Abraham – Forever Alone 1.2

We left off with Dear Abe trying to woo the heart of Martina Firmann – and failing pretty miserably. She decided he was “creepy” then she creeped all over the place by laying on his bed while he slept at 3 am. Well, a new day began, and Abe woke up, showered, and went to work. He earned a raise, and then tried to kill two birds with one stone, and invited Martina out to the Bistro, completing both the wish to go on a date with Martina, and to eat at the Bistro. She rejected his call, suggesting he try again in six hours. So fine. He ate there alone. The waitress brought the wrong food, so he ate alone for free. Good for him.

As soon as he left the Bistro – Martina called and invited him to a swimwear party. Well, at least I see why she couldn’t go out – and now you get the pleasure of seeing Chubby Abe in his swim trunks. Although my game often crashes at parties, I was so desperate to see Martina that we saved, then headed over. I learned she was rich! Had a like, five story house, but no pool or hot tub, so she just pervs on seeing all her friends and colleagues in their swim suits.

This is what we arrived to…


Uh, Martina? You’re looking a little – undead today. And is that sorbet? Abe would love some sorbet.


Martina? Love? Good heavens that’s super creepy. I decided ZombieMartina was too gross for words, and there looked to be a pretty lady behind her, but she was a 4 star celebrity and was having nothing doing with dear Abe and his poor swimwear choices.

Martina Zombie

Ugh. That ZombieMartina image is too much… Me too, Abe… Me too.

Abe decided to look for other potential spouses. Martina’s been difficult, and now she’s a member of the undead, so he scoped out the party. Besides, I they’re barely friends.

These two lovelies were watching TV – don’t mind the full moon glow.


The woman standing and talking to Abe is Angelica. I think she’s pretty even in the evil green moonlight. Abe discovered she was single, then everyone left all at once, Abe trekked up five flights of stairs to make himself a quick drink, and I discovered ZombieMartina asleep in one of the rooms. Rockin’ party.

Abe went home, fell asleep, and decided to try again with Martina, now that I’m sure she’s no longer a zombified version of herself. Abe went to call her and invite her over, and this happened.

Martina Old

I’m tellin’ you. I’m thinking of breaking up that Beaker marriage…

Sweet Abe rolled a want for a tattoo (funny) so we decided to see if Angelica, the girl from the party wanted to meet him at the Salon. I was as shocked as you when she said she would.


Trait Compatibility!


He confessed his attraction to her, she told him he had issues – and she bolted.


Bye Angelica. I hate you. Abe, go get yourself your damn tattoo. We opt for a gnome on the wrist, since Abe just doesn’t seem badass enough for any sort of manly tattoo. I considered a butterfly tramp stamp for humor’s sake, but he wouldn’t do that either.

The tattoo artist is cute. She boos him, he thanks her, then immediately wants to know her sign. We do, and it’s something, and it might be compatible, I don’t care know.


She’s cute though, so maybe? Maybe… but then… she ran away too.


Abe left standing while women run away is a new theme. And it doesn’t please me. We’re doomed.

The next lovely day, Abe invites Angelica over to try again. She even lays on his bed (that flirty vixen!) to watch TV. Until it breaks. Oh Abe. What are we to do?!?


Then Abe has one successful flirt, she seems TOTALLY into him – and then…


He complimented her appearance and she ran. Again.

Fix your TV Abe. I hope you don’t die.

Screenshot-46He didn’t.

Well, I’m not giving up, I mean, we have 25 generations to go, we’re not gonna let this get us down! We immediately call Barbara the Tattoo Artist to come over. Abe cleans his toilet. Cooks her dinner…


And she never showed up. Abe cried in his Goopy Carbonara and went to sleep. An entire weekend spent helping girls run away. He should be a personal trainer, but – no one would hire him because of HIS figure, but I bet he’d be awesome. Poor misunderstood Abe. You’re killing me. Oh, and while Abe ate his dinner cooked for two? This happened.

We said no. This time.
Gundrun Date

Abe got up, brushed himself off, and went to work again the next
day. He earned a promotion and wanted to buy something worth $250.00, so he now is the proud owner of a dishwasher. He got home in good spirits, and we called Angelica again for more punishment a nice visit. It started off just WONDERFUL with a trait


So I made her catch the fat man – but surprisingly, she didn’t object, or break.


What? She’s not running? GO ABE GO!



Aw, he’s still in his work clothes! You can do it Abe!

Screenshot-53 - Copy

His first kiss. I was so happy it’s stupid. I have NEVER had a Sim have to work so hard to just MAYBE find a spouse. A date. Anything! He asked if she wanted to sleep over – mostly so she didn’t RUN AWAY. She said yes. Then. Lo and behold!

Screenshot-54 - Copy

Abe. Not forever alone. She slept over – no funny business!


And beautiful town greeted us with a beautiful new day.


Come back for a wedding! A baby? Who knows!
(PS, if you look closely at the above photo, there’s totally a cockatoo hanging out by that tree)

Happy Simming!

12 thoughts on “Abraham – Forever Alone 1.2

  1. amywankenobi

    The running ladies must have hidden athletic traits and needed to fulfill a sudden urge to jog, because nobody would bail on the fine sim specimen that is Abe! I also still kinda want to call him Stinky Abe…

  2. Miss Wingless

    Those ladies can’t handle the Abe, he’s to smexy for them! πŸ˜‰ OR they thought “Zoinks! I can’t handle flirting with this handsome fellow!” XP Yay for Abe! Haha! Angelica and Abe… they are quite cute together actually, so I’m sure that I’ll love those babies once they begin with the making. Also, I adored his worksuit; that jacket is just so cute and gorgeous and; pulled it off Abe πŸ˜‰ …and his buttchecks in those trunks… _< okay, I'm tired… so I'm gonna check in tomorrow again… this was awesome btw and ❀ Abe ^^

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  4. zefiewings

    just noticed (as I re-read for inspiration) that you introduce abe as unflity but the trait compatibility picture with Angelica seems to say he is flirty.


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