loves to swim, virtuoso and artistic. She is not the next TH. Oh, and aside from being female, I think she’s an Abe clone.

Then Baxter!
He aged up in Abe’s hair and looked IDENTICAL so I think he’s a clone too, but as I’ve already mentioned, I cannot tell – but yeah, I’m pretty sure if we met Abe as a teenager, he’d look like a paler Baxter. Baxter rolls natural cook, which is a trait I enjoy. He adds this to clumsy, eccentric and friendly. He is not the next TH.

Lastly – Angelica…
I didn’t feel she’d fight the gray, but I felt she’d rock the streaks. So here she IS!

Aaaaaand, that’s all folks. Come back next time where I’ll PROBABLY pass the torch! Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Simming!

6 thoughts on “Abraham Zale’s Day Off 1.10

  1. Miss Wingless

    That day off was well deserved for Abe, after all his hard work and taking care of his lovely family. I ❤ you Abe!! "Ain’t no party like a homework party cuz the homework party DON’T STOP" XD Yeah, no party like a homework party…. XP That sounds familiar I must say, but I can't place it right now (pretty sure it was some other words though.) but yay and no! Yay for soon getting to new th, but sad that Abe retire from the title. I'm gonna miss him and his crazy life. But yay for new gen and future babies!! 😀

  2. gryffindork7

    I love this one! I laughed when you thought you had them all asleep but didn’t actually, ’cause that happens to me ALL THE TIME. But in an ISBI, I think you deserve an award for 7/8 anyway.

    In Abe & Angelica’s “autonomously cute” picture, it looks like she’s staring him down to get a confession out of him — like, “Abraham… did you eat the last of the waffles again? Look at me!!” And he’s sheepishly denying it to no avail. Too adorable haha

    The kids are all great, but Bettina is my favourite! Time to keep reading now. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      You know, I agree with you! Angelica does not look like she’s feeling especially kind towards Abraham, but I think it was the tale end of a heat of the moment kiss? I’m not sure… But I totally see what you’re saying! Oh my dearest Bettina. I’m so glad you’re reading!


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